The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 7 - Finding Freedom

Walker sat in the warden's office as he nervously shifted in his seat. Micheal sat in the other chair next to him and cracked a small smile knowing his friend wasn't used to dealing with the rules of prison life.
"When is he going to come? I don't have all day!" Walker groaned rubbing his hands together angrily. He looked out the window seeing the gray dark walls of the building that looked ominous with it's barred windows.
"Calm down Walk. He'll be here shortly." Mike said picking at the leather on the arm of the chair he was sitting in. Walker turned and looked deeply into his eyes.
"I don't understand why they suddenly wanted to talk to me. I only came here to visit Don and Sam. Why do they find that so strange?" Walker grumbled crossing his arms over his chest.
"Well... in the first place Walker they did kidnap your sons. I guess they just want to know why all of sudden, after all this time, you suddenly want to visit them." Mike explained watching Walker rub at his forehead with his hand.
"Yeah. I guess that does appears odd. But like I explained to you last night... my sons need Don to help Nodrow. I can't just tell them that. I still can't think of a good reason to tell them why I think they should leave Don out of prison earlier then his release date." Walker sadly said when they both turned watching the warden finally come into his office. He eyed Walker with a curious look covering his face. Walker swallowed hard trying to keep his emotions from showing on the surface. He slowly sauntered over to his desk and sat down leaning back into his chair and smiled at Walker.
"Hello Mr. Hanson. What can I do for you today?" Warden Thomas asked leaning his elbows onto his desk.
"Why are you asking me that? You wanted to see me. I was ready to see Don Connor and then one of the guards told me that you wanted to talk to me." Walker stated looking him directly in the eyes.
"Ummmm... yes. That is true. I just wanted to know why you are here. That man was one of the group that kidnapped your sons sir."
"I know that, but he is a friend. I know that may sound strange to you. During the time my boys were with them he became a friend to Ike, Tay and Zac." Walker explained hating the smug look that covered the warden's face.
"Oh... I see." Warden Thomas murmured and leaned back into his chair making the leather squeek as he did so.
"Sir? I don't have to sit here and explain my actions to you. I only wanted to talk to Don. I wanted to see how he is doing. Is something wrong with that?" Walker blurted out angrily as Mike bowed his head looking down at his feet.
"No. Not at all Mr. Hanson. We just wanted to make sure you had no intentions of..."
"Intentions of what?!" Walker fumed cutting in noticing he made the warden frown.
"Of getting revenge or hurting the man." The Warden finished still frowning. He shifted a little in his chair.
"Sir? Warden Thomas I assure you that I only came to visit him. I am sorry for being so harsh but I find this meeting uncalled for. Can I leave now?" Walker asked smiling slightly noticing that the warden still looked at him suspiciously.
"Why yes. I am sorry for taking up your time Mr. Hanson but we only wanted to make sure you had no bad intentions. I apologize sir." Warden Thomas said standing up as Walker and Mike did the same. He reached across his desk and extended his hand. Walker grabbed it shaking it as he nodded his head.
"I hope your visit with Don is pleasant." Warden Thomas stated walking them to the door. He watched them walk out of the office area and went back to his desk lifting up his phone. He dialed the number to the sercurity desk and sat down. He heard the guard answer the phone.
"Yes. I want to monitor the visit between Mr. Hanson and Donald Connor and Sam Rodden. Keep a close watch over them. I want you to call me if anything looks out of the ordinary or suspicious looking." Warden Thomas said still thinking it was very strange that Mr. Hanson actually wanted to see the men who kidnapped his sons.
"Yes sir Warden Thomas. I'll do that. I see him entering the room now." The guard said in a low voice.
"Good. Keep me informed." The warden said and hung up the phone.

