Chapter 1 - Beginning

[The camera pans a rural farm setting and zooms in on a bay window with a disgruntled teenager in an over size tee shirt, she looks to have slept until noon]

It's a nice farm as far as that goes. The simple rural life is very attractive to some, but not the young girl standing looking out the bay windows looking onto the rolling fields. The sky is gray and in the distance a rumbling can be heard.
"Great! Oh just great!!! Stuck in the middle of nowhere and now it is gonna rain! ARRRGHHH!!!" The newest pop diva slams her stuffed Scrappy Doo toy against the wall. Britney Spears' mood is as gloomy as the afternoon sky.
"Peace and quiet, they said! Gonna let you relax they said! BORING I SAY!!!" The real reason of her vacation being her recent *explosion* in an interview when the host compared her to Christina, asking her if it was true her dancing skills and voice were indeed inferior....

"Well at least it has an awesome home theater system." She reaches for the huge remote and points it to the wall of technological marvels that would rot the brain of the local youth group. The large 60 inch screen comes to life as do the two 20 inch screens above it.
"Lets see... got to have MTV and oh.." she giggles; " got to have those old toons; beats a re-run of Caddyshack for laughs."
She looks to the screen...
"The Thundercats!!! " she giggles, " and Rocky Horror on VH-1!" After popping a rather large bubble she plops on the couch, grabs the newest Teen People.
"What am I doing in Tulsa...Whatever came outta here?" She eyes the centerfold of one Taylor Hanson. " Hmm well there is an exception to everything, Hmmm MMMM MMM Bop!!! Wonder if you are home now. " She pulls the magazine close and closes her eyes and starts to drift off to sleep.

[Brtiney sings *I want to know where love is*]

[fade to black]

"BRIIINNNGGG!" The phone jars Britney awake.
It is her mom, "Gonna be gone till tomm.... Take care and keep an eye out. Storm warnings. I'll bring you the latest "Rolling Stone"."
"Just lovely! Home alone and now I have started talking to myself!" She looks toward the large TV screen .

[*If Only* video is playing on the big screen]

"The Hanson fans have put the Okies at number one again. "

Suddenly there is a loud crash in the next room, as she runs to check. The cold wind blasts in from the busted bay window, a tree limb is lying across the floor. The sky has turned black as night and the thunder roars. The rumbling shakes the house sounding like locomotive charging down upon her; Britney feels the first twinge of real fear for the first time in her young life. She spies a man and a woman running to the nearby well house and hears the woman's voice as she straps herself to the water line, " What do you mean you only had collision on the truck!"....
Britney looks up to see a wall of whirling wind moving her way. A tornado straight from the gates of hell. The wind whips her hair and she screams and backs slowly towards the other room. There is nowhere to run, no place to hide. Outside the tornado moves with defiant purpose as if it has a mission , destroying everything in its wake. It descends upon the house, ripping it from its foundation and flinging it into the air. Britney grabs her stuffed toy from the floor and clutches it to her breast. The toy, won by her grandfather in the local fair, gives her some small sense of security that her grandfather is protecting her. She closes her eyes as her world spins into oblivion.

[fade to black]

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