The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 5 - Pain And Suffering

Nadroj cringed when a massive stream of energy escaped his body throwing him backwards in the tides. He drew in a deep breath feeling tired and weak. He sadly looked down at his body seeing the deep color of green. Tears of frustration dripped from his eyes.
"Oh great one! Please help me to be strong." Nadroj prayed feeling his head grow dizzy as he felt a odd heat forming again behind his head. He blinked weakly raising his arm to wipe off the tears. He smiled slightly thinking of Taylor. He reached out with his mind wanting to see him again. He was his reason for going on despite his pain and suffering. He hoped somehow his friends could find the answer to the imbalance that racked his body and mind.

Taylor looked out the window sadly feeling Nadroj's suffering. He could feel that he was watching him. Taylor turned around seeing his brothers stepping up behind him as Ike placed his hand on his shoulder.
"He's here." Ike murmured softly sensing Taylor's saddness.
"I wish I could somehow comfort him Ike. I hate that he is suffering out there all alone." Taylor rasped with his voice cracking.
"I think we are now in way Tay. He is watching us and I think that makes him feel better knowing that you are here for him." Zac consoled smiling as Taylor smiled back.
"Not just me Zac. He knows we are all here for him." Taylor corrected sitting down on the chair that was near the window. Ike pulled up a chair that was by a wall near them and then grabbed another one for Zac to sit in too. They both sat down wanting to stay together.
"Can you see him Tay?" Zac asked curiously leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees.
"Ahhh... actually I never tried to." Taylor said raising his eyebrows at the idea.
"I know I can talk to him, but when he tries to answer it hurts me." Taylor informed his brothers who nodded.
"Yeah I know. Well maybe if you can see him, you could tell him to just nod or shake his head." Ike suggested smiling at Taylor.
"That's an idea! I am going to try." Taylor exclaimed closing his eyes. He reached out finding this power not so hard to use anymore. He traveled through the rips seeing the colors swirling when he saw the rainbow colors that was Nadroj coming into his minds eye. Ike and Zac saw him crack a small smile on his face.
"I see him. He is looking straight at me. Link with me Zac." Taylor told him when Zac brought forth the link that bound them together, bringing Ike in with him. They both jumped seeing Nadroj's powers whipping around him out of control.
"Tay? I see that red light you were talking about." Ike attested thinking it was strange watching it grow large when a bolt of energy discharged from him and then grow smaller after.
"Nodrow? Do you see me? Just nod if you do." Taylor asked swallowing the lump in his throat hating to see him in pain like this. They all smiled when he nodded.
"Do you see the red light behind you?" Taylor asked wanting to know if he sensed it. They saw him looking confused and then shake his head no.
"It's there behind your head. Maybe that is where the problem lies." Taylor expressed sadly when suddenly they saw a massive energy bolt shoot off his body sending him flying to the side. Taylor stood up in fear with his heart starting to race as tears formed under his eyelids.
"Nodrow! Are you alright?" Taylor cried out starting to shake. Ike and Zac stood up feeling the same hating to see their friend's body fighting against him. Nadroj hung limply with his eyes closed.
"Nodrow? Answer me! Please?" Taylor moaned reaching his arms out in front of him.
"He must be knocked out from that stream of energy." Zac exclaimed sucking in a deep breath bowing his head looking at the floor.
"I can't watch this anymore! Oh God... he's so helpless. Why is this happening to him? What did I do?" Taylor cried feeling like it was somehow due to him that he was like this now.
"Tay? Don't do this to yourself. We will find out why he can't control his power. I know we will." Ike assured him grabbing his brother into his arms. Taylor released the link as the image dropped from their minds. He sucked in a some deep breaths feeling dizzy as he backed away from Ike running his hand across his forehead feeling angry.
"Young ones?" Neque called out as they all looked toward the sound of her voice.
"We're over by the window Que." Ike answered as they stepped into the room together. She cocked her head wondering why they all looked so sad.
"Rotcod wants to see Taylor now." Neque informed them as Taylor nodded his head.
"Where is he?" Taylor asked in a low voice.
"Just down the hallway my Taylor." Neque answered watching him sadly walk out the door.
"What has happened?" Neque asked looking at Ike who sat down on a cushion where Lucky was sleeping contently curled into a ball. He gingerly reached out and petted his belly.
"Taylor cast his mind out and we saw him out there. Oh Que....he looks so bad. The powers are really making him sick. His body was in a deep shade of green. I just hope we can do something for him soon." Ike explained watching Zac sit down next to him.
"My poor Nadroj. He grows weaker by the hour. We must find the answer." Neque pointed out sitting down in front of him hoping that Rotcod could somehow come up with some answers.

