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The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for December-1999 is:


Congratulations Cheryl

This poem was written by Cheryl Korfman!


Just a handshake
was all we shared
Electric pulse
Magnetic stare
Moving on
throughout the crowd
A passing glance
was all time allowed
Sunlight dancing
on golden strands
Radiant smiles
to wow the fans
Gone in an Mmmbop
Disappearing too fast
On to the concert
Long awaited, at last.

by Cheryl Korfman Hanson Page

Second Place: Mary, Mary (1), Sarah M., and Monica!
Third Place: None!
Honorable mentions: None!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Mary: 15
Cheryl: 65
Mary (1): 15
Sarah M.: 15
Marie Ghost: 15

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for November-1999 is:

Monica Campbell

Congratulations Monica Campbell

This poem was written by Monica Campbell!


It was well past midnight,
the moon had begun to drop down into the heavens.
There was not a sound...
save for the song in his head.

Although no one else could hear, all others lay sleeping...
To him it rang loud.
To him it rang clear.

Before long, words
began to rush forth
from within his heart.

Tonite he would not sleep.
Tonite his body would not slumber.
Tonite his soul was restless.
For tonite a song
begged to be born.

He sat down and his fingertips softly touched
the always familiar keys.

He closed his eyes and he listened
to his heart and to his head.
He closed his eyes and he listened
...to his soul.

The vision within...
the music within...
SUDDENLY sprang forth!

His fingers danced along the keys,
breathing rapidly into the song,
giving it it's own heartbeat,
Strong and Fast, like his own racing heart.

He gave the song LIFE.

He stopped,
but only to put pencil to paper.
certifying the birth of this new song.

And so...
What began as a dream,
pounding deep within his heart,
deep within his thoughts,
and swelling deep within his very soul...


by Monica Campbell- Zac World!

Second Place: Laila Rae!
Third Place: Marie!
Honorable mentions: Zachariah and Kara!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Monica Campbell: 17
Laila Rae: 12
Marie: 9
Zachariah: 6
Kara: 4

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for October-1999 is:

Lynn Sagerdahl

Congratulations Lynn Sagerdahl

This poem was written by Lynn Sagerdahl!


I tend to stay up late these nights
as I did when I was young
I used to put my headphones on and sing to every song
But the years go by and life creeps in
Responsibilitys and family win
And late nights become memories that faded long ago
They fade all be it slow
But they go, and then they're gone
Like the spirit of a song, I sang when I was young
The days when life was fun, and nothing was ever wrong
But then something changed, it's all different now
And I'm telling the whole world how
Three young boys from Oklahoma opened up my heart again
From the first time I saw Isaac Big as life on my TV
And little Zac behind his drum kit playing wild for all to see
And Taylor threw his head back with a grin from ear to ear
It'z like I suddenly woke up and realized that I could hear
Were these images in front of me as real as they would seem
Could three teenage boys rekindle what had been a burnt out dream
Befor I knew quite what was happening I had joined the Hanson Fans
And I started reading magazines on teenybopper bands
I couldn't seem to get enough and never questioned why
These three young boys had changed my life in the twinkling of an eye
I started then to see things in a very different light
Like a great big breath of fresh air from the world and all it's plight
Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I can't have fun
Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean that I can't run
Strait ahead and towards the things in life that really make me hunger
To feel passionate again the way I did when I was younger
About music and poetry and all the things that I could be
hanson and their music gave it all right back to me
So I stay up late with headphones singing
Or I dance with my kids and ignor the phone ringing
I write and I sing and forget the worlds strife
And I'm happy to be living 'The Hanson Life'.

by Lynn Sagerdahl Hanson Inspiration

Second Place: Crystal!
Third Place: Lily!
Honorable mentions: Rebecca Johnson and Dana!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Lily: 9
Dana: 2
Rebecca Johnson: 4
Lynn Sagerdahl: 27
Crystal: 19

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for September-1999 is:


Congratulations Amy

This poem was written by Amy Lynn Sipple!

OPPOSING VIEWS- (Written about Hanson Haters)

What is different?
What is same?
What is weird?
What is strange?
What is normal?
What is sane?
Does anyone have the right to say?

