Introduction And List Of Characters

Introduction: This is a spoof of the musical *The Whiz*, a spoof of *The Wizard of Oz*. Diana Ross and Michael Jackson made their spoof and this is my Blonde spoof! Hehe. It is all in fun, please take it that way. :-) The time frame is after the release of *This Time Around*; but before the 2000 tour. This story contains language and situations similar to most prime time dramas/sit-coms. The symbol [ ] will be used to designate some action taking place outside the main part of the movie such as a song or lyrics being played in the back ground or sung by the main characters. And always remember this might have come true if Hanson hadn't matured in their musical style! ;-)


Dorothy...Britney Spears
Scarecrow...Taylor Hanson
Tinman....Isaac Hanson
Cowardly Lion...Zac Hanson
Toto....Scrappy doo
Glenda the good witch...Madonna
The wicked witch of the west....Christina Aguilera
The Wiz...Rodney Dangerfield
Leader of the thrashers (flying monkeys)....Kid Rock
The lollipop kids...Nsync
Gatekeeper of Oz...Carson Daly
Mayor of the munchkins.....Nick Carter
and others

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