The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 8 - The Meeting

Walker sat in the living room watching a movie with Diana who was curled up next to him when they both sat up straight hearing the doorbell ring. Walker looked at Diana with a question covering his face wondering who would be here at such a late hour.
"Who could it be?" Diana asked looking up at the clock and noticed it was nearing midnight.
"Beats me." Walker said getting up and went to the front door. He looked through the peep hole and smiled seeing the familar eyes of Michael staring back at him. He opened the door and jumped seeing Don standing next to him smiling and looking very happy.
"Don! You're out! Sam did it!" Walker exclaimed as Diana came around the corner quickly hearing Walker shout with excitement.
"Walk?" Diana asked and then saw Mike and Don by the door.
"Hi Diana." Mike smiled as she ran to him and hugged him around the neck.
"Oh... it is so good to see you Mike. And this is Don?" Diana asked shyly as Don nodded his head in a greeting.
"Well come in. The boys will be so thrilled. They need you so much!" Diana explained as they all went into the living room and sat down.
"I better contact Taylor right now." Walker stated as Don and Mike watched him close his eyes in concentration. He used the part of his mind that Neque showed him. He reached out across the tides of time and waited for the connection.
"Come on Tay. Hear me." Walker exclaimed as beads of sweat formed on his brow.

Taylor bolted up in his bed and looked around him feeling disoriented. He felt a link forming in his mind wondering if it was Nadroj. He knew that his friend was growing weaker as the days passed by.
"Taylor?" Walker's voice resounded in his head. Taylor jumped and ripped off his covers knowing that his father was contacting him.
"Dad?!" Taylor bellowed waking up Ike and Zac who looked up at him with concern.
"Don is here. We got him out Tay." Walker exclaimed feeling his son's excitement as he smiled.
"Oh thank GOD! I will tell Que right now!" Taylor shouted and bolted up running for the door as his brothers got out of bed.
"Tay? What is going on?" Zac asked as Taylor turned to look at him.
"Dad told me Don is free! I have to tell Que! They can now bring him here and then maybe he can slove this thing with Nodrow." Taylor explained excitedly as Zac smiled from ear to ear at the news.
"We'll all go tell them." Ike said as they all ran to the room where Neque was resting peacefully.
"Tell me when you are coming. Okay?" Walker sternly demanded as Taylor smiled.
"Yeah Dad. I will!" Taylor answered as they approached her room. Ike passed his hand over the light that would open the door. They noticed it didn't open. Ike frowned looking at Taylor who looked back at him.
"Well knock Ike!" Zac yelled with anticipation as Ike knocked softly on the door. They all waited looking at the entrance hoping she would answer quickly. Suddenly it slid open with Neque giving them a confused look.
"Que? My father did it! Don is at our house right now. He is ready to come here and help Rot..cod try to solve what is wrong with Nodrow." Ike breathlessly explained watching her turn into a shade of gold.
"I will leave as soon as possible. I want you to wake the others and tell them to be ready for his arrival." Neque instructed noticing that Taylor had a sick look suddenly cross his face.
"Ahhhh... who is going to wake Rot..cod?" Taylor asked still not really liking this being very much.
"I will have Demi wake him my young one." Neque said feeling somewhat amused that they all felt uncomfortable around him. She knew though that he could be intimidating in his ways. Taylor smiled feeling relived.

Neque opened a rip into the tides and noticed that her people were still fighting against the rips that Nadroj was still affecting. She sadly went in and slipped quickly into the time balance traveling at lightening speed to their time. She saw the rip and passed through making Walker, Diana, Don and Mike jump.
"Que! That was fast." Walker exclaimed smiling watching her look toward Don in a shade of light blue. She approached Don and squatted down in front him. Don remembered her from the last time he saw her that seemed so long ago now. She still amazed him.
"Thank you my Don for wanting to help in this terrible time. Are you ready to go back with me right now? Time is of the essense. Nadroj grows weaker by the moment." Neque crooned softly bowing her head in saddness. Don swallowed hard not expecting to leave so soon.
"Well I..I should have some of my things with me. I didn't bring them along. I didn't realize that I was going to have to go to your world right now." Don stated as she stood up and then turned to Walker.
"I want you to come back with us to my Walker. We may need your help also." Neque announced noticing that Diana looked a little shocked by her urgency.
"Sure I will do anything to help our friend. How bad is he? How are my sons doing?" Walker asked not liking the fear and pain that he sensed from her. Diana looked sadly up at him while she stood next to him.
"He is very sick my young ones. We need to solve this mystery soon or it could kill him. Taylor is very depressed and hasn't been eating much. His bond grows stronger with Nadroj and he feels his pain intensely. Ike and Zac are trying to hold things together and comforting their brother. I am sorry for being so blunt about leaving but we must go my friends. My Don we will go to your living place and gather up your things that you need for this journey and then go back to my world. Rotcod will be so grateful for your help." Neque explained as they nodded in understanding.
Walker looked down at Diana seeing tears form in her eyes. He hated leaving her again but knew he had too.
"Walker don't worry about me. Just go! They need you. Tell the boys that I love them very much. Okay?" Diana expressed with her voice cracking as Walker took her into his arms and hugged her tightly.
"I love you sweetheart. We will back soon!" Walker said as Don nervously stood up as Mike walked over to Diana. Don took Neque's hand as she reached out for him.
"I'll stay with her Walker. We will wait for your return. Good luck and I hope that Nodrow will be cured." Mike expressed watching them quickly go through the rip as he grabbed Diana around the shoulders and she leaned her head against him.

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