The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 4 - Can You Help Us?

Mayte shifted waiting with Haelz to speak with Rotcod in his lower spiral home on the edge of the city. She didn't like this idea that Neque wanted his help. She remembered how he disliked her young one.
Haelz looked off into the distance wishing he would talk to them soon. She grew into a light shade of blue sensing he was making them wait on purpose.
"What is he doing?" Mayte moaned looking up at Haelz who turned to look at her.
"He said he was taking care of the old one who was here before us. I wish he would finish soon." Haelz answered feeling angry.
"He doesn't really like me to much. I can sense that. He blames me for bringing another malformed being into the world. I do not understand why Neque wants his help!" Mayte exclaimed when they both jumped seeing Rotcod enter the room where he had them wait. He looked at them and nodded as they stood up and followed him into another room. He flipped his hand out indicating for them to sit down.
"What is my Mayte and Haelz?" Rotcod said in a impatient tone of voice.
Haelz looked boldly into his eyes not wanting him to imtimidate her.
"We need your help my wiseone." Haelz stated giving him respect for his position on their world.
"And what may I ask do you need me for?" Rotcod smuggly asked looking toward Mayte noticing she was in a shade of light blue.
"It is for my Nadroj. His powers are growing against him and..." Mayte began.
"I told you he would be trouble to our people. I know about what is going on with him right now. He is out there disrupting the balance of the tides! I don't really think I can help. He is what I said he was......a mistake!" Rotcod bellowed growing angry at them for even coming to him.
"He is NOT a mistake my Rotcod! He is the new race of our kind!" Mayte countered back feeling disgusted by his arrogance.
"The young ones from the different world are here with us now and Neque requests your help in this matter!" Haelz boldly stated noticing he grew into a shade of blue as he started to pace.
"She does? I don't see how I can be of any help. I do not understand his genetic makeup. He should have never existed in the first place. That young one with the blue eyes should help him then." Rotcod answered hating the idea that Neque, their oldest, wanted his help.
"You can not refuse the wiseone my Rotcod. You must try even if you feel that Nadroj is not special to us. We have all the information about his genetic makeup. There is a mystery here that maybe you can solve my Rotcod." Mayte hissed trying to take control of her emotions.
"It could prove to be interesting. I would really like to know why the two became as one. I don't see the connection between the young one and Nadroj. And I would like to meet these creatures from the different world." Rotcod expressed thinking this could prove to be a challenge in which to prove finally that Nadroj was not what they thought him to be. He felt strongly in his heart that Nadroj was just as much a mistake as the Faction was.
"Then you agree to help us my Rotcod?" Mayte asked feeling unsure of his intentions but knew that Neque for some reason wanted him to help to slove the mystery of why her young one was out of control.
"Yes. I could never refuse my Neque anything, even though this time I think she is wrong about her belief that Nadroj is special among our kind." He answered sensing their anger toward him but he didn't really care.
"Then come with us now." Haelz stated as Mayte and her stood watching him stop and turn.
"I will be there soon. I want to gather what I need first." Rotcod informed them and nodded his head in respect as they did the same.
"Thank you." Mayte answered quickly walking out of the room with Haelz just behind her.
Mayte walked out of the home still feeling upset as Haelz sensed her feelings.
"I can't stand him. I hate it that he disproves of my young one!" Mayte groaned as they walked down the golden cobbled streets back toward Neque's spiral home that was in the distance.
"Don't let him get to you my Mayte. That is what he wants." Haelz crooned softly wishing she could somehow comfort her mate.
"It's just the way he looks at me. My Nadroj is my joy!" Mayte exclaimed as she looked into Haelz's violet eyes that were filled with understanding.
"Just remember that in your heart. Maybe this will teach him how special our Nadroj really is as he helps to solve this sickness in him." Haelz said seeing Mayte grow into a light golden shade.
"That is true. I would love to see him know that he was wrong about him." Mayte stated feeling better again.

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