The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 9 - Working Together As One

Don and Rotcod worked together through the night. Don was shown all the information that was at hand. Rotcod looked at the books that Don brought trying to learn anything new that he may have missed somehow in his studies. He was growing frustrated still not seeing why Taylor wasn't affected by this situation that Nadroj was going through.
"I still can't understand what it is that Taylor seems to have in him that Nadroj doesn't seem to have." Don grumbled staring at the two figure's of them on the screen. He pushed up his glasses feeling angry.
"I want to see the boy again. Maybe your observations with him might bring something up." Rotcod concluded watching Don crinkle his eyebrows as he turned to look at him.
"I don't think I will find anything if you haven't already Rot..cod." Don added standing up and walked over to the table where he had placed his medical books and journals. He picked one up and walked over to the screen and sat down.
"I want to take more samples. I think it is important. It has to be something in his mind." Rotcod said and reached out with his mind to contact Neque telling her they wanted to see Taylor again.

Taylor walked slowly down the hall wondering what they wanted with him. He rubbed his eyes and swallowed hard still feeling Nadroj's pain.
"As one." Taylor whispered out to him.
"As one." Nadroj answered weakly which made Taylor feel very depressed knowing his friend was very sick by the sound of his voice.
He entered the room noticing that they didn't even know that he arrived. He cleared his throat trying to gain their attention. Don jumped turning around and put down his book.
"Hi Taylor. Can you lay down on the table over there?" Don asked watching Taylor give him a look of fear.
"What... what are you going to look for now?" Taylor asked walking slowly up to the table and sat down on the edge as they both approached him.
"I just want to take some more samples from you. I need a piece of your brain." Rotcod stated as Taylor's eyes grew large looking from Don to Rotcod fearfully.
"My brain? What?" Taylor gulped hard as Rotcod lifted off his shirt over his head. Taylor shivered a little looking toward Don.
"Don't worry Taylor. This won't hurt a bit." Don assured him placing his hand on Taylor's arm and gently pushed him down so he was laying on the table.
"I..I don't like this." Taylor mumbled biting his bottom lip as Don brought up a small table with instruments laying on the surface.
"Can you turn to the side so you are facing the wall?" Don instructed as Taylor did as he was told sucking in a fearful breath. Rotcod put his hand on Taylor's head casting a bolt of energy into his mind knocking him out. He watched the boy's body jump.
"We should have told him we were going to put him out." Don stated looking a little angry that Rotcod seemed not to care for Taylor's feelings.
"Oh. I'm sorry." Rotcod said coldly and stepped up to the side of the boy. He reached for his tool and began his procedure. He carefully took a microscopic piece from his brain. Don watched feeling fascinated by their medical technology.
"You have it already?" Don asked in awe. Rotcod nodded feeling amused as he glowed in a shade of yellow.
"Yes. I want to examine the sample. He should be waking up soon and might have a slight headache. But he is fine." Rotcod confirmed as he put the sample in a odd looking device.
"What will that do?" Don asked curiously watching Rotcod pass his hand over some lights on a board that was located under the machine.
"It will analyze the structure and give us the complete information of the sample." Rotcod explained as Don nodded and sat down by the screen watching the information quickly upload on it.

Taylor moaned softly waking up and blinked his eyes. He turned over onto his back wondering what happened to him. He turned his head slowly looking over toward them. He quietly laid there sensing they were busy.
"Why didn't he tell me that he was going to knock me out?!" Taylor thought angrily and then listened in on their conversation.

"Hmmm... this is interesting. Every piece of DNA is displayed here." Don said as Rotcod bent over near him and looked at the information.
"Now I want to add it to Nadroj's structure and see what happens." Rotcod murmured and pressed some keys as the data passed onto another screen. They both sat and waited with anticipation hoping something would come up that would answer their questions. It finally stopped as Rotcod scanned the screen and then glowed in a shade of light blue.
"Nothing!" Don angrily shouted slamming his fist on the desk.
"This is very bad. I won't leave here until I find out why this is happening. The only thing is this is taking to long and the balance out there is being destroyed by him. Our people can't allow that. I am afraid we will have to terminate Nadroj's life or he will destroy us and our planet. Then I can take his body and try to determine why his powers suddenly went out of control." Rotcod concluded sadly.
"NO! YOU CAN'T KILL HIM!" Taylor bellowed angrily, with fear coursing through him as he sat up making them both jump. Taylor bolted off the table grabbing his shirt as he ran to the door.
"Taylor?! Please!" Don yelled after him and then turned toward Rotcod in anger.
"He has to..." Rotcod began.
"How could you do that? That boy is so attached to Nodrow! Don't you have any feelings at all?" Don shouted as Rotcod stepped back not expecting this outburst from him.
"But he has to realize that it is the only alternative we have. Nadroj was never right. He is a mistake my friend. He should have never existed." Rotcod said trying to defend himself.

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