Livin' Tulsa, Lovin' Hanson

Chapter 3 - "Jackpot"

Amanda's alarm buzzed at 5 am. She went and fed the horses and put her cloths in the dressing room of the trailer. The horse show was only a couple of miles away.
Jacq woke up late that morning. She put her "Live From Albertane" CD in while she got dressed. "Did you have fun yesterday?" her dad asked.
"Dad, it was the most fun I've had in forever! I can't believe we met them."


Amanda was on her way back from the horse show, she put in her M. O. N. CD and sung along. She carefully pulled into the circular driveway in front of the barn. She unloaded Jag and went and fed the rest of the horses. She made her way inside when the phone rang.
"Hey Amanda, how did the show go?"
"Very well, 1st in the open 1-D."
"Congrats, ready for the concert tomorrow?"
"My gosh, I'm so excited!"
"Are you gonna bring something for them to sign?"
"Yeah, probably just a poster."
"Listen, the concert starts at 8 PM so we need to get there about 5 PM."
"Yeah, I don't want anyone getting our seats."
"Hey Jacq, I've gotta go check my e-mail, talk to you later K."
"OK, see ya later." Amanda hung up the phone and signed onto AOL. She had mail, her mouth flew open. It was from Hanson!
It read:
Hi Amanda, this is Taylor. Me and my brothers would like to take you and Jacq to the concert. We'll pick you up in a limo about 7 PM. If you want you can call us at 632-7470. If no one answers just leave a message. See ya soon.

She had to be dreaming. She called Jacq right away and told her the news.
"O my gosh, this is so cool. So, when are you gonna call them?" she asked excitedly.(is that even a word?hmmm, o well)
"Now I guess."
"OK, talk to you later." Amanda dialed the Hanson's number. It rang about 8 times then the answering machine came on.
After the beep she said: "Hey guys, this is Amanda. Me and Jacq would love to go to the concert with you. If you want you can call me at 632-1517, bye."

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