Taylor sauntered down the hallway feeling scared. He wondered what this being was going to do. He approached the door and saw it slide open. He quietly stepped inside and saw him next to a table looking intently at a screen with two images up on it. Taylor realized it was his and Nadroj's.
Rotcod turned around and saw the young one curiously looking at the images.
"Good you are here." Rotcod announced coming up next to him and grabbed Taylor's hand pulling him toward a table near a wall.
"What do you want me to do?" Taylor asked nervously looking up at him.
"Please sit up on this table. And then take your upper covering off." Rotcod instructed in a serious tone of voice.
Taylor sat on the table and pulled off his shirt like he told him to, dropping it in a bundle on the side of him. Rotcod pulled up a small table near them that had a bunch of odd looking instruments sitting on it. Taylor fearfully swallowed hard.
"What... what are you going to do?" Taylor asked feeling a little afraid watching him pick up a sharp looking object. Taylor backed away slightly.
"Just calm down young one I only want to examine you." He informed him grabbing his right hand pulling it toward him. Taylor watched as he placed the tool against his palm and jumped a little feeling a sting.
"What did you just do?" Taylor asked noticing that he ignored his question.
"Please lay down on your stomach." Rotcod directed as Taylor turned and laid down flat on the table.
"Now turn your head away and look at the wall." Rotcod instructed as Taylor crinkled his eyebrows but did as he wanted. Taylor felt him lift his hair by the back of his neck.
"This might hurt you a little. I am going to take a sample of fluid from the back of your brain. Just stay very still." Rotcod commanded noticing that the young one shivered a little.
"Why?" Taylor asked feeling scared.
"I want to examine the DNA from it." Rotcod answered wishing this creature didn't ask so many questions. He carefully brought the tool to the back of his head and placed his hand over the side holding the young one's head firmly to the table. He injected the probe in as gently as he could.
"Ahhhh.... please... that hur..hurts." Taylor groaned biting his bottom lip as tears filled his eyes.
Rotcod tried to quickly finish the procedure knowing that he was more sensative to pain then their kind was. He could feel the young one start to shake. He carefully pulled out the probe happy that he got what he needed.
"I feel so dizzy." Taylor rasped sucking in a deep breath of air.
"Just lie still. I know that was painful. I'm sorry but I had to do it." Rotcod cooed placing his hand over the area healing the small wound. Taylor sighed feeling the soothing warmth and closed his eyes.
"Can you sit up now Taylor?" He asked watching him slowly sit up and noticing he looked a little pale.
"Is that all you want?" Taylor asked hoping it was as he licked his lips wishing he could have a drink of water.
"Yes my Taylor. Thank you for being cooperative." Rotcod crooned becoming more intrigued with him cocking his head.
"I'm thristy. I could really use a drink of water." Taylor mumbled watching him walk over to a odd looking piece of machinery. He placed the sample he took from him on top of it closing the lid.
"You can put on the covering now. What does thristy mean?" Rotcod asked as he noticed the young one smiled at him as he put back on his upper covering.
"Well our kind need liquids." Taylor answered watching the being turning into a shade of light yellow.
"I have to say that you are a very interesting being my Taylor. You are a lot like us yet you are still so different in many ways." He exclaimed watching Taylor get off the table.
"I guess we feel the same about you. Interesting I mean." Taylor smiled walking toward the door wanting to get back to his brothers.
"I may need you again. Okay?" Rotcod informed him watching him nod and didn't look really to happy about it.

Taylor walked quickly back to the room where his brothers were. He walked in noticing that everyone was sitting around the room as if they were waiting for him.
"Well? How did it go?" Zac asked looking up at him smiling.
"He took some samples from me and that's about it. I didn't like the one he took from the back of my head though. That one hurt." Taylor explained rubbing the back of his neck gingerly as he sat down in between Mayte and Demi.
"I just hope he finds something to help our Nadroj." Mayte droned softly feeling a yearning for her young one. Demi looked over at her lovingly understanding her need.
"I know it is the red light. Something is not right with it." Taylor said again looking off into the distance and then closed his eyes seeing Nadroj again and noticed he was awake with tears flowing down his face.
"He's awake. He's crying. As one Nadroj! As one." Taylor exclaimed seeing Nadroj nod and smile through the pain. Taylor felt determined to help his friend after all that he did for him when he was in need of him during the time of his capture with the Faction.

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