Don looked up seeing Walker and Mike enter the area as he pushed up his glasses on his nose. Sam smiled watching them both sit down across from them.
"It is so good to see you Walker. How are your sons?" Sam asked feeling thrilled to see him and Mike.
"They are doing great Sam. Writing music and performing like usual." Walker exclaimed noticing both of them looked a little tired and drawn. He could tell that prison life was hard on them.
"Good. Good to hear that. Is there a reason why you came here today?" Sam asked curiously looking deeply into Walker's eyes. He sensed something urgent in him.
"Just wanted to see you." Walker said noticing about three guards were listening into their conversation. He frowned and then looked at Mike. Mike swallowed hard knowing this was the time to start their plan of action that they talked about early this morning.
"Sam speak to me through your mind. Mike is going to start a conversion with Don while we talk." Walker said as Sam's eyebrows lifted feeling shocked that Walker had this psychic ability like his sons.
"You can speak with your mind? I...I never knew." Sam exclaimed in awe.
"Where do you think they got their powers from?" Walker chuckled watching Sam smile as he nodded his head.
"Why did you come? What is this visit all about? I sense fear in you Walker." Sam asked searching Walker's face.
"We have to get Don out of here early. Nodrow needs him. We know he is up for parole in about a month, but I have to somehow get him out sooner. Nodrow is very sick. There is a doctor on their world who needs his expertise on the human structure." Walker explained sadly bowing his head.
"Why? What happened?" Sam asked with concern in his voice.
"This is hard to explain. You see Taylor and Nodrow are more connected then you could ever imagine Sam. When Nodrow was in the womb he and Taylor somehow became like one. That is why Nodrow has blue eyes. They are apart of one another. They both have each other's genes intermixed with each other. They can feel one another all the time. We need Don's help desperately or Nodrow could die. They can't figure out what is wrong with him. Their doctor thinks that something didn't transfer from Taylor to Nodrow during the time when they became as one. But he can't see what is making him sick. Nodrow's powers are out of control. He can't seem to stop his powers at will anymore. The balance of the tides are being destroyed slowly by him." Walker explained with Sam listening intently feeling amazed at the news.
"This is amazing. I had a feeling that Nodrow was very special due to Taylor. I never dreamed that a human could actually intermix with another being. Don has heard everything you said. I opened a link to him. We do this at times when we don't want anyone listening into our conversions in here. No one knows Walker." Sam said wishing he could also get out of this prison. He yearned to see the boys again.
"The only question is how are we going to speed up the parole hearing to a earlier date. They need him now Sam." Walker expressed with urgency in his voice. He looked up noticing that the guards were looking at them with concern.

"Yeah my boss is keeping me busy." Mike said laughing as he kept talking to Don who he knew was listening to Sam and Walker talk through their minds. He gave Don a stern look wanting him to keep talking.
"Uhhh.. oh that is good. Are you still going out with Sally?" Don asked licking at his lips nervously. He was feeling a excitement surge through him. He would give anything to meet this doctor from the alien world. The idea thrilled him to learn and understand how they ticked. He found it hard to concentrate on the conversation he was having with Mike but knew he had to keep it up so the guards wouldn't catch on that something else was going on.
"Yeah we have been dating for over two months now. I think I am really falling for her." Mike smiled and then waited for Don to answer. He noticed again that Don wasn't paying attention. He kicked his foot under the table catching Don in the leg making him jump.
"Oh! That's great!" Don exclaimed giving him a dirty look while Mike smiled at him.

"Don't worry about it Walker. I will see to it that Don's parole date gets moved up." Sam smiled in a devilish way as Walker crinkled his eyebrows together wondering how Sam would achive it.
"And how will you do that?" Walker smiled when he saw Mike kick Don in the leg.
"I have my ways. Remember I do have many abilties Walker. I have a power that makes people do what I want." Sam chuckled looking at Mike desperately trying to have Don answer him.
"The only thing is when Don gets out.... you will be all alone here. I wish there was some way to get you out too." Walker stated looking into Sam's face with concern.
"Don't worry about me. Right now we have to concentrate on getting Don out first." Sam pointed out and smiled.
"Is there anything that you might need me for?" Walker questioned searching Sam's face watching him look down at the table.
"Just don't come here anymore. They are very suspicious as it is. I promise you that you will be seeing Don in about three days from now at the latest. Okay?" Sam assured him as Walker felt the link end between them.

"Well it has been an hour and I think that visiting time is almost over guys." Sam smiled turning to look at the guards feeling amused that they had no idea what was taking place between them. Walker stood up with Mike when the guards came into the room appearing to look very unconcerned.
"Walker? Come again sometime. And tell your boys that I said hi. Okay?" Sam exclaimed as Walker nodded his head and shook his hand.
"I'll do that. Well take care and maybe I'll see you next month again. It was really great to see you after so long." Walker attested and smiled as he left the room with Mike following behind him. He felt very relieved that everything turned out as planned. All he had to do now was just wait at home. Sam still amazed him. He knew how he had hurt Taylor but he forgave him awhile ago. Walker thought it was a shame that Sam was trapped in here knowing he was to intelligent and special to be wasting away behind bars, but at the same time he knew that he had to be punished for what he did to his sons.

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