The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 4 - Can You Help Us? - Continued

Taylor rolled onto his side as he opened his eyes and smiled seeing Zac looking down at him.
"Hi Zac."
"Feeling better?" Zac asked smiling back still feeling concerned for him.
"Yeah. Those energy bolts really wore me out." Taylor answered slowly sitting up and felt Nadroj was now in some kind of sleeping state. He turned and flipped his legs down to the floor.
"You have been sleeping for at least five hours. Ike is with the others upstairs. That doctor fellow is here with them." Zac grumbled with distain, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back into his chair.
"What does he seem like?" Taylor asked curiously wanting to know.
"I don't especially like him to much. He seems like he thinks he is above everyone around him." Zac said standing up.
"I guess we should get up there. I would like to see this being myself." Taylor exclaimed standing up noticing he felt a lot better.
"Yeah... I was suppose to bring you, so he can meet you. Que taught him our language so we can communicate with him. I'm warning you Tay...you are not going to like him to much." Zac smiled as they both left the room going up the stairs. As they entered they noticed everyone looked frustrated and a little angry.
"My Taylor. I want you to meet Rotcod." Neque expressed watching Taylor look toward him with a frown covering his face.
"So this is the young one that is apart of Nadroj?" Rotcod asked stepping up in front of him as the young one looked up at him boldly.
"Hello sir." Taylor greeted him not liking how he was staring at him as he backed up a little away from him.
"Hello young one. The eye color is exact." Rotcod said watching the young one cast his eyes up and down.
"Can you help us?" Taylor asked swallowing hard when Rotcod put his hands upon his head gently making him jump. He felt him enter his mind.
"I just want to see something. Just stand still." He instructed searching and examining his mind.
"What are you looking for?" Taylor asked curiously searching this being's eyes.
"To see the differences between us and your kind." Rotcod informed him and then stopped feeling awed by his structure.
"Well anything special or different?" Ike asked feeling a little annoyed by him.
"Well your makeup is different but there are similarities between you and us my young ones. This is very interesting, but I have to look at the evidence of both Nadroj and this one. Do you have the information?" Rotcod asked looking at Neque becoming deeply fascinated with these creatures. His curiosity was getting the best of him as he grew into a light golden shade liking the challenge that was now placed before him.
"Yes we have Taylor's total physical and DNA structure in safe keeping. It is what the Faction took from him during his capture with them. And we do have the same kind of records on Nadroj also. Haelz will show you to the room where you can get set up for your studies. If you find anything interesting please come to me right away. I want to know about any piece of information that you can find of why Nadroj's powers are growing out of control and the reason why he can't seem to balance the energy out." Neque declared seriously looking into his eyes. He bowed his head in respect for her.
"Yes my wise one. I may need Tay...lor's presence as I look into this. I will call him when I need him." Rotcod said noticing the young one's face fell into a frown.
"Yes. Please get started as soon as possible. Time is of the essense in this matter." Neque answered watching him follow Haelz out of the room.
Taylor sat down next to Ike feeling very uncomfortable.
"Do you really think he can help us Que?" Taylor asked not liking the idea of dealing with Rotcod in any way.
"I know he seems bold and stubborn but he knows what he is doing. He may not like Nadroj but I know he finds him interesting at the same time. He enjoys solving problems when it comes to sickness and health. He has saved many of us over the years." Neque explained squatting down in front of Taylor and Ike.
Taylor nodded his head sadly when he could feel that Nadroj was waking up. He sucked in a deep shaking breath feeling his agony again.
"He's awake again." Zac exclaimed sensing it through his brother. Taylor looked at Zac who sat in a chair across from him and nodded his head.
"Que? Did you tell Rot...Rot..cod about the red light that I saw?" Taylor asked gluping hard.
"Not just yet my Taylor. I want him to analyse and understand the body structures of both of you first. Then he can begin to try to solve what the problem is." Neque crooned softly as she reached out and ran her finger down the side of his right cheek lovingly.
"I feel it is important. That light shouldn't be there. For some reason I know that." Taylor said looking into her eyes deeply.

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