The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 6 - Dangerous Tides - Continued

Walker sat on the couch reading a newspaper when he heard the familar hissing sound and looked up as Diana bolted into the living room hearing it also. They watched seeing the bubble form in front of them.
"They are back already?" Walker questioned seeing Neque come through with his sons.
"Dad! We need your help!" Ike announced urgently walking up to him with Neque standing near the rip.
"What's wrong?" Walker asked curiously noticing his sons looked scared and confused.
"We need a doctor and..." Zac began.
"It's for Nodrow! He's very sick and this doctor on their world said he needed someone from ours that knows about..." Ike started looking at his father's concerned look.
"Our structure! And the only one we can count on is Don Connor. He knows about our friends. The reason why Nodrow is out of control is because of his human side." Taylor finished as Walker listened and then frowned looking toward Neque who glowed in a light shade of blue letting them explain what was going on.
"But he's in prison. How are we going to get him out to help and will he do it?" Walker answered as he plopped down on the couch thinking deeply.
"Walker? I heard from Michael that he should be up for parole soon." Diana informed him as her sons looked at her smiling.
"Maybe you could make the process go faster by going to the parole board Dad. I'm sure he would help us. Mike said he's been writing to him all the time and says he is his friend. You have to try! It's for ...for Nodrow. Please?" Taylor pleaded with tears forming in his eyes. Walker looked at Taylor sensing his fear for his friend.
"I will get a hold of Mike as soon as I can guys. But it is very late and it might take a little while to get Don out. How much time do we have?" Walker asked with concern when Neque stepped forward looking into his eyes.
"Do what you have to do my Walker. There is time. We must go back now. When you are ready just use this part of your mind and we will come for you then." Neque explained putting her hands on his head showing him what part of his mind to use to call them. Walker nodded understanding.
"Don't worry I will get him out! Okay?" Walker smiled at his sons to reasure them.
"Thanks Dad!" Taylor bellowed smiling at him as Neque opened the rip into time again.
"We'll see you soon! Tell Nodrow to hold on!" Walker exclaimed watching them going back into the tides.

Taylor looked around him as they sped through the rips again and saw the beings from their world healing the areas that were disrupting due to Nadroj's uncontrolled powers. He tearfully looked back at his brothers seeing their faces twisted in saddness. He wished he could somehow be with Nadroj. He could feel the overwhelming fear in Nadroj's heart.
"We are there for you! Hold on! AS ONE!" Taylor thought reaching across the dimensional balance as Nadroj heard him as he weeped in agony.
"AS ONE!" Nadroj thought back as Taylor felt a moment of extreme pain and heard his voice in his head.
"We can only for so long fight against these powers. I must look into the Book Of Serpow! It may hold some of the answers that we seek." Neque informed them as they approached the rip into her time.

Nadroj looked around him seeing a small black hole forming a few feet away from him. He fearfully watched it knowing he was causing the imbalance. Something deep within him knew that the small hole could be the end for his people if they could not find the answer to stop his powers from growing out of control. Taylor was the answer. Somehow the minds of the young one's held the mystery of this nightmare that he was going through. He swallowed hard as he saw the hole lingering like a deep pentrating evil that was just waiting to find its release.

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