Why do you tease me?
Why do you lie?
Why do you hurt everyone inside?
Is that your job
To be so mean,
And say such awful, hurtful things?
When I like something,
You say it's uncool.
When I like what you like,
I'm still not cool.
Do I have to be like you?

You say you're normal-
I beg of you,
To look inside,
And analyze
The things you do,
And the things you say.
For I'm not like you;
You're not like me-
And I pray to God no one will ever be.

Because I am myself,
And you are you;
That's how it is-
And that's how it goes;
For normal means nothing,
In this 'ab'normal world.

So why do you think
You're better than me;
Always a step ahead of me?
The one who always knows what's right,
The one who always wins the fight?

I say were all a little bit crazy,
A little insane,
A little 'ab'normal,
A little strange,
A little weird,
A little the same;
But does anyone have the right to say?

But I forgive you,
And pray you will
Leave our views behind,
And pray for me too.

For I do not hate you-
I will not lie,
I will not make you feel angry inside,
All I ask,
Is for you to think-
And see some of the things,
As I see them fit.

I do not ask that you be like me-
Just try to think about what it would be,
To see my likes,
To treasure my views,
To keep your insults
Held tight inside of you.

So what is different?
What is same?
What is weird?
What is strange?
What is normal?
What is sane?
Does anyone have the right to say?

by Amy Lynn Sipple Hanson Dream World

Second Place: Lynn Sagerdahl!
Third Place: Laura!
Honorable mentions: Lauren Trenta and Leah Conte!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Lynn Sagerdahl: 83
Amy Lynn Sipple: 143
Laura: 21
Lauren Trenta: 18
Leah Conte: 13

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for May-2000 is:


Congratulations CK

This poem was written by CK!


Angelic voices sing tonight
Caress the pain, set the world aright.
Lyrics etched upon the heart
Pain and sorrow soon depart.

Melody floating soft and sweet
carry my soul to where we'll meet.
If only then amongst the sound,
A common friendship will be found.

Gentle strumming of a lone guitar
Carries me off to a land afar.
Rythmic beats of powerful drumming
Like the crash of waves
when a storm is comming.
Trickling notes on the keyboard call,
Like the beauty of a cascading waterfall.

The music envelopes me
and answers my plea
For my soul to be captured
Lifted away in angelic rapture.

by CK - Ike Sicle's Homepage

Second Place: Veronica!
Third Place: Lauren!
Honorable mentions: Emily and Sonya!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Sonya: 3
CK: 95
Veronica: 32
Emily: 5
Lauren: 6

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for April-2000 is:


Congratulations Jami

This poem was written by Jami!


I know some where out there, there is a girl for you
and I know that girl is not me, for the chances of you loving me could never be.
I feel for you to much, so much that I can not bear.
I hate myself for loving you this much.
I try to forget you, but when I hear your voice the feeling’s just come back.
Why?, why must you be you? If you weren’t I wouldn’t feel for you.
As a child dreaming of one man, one man to hold, you.
But no you had to be you.
The guy that every girl wanted and still want’s.
The middle Hanson .
The one with the soulful sound.
The one that could blow a girl’s mind with just one smile.
The one I dreamed of as a child, of loving and knowing…
you look the same,
seem the same,
but you’re famous now. It’s not you and me in just a dream now.
The whole world loves you,
and I’m just another fan who’s dreamed of a guy just like you in every way, looks, personality, everything!
Why must you do this to me?
Why did God deside it to be this way?
You to perfect for me and me just a lonely girl who everyone takes advantage of. Taylor Hanson why did you have to be who you are, couldn’t you have been some guy close to me?
One who wouldn’t have to worry if I really mean what I say.
Why, not a guy who feel’s the same way?
But, no it didn’t happen that way.
My life and my love will never feel the same way.

by Jami Kronauge

Second Place: Kristen!
Third Place: Ashlee!
Honorable mentions: Anna and Kathy!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Kristen: 26
Ashlee: 5
Jami: 42
Anna: 1
Kathy: 3

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for March-2000 is:


Congratulations Monette

This poem was written by Monette!


I'm listening to the music.
That touches me deep inside.
They make me feel emotion.
Emotions I can not hide.

I listen to the words they sing.
And the music that they play.
They write the songs that's in their hearts.
We listen to what they say.

