Chapter 10 - Escape From LA

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, and Scrappy are walking back through the city of the witch. It is just starting to get dark. The decayed buildings seem to grow more ominous as night approaches. As the group is walking together in a tight huddle, they are suddenly blinded by lights from a jeep that comes to a stop from a nearby alley. Kid Rock is in the jeep along with a driver. A machine gun is mounted on the roll bar.
Dorothy says, "Aren't you glad to be free? No more doing what the wicked witch says."
Kid sneers, "Free? Hell, I am taking over! But I do agree with her Wickedness, you people are too dangerous to let run loose. And since I don't give a rats ass about dancing, I don't need the shoes."
With that he motions. Ahead of the Dorothy and the guys marches a group of soldiers. Two Apache helicopters fly over the buildings. A wall between two buildings explodes as a huge tank crashes through it, the turret starts to turn towards them.
Kid yells through a megaphone, "I am not taking any chances with you guys, It's been real..."
Dorothy and the guys look at each other, there is nowhere to run, they are surrounded, there is no escape, nothing they can do.

Tinman looks down at his forearm, a plate slides back revealing a small symbol looking something like a crown that he presses with his other hand.

[Bon Jovi *Crush* starts to play]

Suddenly, the metal plates on Tinman start to shift. The sound of large hydraulics fill the air as he begins to grow. Gears grind as razor sharp spikes appear. Plates and metallic rods move into place.
Scarecrow looks at Dorothy, "He's a freaking Transformer!!!"
Tinman's axe lengthens and the blades grow. The handle flattens out and indenture forms in the center of the twin blades. Energy beams lance up from the base through the neck, forming a gleaming energy guitar. Two large breast plates some from behind his back. At the same time his head rolls back revealing an armored face, with two slits for eyes and looking much like a techno samurai. The Breast plates close and glowing blue letters light up, "HVY MTL" and his eye slits glow a fiery red. A deep digitized baritone voice full of foreboding rumbles.
Kid Rock gasps at the gigantic robot and then yells, "Kill Them Now!"
The soldiers fire machine guns at HVY-MTL. He turns to face them and brings his guitar/axe to bear. The bullets bounce harmlessly off HVY-MTL as he begins to play. He begins with a rift that rises in tempo, getting louder and louder, to the point the front line guards start grabbing their ears and backing away. A second row of guards move to the front and level bazookas at HVY-MTL. They fire and there are two explosion , direct hit! The smoke clears and HVY-MTL is unharmed. He then plants his feet and strikes the POWER CHORDS! Each strike releases a blast of visible sound that strikes with the force of a grenade. Cars are over turned. The soldiers are tossed around like dolls in a hurricane from the force of the blasts.
HVY-MTL turns toward Kid when he is suddenly rocked by an explosion. A second blast roars from the tank as it moves to intercept him. He looks down at the tank and grabs the guitar by the neck. The energy beams move down to the base and onto the blades of the axe energizing them with a sinister hiss. He swings the axe down in a low arc. And neatly severs the turret. On the upswing he release his grip letting the axe spin a full 360 degrees before bringing it down. The tank crew dives for cover just as the axe makes contact with the tank. The tanks explodes!!!! Dorothy and the rest of the guys duck from the debris.
HVY-MTL turns from the flaming tank remnants and the digitized voice booms, "You're Next Kid!"
Kid pales as he watches the giant metal warrior moves toward him. Its thundering steps shakes the jeep he is in. Suddenly there is an explosion in the back of HVY-MTL that causes him to stagger forward and into a building. Another missile strikes him as he turns around. The helicopters move in closer for the kill. A third missile strikes HVY-MTL slamming him into the building with enough force to shatter part of the wall. His eye slits glow a bright red, energy crackles from and a beam fires severing the tail rotor from one helicopter. As the crew ejects the copter spins and crashes into a nearby building. The explosion can be felt by everyone on the ground.
The Lion grabs Scarecrow, "Do you know what this means?"
Scarecrow replies, "Umm we all live happily ever after and I get Dorothy?"
"NO!!" growls Lion.
"Ummm I get Glenda?" replies the Scarecrow.
The Lion growls and says, "It means we have gone through all this, nearly getting ourselves killed and he had lasers!!!!"
They turn to see HVY-MTL target the other helicopter. The soldiers jump out just as a blast from his eyes turns the copter into a fireball that can be seen for miles.

[Yeah yeah, I know, but the evil henchmen's union came down on me; it is ok to incarcerate not incinerate]

Kid Rock has disappeared into the night. The guys decide not to pursue him but to get Dorothy back to OZ. HVY-MTL transforms back to the Tinman. They all head to OZ, though the Lion seems a bit disgruntled.

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