The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 6 - Dangerous Tides

Rotcod worked feverishly into the night trying to figure out what it was that made Nadroj and Taylor like one. He found some comparison between both of them, but why Nadroj was growing out of control still stumped him. He angrily retested and reread all the information that was in front him.
"It's there! But where? What am I not seeing here?" He angrily grumbled to himself as he rubbed his chin gingerly. He watched the DNA strands flipping on the screen trying to find the mystery. He jumped when he felt a presence standing next to him. Neque looked down at him innocently watching.
"Can you find it my Rotcod?" She asked hoping that he did.
"I don't know. I see the likenesses between them, but somehow I can't see what is causing Nadroj's powers to grow out of control. The Taylor one doesn't seem to have this problem. Of the evidence that I see he should be experiencing the same problem, but somehow Taylor's body has something that Nadroj's is missing. I determined that it is his human features that is causing this disruption in him. It is as though he is lacking something that Taylor has within him. I don't understand it." Rotcod explained with mounting frustration growing inside him. Neque softly put a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it gently.
"Maybe you should get some rest now and start fresh in the morning. You look very tired my Rotcod." Neque cooed lovingly watching him turn into a shade of light blue.
"I can't rest. This will be bothering me all night. Neque? I think what I need here is someone from their world that knows about the human structure more then I do. We need someone like me. Do they have beings like that?" He asked searching her face for a answer.
"Yes they do. They are called doctors on their planet. There is only one I can think of who may be of some help to you. His name was Don if I remember correctly. But there is only one problem, he is in a prison on their world." Neque sighed sadly as he looked intently into her eyes.
"Somehow we have to bring him here. I may need his help in this matter. Please try to get the young ones to understand this." Rotcod pleaded feeling exhusted as he stood stretching his body after being in a sitting position for so long.
"I will explain the situation to them immediately. Just rest now and don't worry so much. You are doing a great job in helping us." Neque assured him as she headed for the door.
"If we can't solve this... I am afraid we might have to end Nadroj's life before he grows totally out of control. He could destroy our world and the balance of time." Rotcod groaned hating to inform her of this fact as she turned into a deep shade of blue.
"Don't worry it won't come to that! Neque attested as she left the room walking quickly down the stairs where the young one's slept. She could not fathom the idea of taking Nadroj's life away from him. Her heart ached at the thought.

She quietly entered the room and walked up to Ike squatting down next to him. She reached out and lovingly ran her finger through one of his curls that sat on his forehead. She watched as his eyes fluttered open looking up at her sleepily.
"What wrong Que?" Ike moaned softly as he sat up looking into her eyes.
"I must speak to you and your brothers. I know it is late but it is of great importance." Neque told him glowing in a bright shade of light blue.
"Que? What is it?" Zac asked sitting up as she turned to look at him. She noticed that Taylor was sitting up in his bed also looking very concerned.
"Do you young ones remember that doctor who was apart of your kidnapping? I think his name was Don." She asked as they all nodded their heads wondering why she was suddenly asking about him.
"Yes his name was Donald Connor. Why?" Taylor asked gluping hard.
"We need him to solve the mystery of Nadroj's powers. Rotcod has concluded that it is the human part of him that is causing the disruption within him." Neque explained watching Taylor darting his eyes fearfully.
"Is it because of me?" Taylor asked with fear that made his heart beat rapidly.
"No my Taylor. It is something that he didn't seem to attain from you during the time you two became as one. He said you should be going through this disruption also my Taylor, but he feels that you have something in your form that did not transfer over to him and he needs someone who knows about the human structure better then he could ever understand." Neque explained gently as Taylor flipped his legs out from under his covers.
"We should contact Dad. He could maybe do something." Ike said standing up looking worried as he ran his fingers through his hair nervously.
"But the only thing is... he's in jail! He has only served almost a year of a three year sentence Ike." Zac reminded him sadly bowing his head.
"Well we have to do something. We certainly can't just get any old doctor. He is the only one who knows about our friends here." Taylor added in standing up feeling scared.
"I want you all to come with me back to your home and we must talk with your mates. I mean parents." Neque decided as they nodded their heads quickly getting dressed. She watched them put on their clothes feeling slightly amused as they stumbled around grabbing at their shoes.
"Zac? That's my shoe." Taylor said as Zac looked down at it.
"Oh... here!" Zac mumbled handing it to his brother and then trying to find his other shoe on the floor.
"It's over there. By the end of the bed." Taylor said pointing at it. Zac reached and slipped it on quickly.
"There! All ready." Ike smiled knowing Neque found them amusing as she shook her head.
"I am glad we don't have to wear coverings. It looks confusing." Neque said taking Ike's hand who smiled at her remark. Taylor grabbed her other hand as Zac grabbed his. She opened a rip and gasped slightly.
"Que?" Ike questioned when he too saw what she was looking at. The rips were looking very off center.
"Nodrow's powers are creating a disruption in the dimensional balance." Taylor expressed with deep saddness filling him.
"I'm afraid so my young ones. It will take awhile though before it becomes to bad. Our people will have to fight the rips until we heal our Nadroj. We must save him." Neque stated slipping through with them holding on tightly as she bounded through the time rips heading back to their world.

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