The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 9 - Working Together As One - Continued

Taylor ran down the hallway as he burst into tears. He stopped leaning against the wall and slid down till he sat on the floor. He buried his face into his shirt and cried. He couldn't imagine ending his friend's life.
"I can't allow this to happen. I have to stop them!" Taylor thought desperately as he looked up and sniffed back his tears. He slowly put his shirt back on and went down the stairs heading outside. The wind hit him as he sucked in a deep breath. He looked up at the intense blue sky.
"I have to go to him." Taylor thought then reached down into his mind bringing forth his rainbow lights. He concentrated opening a rip into time. He saw one open and smiled. After so many times watching his alien friends do this action he found it wasn't to hard at all. He looked back at the home and felt a little guilty that he was leaving his brothers and father behind, but he felt that he had to get to Nadroj before Rotcod would tell them what he planned to do. He stepped through and felt a little off balance at first but found his equilibrium and sped forward through the rips.
Taylor saw many of the beings who looked at him strangely as he passed them seeing that they were desperately healing the rips of time. Finally he passed through a rip knowing he would see Nadroj in the distance. A force struck him knocking him to the right. Taylor spun and gained back his control and swallowed hard as he approached cautiously trying to avoid any bolts of energy. He noticed that Nadroj had a look of fear covering his face.
"NO! Taylor please go back! I beg you not to come near me!" Nadroj shouted watching his Taylor stop about twenty feet away from him.
"I can't let them take your life! If they kill you I will die! I am you!" Taylor cried out with tears brimming in his eyes seeing Nadroj's body in a deep shade of intense green. Nadroj blinked sadly and bowed his head.
"Maybe it is for the best my Taylor. I am...."
"No! Don't say that! I need you!" Taylor yelled in anguish as he moved getting out of the way of a energy stream that passed him on his right side.
"But how can you stop them my Taylor?" Nadroj asked with tears running down his face wishing he could hold Taylor in his arms.
Taylor bowed his head trying to think of a way. He looked at Nadroj noticing the red light behind his head was now more intense. He still thought that somehow that light indicated the problem. Suddenly he knew what he was going to do. He quickly ripped off his clothes and came toward Nadroj who put his arm out toward him.
"No Taylor. Don't come any closer! I don't want you to get hurt by me." Nadroj pleaded wondering why Taylor took off his clothes.
"I am going to become as one with you."
"NO! That would kill you!" Nadroj begged as Taylor came closer feeling determined.
"Yes! It is the only way. They won't kill you if we are together. I have to do this!" Taylor smiled with tears running down his cheeks. He saw Nadroj move back shaking his head.
"Taylor? Stay back!" Nadroj shouted angrily not understanding why Taylor wanted to do this.
"Maybe whatever it is in me will somehow help. Maybe together all this will stop." Taylor said flinging his hand indicating all the bolts of energy surrounding them.
"I don't know my Taylor. Please don't do this." Nadroj pleaded with fear coursing through him wishing that the others were here to stop him.
"Just remain calm. I am going to do this. That red light is the problem." Taylor declared and was growing frustrated watching Nadroj move away every time he tried to come closer. An idea suddenly struck him. He sucked in a deep breath and began to sing. He knew this would put his friend into a trance. He sang with all his heart. He decided to sing 'Never Let Go' for that is how he felt inside.
"Please Taylor. Ohhhh....." Nadroj moaned softly feeling the sound of Taylor's voice moving through his soul, taking away his fear and pain as he slowly blinked watching Taylor's eyes mist up with the deep feelings of love he held inside. With his eyes half shut he found himself surrendering to the sweet sound of Taylor's voice. He drifted into a trance as Taylor slowly approached noticing the energy surges seemed to slow down around him. He finished the song and came up next to him. He reached out his hand and gently caressed Nadroj's face lovingly.
"Now to start the connection. I can do this!" Taylor thought to himself and reached down into the depths of his mind concentrating on the power to start the process. He remembered how it was done to him when his friends were healing him. He opened his eyes and saw the swirling colors, when suddenly the energy bolted out in front of him. He felt a intense heat rise within him. He carefully placed his body against Nadroj's and sucked in a sharp breath as he felt the power melting them together.
"Oh God!" Taylor screamed in agony feeling intense pain and tried to pull back but couldn't. The power was beyond him. Somehow Nadroj's body took hold and continued the process. Taylor felt dizzy as he passed out, with his head dropping back, when they were finally and totally formed as one.

Ike and Zac bolted up from their chairs as Lucky hissed being knocked out of Ike's lap, as they both felt the intense pain and saw the image of Taylor and Nadroj forming together as one. Their faces drained of all color as Walker nervously wondered what was wrong.
"Ike? Zac?" Walker asked as Zac started to shake and squeezed his eyes tightly shut.
"Taylor!?" Ike screamed and rocked backwards a little feeling off center. Walker watched their eyes fill with terror.
"What? What is wrong with Taylor?" Walker rasped feeling a surge of fear bolt through him. Demi stood up and rocked in a shade of blue as the others were doing the same.
"Why? Why did he do it?" Zac cried out with agony as he collasped to the floor.
"Please someone tell me what is going on here?" Walker angrily shouted as he knelt down in front of Zac and grabbed him by the shoulders wanting an answer. Zac tearfully looked up into his eyes sadly.
"Taylor went in the rips by himself and ....and...." Zac moaned when the tears started to flow down his face uncontrollably. Walker sucked in a breath of air.
"He became one with Nadroj! I don't understand what led him to do this without letting us know what he was up too." Demi rasped noticing Neque was staring off into space.
"My friends? The powers that were out of control has stopped for some reason." Neque declared in awe as she glowed in a shade of medium blue. She could see them floating together in the tides. She nervously swallowed seeing them drift toward a black hole that was opened up next to them.
Don came into the room looking angry with Rotcod following behind him glowing in a shade of light green.
He stopped wondering why everyone was looking upset.
"What's wrong?" Don asked curiously watching Walker lift Zac to his feet slowly walking him to a chair near Haelz and sat him down gently. Neque held Ike in her arms hugging him close.
"Taylor for some reason decided without telling us what he was going to do. He went into the time balance and he...he formed as one with Nadroj. Why? Why would he do that? That's not like Tay at all." Ike moaned explaining what happened to Don who then turned looking at Rotcod angrily who grew into a light shade of red.
"I know why! Because he decided to blurt out his opinion with Taylor listening to us and said that we would have to terminate Nodrow's life! He ran out of the room and I haven't seen him since. I was coming here to apologize to him." Don bellowed as Walker stood up approaching Rotcod with fury in his heart.
"How could you do that to him?! You know how much they are connected with one another. Taylor loves Nodrow so much and you had the audacity to say that in front of him without thinking of his feelings?!" Walker shouted with anger as Rotcod backed up in fear wondering who this human being was that walked toward him.
"I'm really sorry. I didn't think that the young one would...." Rotcod began.
"What did you expect? I think Taylor must have did this out of desperation to save Nodrow!" Walker bellowed as Zac was recovering from his shock of feeling his brother become as one with Nadroj.
"My young ones? We have to go to them and stop this fighting. They are dangerously close to a black hole and we must reach them before they are sucked in." Neque interupted as Walker frowned with fear bolting through him.

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