The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 8 - The Meeting - Continued

Taylor paced the room back and forth feeling like it was taking forever for them to get back to this world. Ike sat next to Demi while everyone watched Taylor sensing his impatience.
"My Taylor please try to calm down. They are coming." Demi consoled as Taylor stopped in mid stride and looked at him.
"I just can't stand this waiting. What is taking them so long?" Taylor grumbled when he jumped feeling a bolt of fear pass through him. He sensed that Nadroj was awake again and in pain. He bowed his head with tears forming in his eyes. He didn't know how much more he could stand feeling Nadroj's fear and pain.
"He's awake Tay?" Ike asked watching his brother's face twist in agony as he nodded.
"He...he is really getting bad. Oh God!" Taylor moaned finally sitting down next to Zac.
Rotcod observed with interest watching the human and his reactions. He still couldn't figure out how they were both so connected. He could see that the sickness was taking it's toll on the young boy. He still thought that maybe in the end they would have to end Nadroj's life, in less this doctor from their world could somehow help him in solving this mystery. They all jumped seeing a bubble form in the center of the room.
"They're here!" Zac bellowed bolting up as they saw Neque, Don, and their father pass through the rip. Don looked very sick and pale. He rocked to the side as Walker caught him helping him to a chair and sitting him down gently.
"That... that was horrible!" Don shouted holding his head in agony. He opened his eyes and swallowed hard trying to control his upset stomach as he took off his backpack that held some of the things he thought he needed to help solve the mystery of Nadroj's uncontrollable powers.
"Just take some deep breaths Don. The worst is over." Walker consoled rubbing Don's shoulder.
"I should have realized that he would grow sick as we traveled through the balance of time." Neque cooed softly feeling guilty that she didn't prepare him for what he would feel in the tides.
"It's okay. I just have to..." Don began when Neque gently placed her hands on his head and lit her healing light. Don sighed deeply feeling the soothing warmth enter his aching head. He felt a odd tingling sensation also and looked up at her wondering what she was doing.
"I am opening a area of your brain so you will be able to see and hear things in this dimension my Don." Neque stated as he nodded and then looked at his surroundings. He stood feeling in awe of this alien world. He noticed another one of their kind suddenly came forward and glowed in a soft shade of yellow.
"It is so beautiful." Don whispered watching everyone smile at him.
"Thanks for wanting to help Don. It is so good to see you again." Taylor said as Don looked at him and smiled.
"Are you okay Taylor? You don't look so good yourself." Don noted noticing the boy looked very pale and drawn. Taylor shyly bowed his head.
"I just can feel him. I hope you can help their doctor solve what is going wrong with Nodrow's powers." Taylor stated with a pleading look covering his face.
"It is my honor to meet you. I look forward to working with you." Rotcod declared bowing in front of Don.
"You are the doctor here?" Don asked watching the alien cock his head looking confused.
"Doctor? Well I guess that is what I am to your kind." Rotcod chuckled and curiously looked at the plastic that sat on the man's face.
"Where are we going to work? I think we should start as soon as possible sir." Don exclaimed looking forward to learning about the whole physical structure and substance of their kind.
"I will lead you to the room my friend. What are those things that sit on your face in front of your eyes?" Rotcod asked sensing he was going to like this creature. He admired his determined nature.
"They are my glasses. I need them to see." Don explained feeling amused by the question.
"Very interesting." Rotcod mumbled still not really understanding. He waved out his arm indicating he wanted him to follow as he ignored the others wanting to also get started and to see what this man had to offer in information. They both left the room leaving everyone just standing there feeling amused.
"That was rude." Zac murmured while Taylor and Ike smiled at him agreeing.
"I guess their minds are alike. They are both arrogant in a way." Ike chuckled and sat down again on his chair.
"I just want them to help Nodrow. I hope they find out what is wrong with..." Taylor began then groaned holding his head. Walker ran up to him grabbing his shoulders feeling worried.
"Are you alright Tay?" Walker asked with his heart starting to race.
"I just felt him again. Ohhh.. Dad he is in so much pain!" Taylor moaned with tears in his eyes as Walker took him into his arms and hugged him close.
"They will find the answer Tay. I know they will." Walker assured him rubbing his back.

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