The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 10 - Where Is The Answer?

Everyone except for Don quickly sped through the rips noticing all the beings of this world were curiously looking around them wondering why the damage was no longer affecting the time equilibrium. Neque fled through another rip racing toward Nadroj and Taylor. She noticed also that everything seemed calm and wonderfully quiet after days of disruption. She finally saw them floating helplessly as she looked at the black hole with dread filling her heart.
"Oh man! That thing is huge!" Zac fearfully shouted as they all stopped watching the thing sitting in the rips like a hideous monster with it's mouth wide open ready to strike against anything that tried to stop it's path of destruction.
"How are we going to save them?" Walker asked swallowing hard as he looked at Neque nervously.
"We must draw them toward us. If we move any closer our movement may push them in." Neque explained with fear in her heart.
"It is very curious that Nadroj's powers seem to be under control now. It seems that Taylor somehow stopped it when he formed with him." Demi mumbled with awe as Mayte bowed her head wishing she could hold her young one in her arms.
"Please let's pull them in." Neque demanded as Zac slid near her wanting to help.
"I can help do this." Zac boldly announced as Neque nodded running her hand down the back of his head lovingly.
"Yes my Zac, you can. Let's form the link now." Neque declared as everyone except Ike and Walker stood back knowing that they did not have this psychic power. They watched as they all linked hands and concentrated sending their link out to Taylor and Nadroj who floated helplessly together as one. Slowly they saw them coming in their direction.
"They're doing it Dad." Ike whispered still looking at the black hole fearfully thinking it looked as big as a house.
"Ohhhh God... Taylor looks so..so..." Walker groaned not being able to finish when finally Demi bolted forward grabbing onto their arms. Walker and Ike sped forward as they all looked at their bodies that was melted together from the legs to the just the middle of Taylor's chest. Taylor was hanging limply with his head back looking very pale. Walker gently lifted his head noticing he didn't wake up. Tears brimmed in his eyes as he petted Taylor's forehead with his left hand as he held his head up with his right.
"He seems to be in a coma or something." Walker rasped sadly as Rotcod came up to his side.
"This is truely amazing. Somehow the human boy has stopped Nadroj's uncontrolled powers." Rotcod said noticing that Walker was giving him a disgusted look.
"But the question still is what is in Tay that stopped it?" Ike asked swallowing hard as Haelz looked deeply in his eyes.
"Now my Rotcod you still have to solve what happened here. We must bring them out of the tides. We have to tell everyone to stay out of this section so that hole won't grow any larger then it is right now." Haelz affirmed as Rotcod nodded feeling ashamed. They quickly passed through the rips leaving the area and sent out the message to their people to leave the tides immediately. All the beings surged following the wiseone's instructions.

Don sat in the living room picking at his fingernail feeling very alone. He wished they would come back soon. Suddenly he jumped seeing the bubble form in the room with his friends passing into the room quickly. He sucked in a sharp breath when he saw Taylor and Nadroj. He could see that they were somehow melted together. Neque and Demi gently laid them on the floor on their sides.
"How? How did Taylor and him do that? I never saw anything like this!" Don exclaimed bending down over them looking intently at their skin.
"Somehow Taylor has stopped Nadroj's uncontrolled powers." Rotcod informed him as he gently ran a strand of hair behind Taylor's ear.
"What if Tay wakes up?" Zac asked nervously feeling his stomach twisting into knots.
"Somehow this connection has put them into a deep coma state." Walker attested feeling scared for his son who looked so pale and innocent. He sucked in a shaky breath trying to hold back his emotions that were welling up inside him.
"Actually Taylor did the right thing here. It was foretold in the book of Serpow. They would form together as one silencing the disruption of the balance as they fell into a deep sleep." Neque said stating the words from the book.
"But what does this all mean? Is there a purpose for all this?" Walker asked feeling annoyed as he pointed at the melted bodies of his son and Nadroj.
"Let's carry them to the medical lab my friends. I am determined to find out what this boy has that Nadroj lacks. It is there and I won't rest till I find the answer. In a way I am glad that the young one did this. It made me realize how special they really are. I admit that what I thought was wrong now. I sense that I will need Ike and Zac also to solve this mystery. They are also interconnected with them. They both have the DNA of our kind in them too." Rotcod informed them as he glowed in a light shade of gold.
Ike and Zac looked at one another not saying a word. Demi and Rotcod lifted them gently off the floor as everyone watched them leave the room.

Demi and Rotcod placed them down onto the table making sure that they wouldn't fall off. Demi saw a pillow on a chair and grabbed it and placed it lovingly under Taylor's head. He looked up into Rotcod's eyes as Rotcod bowed his head.
"I hope you will find the answer my friends. There lives are in your hands now." Demi stated watching Don push up his glasses nervously.
"Only one thing scares me... if Taylor is stopping this uncontrolled power that Nodrow is having trouble with.... how long can Taylor hold it back. He must be using the thing that controls the balance for the both of them now. Can Taylor's body take the load?" Don expressed sadly as he saw Demi lovingly stroke Taylor's head.
"Hold on my loves. You are as one!" Demi rasped sadly looking at the two young ones he loved intensely in his heart.

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