The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 7 - Finding Freedom - Continued

Two days later Don sat looking up at the parole board deciding weather he should be released earlier then planned. He was amazed that Sam influenced Warden Thomas to up the date of his release. Sam worked in the office with the warden for almost a year now after he used his powers to get that job. He remembered how Sam had that special power to make people do as he wanted without them knowing what he was doing to them. From the first day they were brought here to serve their time Sam made it easy for them. They still had to put up with the more hardened criminals but Sam seemed to cast a spell over them also to leave them alone. The inmates always kept their distance sensing something strange about Sam. They feared him knowing he could somehow cause them a lot of anguish if they messed with him. He nervously shifted in his seat as his heart pounded rapidly watching the three men and the woman who made up the parole board read over his files. The woman finally tilted her head upward and looked at him with a little smile on her face.
"Mr. Connor? I would like to ask you a question if I may?" She asked as he nodded pushing up his glasses again and raised his eyebrows with a questioning look.
"How do you feel about what you did to the Hanson boys?" She asked with a concerned interested look covering her face.
"I feel that what The Project did to those boys was wrong. I have to admit at first I felt justified in what we were trying to achive. As I got to know them I realized what we did to them was a terrible mistake. I wanted to help them at the time in any way that I could. Kidnapping them was wrong. We had no right to take them against their will like that." Don explained gulping hard.
"Why were they taken? What did you want the boys to do?" One of the men asked curiously as he tapped his pen on the table in front of him.
"We or should I say Tom Shane for some reason thought they attained special psychic abilites and wanted to use them to his special needs." Don said looking him straight in the eyes as the man bit his lower lip thinking.
"And what were his special needs?" He asked curiously casting his eyes up and down.
"It had something to do with his experiments with magnetic fields. He thought he could teach them to control the fields using their minds, but in the end all his ideas and dreams blew up in his face." Don stated remembering the story that Sam taught everyone to say about what happened during that time.
"Oh. Well as we looked over your records here we do notice that you have been a model inmate during your time spent here. We will now make our decision... while you leave the room for a few moments Mr. Connor." The woman said smiling as Don stood up and walked out of the room feeling extremely nervous.
He went outside to the other office and sat down on a chair next to the door. He sat down feeling scared as he crossed his arms over his chest and drew in a deep breath, trying to calm down his nerves. He hoped they wouldn't take to long to decide. He shut his eyes and prayed that his parole would be approved. He wanted so much to travel and see this other world. It would be the thrill of his life to converse with a alien doctor and maybe learn new and better medical procedures. He jumped when he heard the door open breaking him away from his thoughts. The guard smiled and indicated that the board was ready to give him a answer. Don stood up feeling his legs shake a little as he walked slowly back into the room. He noticed they all had very serious expressions covering their faces. His heart fell into his stomach thinking maybe they weren't going to release him. He sat down licking at his lips feeling the palms of his hands start to sweat.
"Mr. Connor or should I say Doctor Connor it is the decision of this board that your parole has been approved!" The woman smiled as Don sucked in a sharp breath with tears forming in his eyes. He bolted up out of the chair filled with excitement.
"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Don shouted with his voice cracking with emotion. A feeling of freedom suddenly overtook his soul.
"Please sit down and we will explain the provisions of your release." The man smiled as Don sat back down smiling from ear to ear.

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