Three voices that blend together.
Hearing them singing with all their hearts.
They make us feel the songs they sing.
We feel like we are apart.

When I listen I feel such joy and passion.
I know I am no longer sad.
Songs about loved ones lost, relationships and love.
And nothing ever bad.

It's hard to believe that three young men.
Can reach us all inside.
Bringing such joy and happiness.
To all of us far and wide.

You see them on the stage.
They are enjoying every moment.
Singing and playing their music.
All feeling their enjoyment.

Zac is on the drums.
Making us feel the beat.
He keeps the rhythm going.
Bringing everyone to their feet.

Ike's on the guitar.
Struming to their songs.
Singing with all his heart.
His voice so clear and strong.

Tay's fingers playing on the keyboard.
Foot thumping to the beat.
The music is playing.
And we can all feel his heat.

Tay's singing with such passion.
We see it in his face and eyes.
We feel we are in heaven.
Everyone's emotions are flying high.

The music is filling our hearts.
Nothing can go wrong.
Such joy is in the air.
Surrounding us with Hanson's song.

by Monette (Geist) Olheiser

Second Place: Kristen!
Third Place: Brandy!
Honorable mentions: Marie and Anne!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Monette: 73
Kristen: 29
Brandy: 12
Marie: 2
Anne: 4

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for February-2000 is:


Congratulations Star

This poem was written by *Star*!


you touched my heart,it *was* torn apart,
my heart was full of empty space,
I thought there was nothing to live for,
until I saw your face,
the place in my heart I said was empty,
became full when I first saw you.
even though people say I'm wasting my time,
I know im not because you deserve it.
all the hard work,
is payed back to you
but the difference is,
you have fans that love you too.
this probably doesn't make sense,
and I'm probably never going to meet you,
but theres one thing I want you to know,
Tay, I'll always love you.

by *Star*

Second Place: Melissa!
Third Place: Avery!
Honorable mentions: Juliette and Jennifer!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Melissa: 38
Juliette: 4
Avery: 34
Jennifer: 8
Star: 53

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for January-2000 is:


Congratulations Cari

This poem was written by Cari!


i believe some hearts don't exsist
no compassion can be found
only evil can be seen
and there is no good
to look for deep within
yet the soul chooses to care enough to hate
the things that go through their minds
to cause anothers misery
to take time from their concided self
to harrass and joke
again and again
till theres so much pain
i wonder what makes them
care enough to hate
i wonder why they go on even though the other doesn't care
i wonder how this helps them achieve the higher life seen in dreams
does it help them lose their hair
i wonder who they imagine they are showing off too
most of the people we know now, wont be around later on
so i'm wondering where they go at night thinking of more insults
but where is the pain they hide
i can't walk away anymore
i can't ignore it anymore
i can't stand it anymore
itz time to believe they can change
itz time to fight back with stronger words
because to care enough to love
is far better then to care enough to hate

by Cari - Faceless Crowd

Second Place: Taryn!
Third Place: Jackie!
Honorable mentions: Zachariah and Katie!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Zachariah: 7
Cari: 62
Katie: 2
Jackie: 15
Taryn: 59

The "Hanson Poet of the Month" for December-2000 is:


Congratulations Anny

This poem was written by Anny!


There he sits,
So lovely and pure
With a beauty that makes the angels seethe

A voice more beautiful than their harps,
And piercing blue eyes that see straight thru you

He looks so divine,
God's TrUe gift to the world
But is he ReAlLy all THAT angelic?

Look in his eyes!
Look close!

There's a fire there,
Burning bright
With more heat
Than hell's most terrible flame

He holds it in check
But everyone longs
To stroke that fire in physical passion...
Away from where it belongs.

Now...watch him sing,
Watch close!

The fire is out,
It’s burning bright!
Oh what a beautiful blaze it is!

It's in his eyes,
In his soul,
It’s in his music…
Where it belongs.

by Anny - ITZ HANSON 4U
Yahoo Club: ITZPage4U

Second Place: Samantha!
Third Place: Sammie Beth!
Honorable mentions: Jennifer English and Amber!

These were the votes for the Contest in the month of

Jennifer English: 3
Amber: 1
Samantha: 18
Anny: 32
Sammie Beth: 8

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