The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 3 - The Reasons Why - Continued

Saber gently pushed his head against him wanting him to stand up. Taylor tried to sit up sensing Saber's concern.
"I can't stand Saber. Please help me. I have to get back to the city." Taylor mumbled softly as he noticed that Saber suddenly layed down next to him and bowed his head.
Taylor turned slowly and grabbed onto the back of Saber's neck and tried desperately to get on his back but only found the strength to lean against him. Saber grunted and started to stand as Taylor gripped onto his neck as his body hung off to the left side of him.
"Saber? I can't get on! I'm feel so weak." Taylor said fearfully when suddenly Saber dropped quickly and then stood up again moving to the left toward him. Taylor's body swung into the air and then dropped heavily onto his back. Taylor groaned slightly and smiled. Saber felt Taylor's legs drop down on each side as the boy's head rested on the back of his head. He began walking quickly feeling assured that Taylor was now securely on his back. Taylor drifted off to sleep feeling totally exhusted and sore.

Demi bolted into Neque's home seeing Ike and Zac looking worried. They both looked up wondering why Demi was looking fearful.
"Demi? Where is Tay?" Zac asked anixously sensing Demi's fear.
"I'm sorry my young ones. He was sucked into a rip when I took him to the Land of the Barren to talk with him earlier. He needs our help! Please come with me now!" Demi demanded stepping up next to them.
"How? Why?" Ike rasped when Neque entered the room wondering what was going on.
"Nadroj's uncontrolled powers opened a rip and Taylor was sucked in. I couldn't stop it from happening." Demi explained bowing his head feeling ashamed.
"It was foretold in the book of Serpow that he would do that. He is not in there anymore my Demi. Please calm down. I see him with Saber. We must go to him." Neque crooned in a soothing voice as she rubbed Demi's back lovingly wanting to comfort him.
"Is he alright?" Zac asked fearfully pulling some hair behind his left ear with his fingertips nervously.
"Saber is heading toward the city with Taylor on his back. He seems to be okay." Neque stated sending a link of the image to Ike and Zac so they could see.
"Let's go!" Ike demanded noticing that Taylor wasn't awake.
Neque and Demi opened a rip into the balance taking Zac and Ike with them. They traveled quickly popping into a area just a few feet in front of Saber. Saber grunted watching them run up to him.
"Taylor?" Ike shouted coming up on Saber's right side. The Noil carefully laid down onto the ground as Ike gently reached his arms around his brother pulling him off and laying him onto the ground. Zac kneeled down next to Taylor on the other side and softly touched his brothers pale looking face.
"Tay?" Zac murmured as he looked up at Ike with concern.
Taylor moaned turning his head toward Ike as Neque and Demi stood behind him.
"Where?" Taylor rasped trying to clear his vision as he blinked rapidly still feeling exhusted.
"Are you okay?" Ike whispered touching his brother's arm.
"Nodrow? He's....he's....." Taylor began swallowing hard feeling his dry throat as he looked tearfully up at his brothers.
"Just take it easy. We are going to bring you back to Que's home now." Ike informed him when Demi moved forward and bent down lifting Taylor into his arms. Neque opened the rip into time again. They all approached the opening when Saber suddenly grunted loudly wanting to go with them.
"Sorry Saber. You can't go with us. Don't worry. You'll be seeing Taylor again soon." Zac crooned petting Saber between the eyes trying to comfort him. Zac heard him start to make a purring like sound as if he was letting Zac know that he understood. Zac smiled up at him when Neque took his hand pulling him into the rip.

Demi gently laid Taylor down onto his bed still feeling concerned. He put his hand over Taylor's forehead lovingly, watching the young one cast his eyes up toward him.
"I saw something." Taylor said as they all bent in around him.
"Saw something?" Ike asked wanting to know what his brother meant.
"When I was next to Nodrow I saw a strange red light just behind his head." Taylor exclaimed reaching out and touching Demi's arm gently.
"Why is that important Tay?" Zac asked curiously wondering what his brother was getting at.
"Somehow....I know it shouldn't have been there. It was so weird. Everytime a stream of energy came out of him this red light would grow larger." Taylor said crinkling his eyebrows together as he tried to sit up, but still couldn't find the strength. Demi gently pushed him down onto the bed.
"Just rest my Taylor. Don't try to sit up." Demi asserted wanting him to take it easy knowing and sensing his weakness.
"That is very strange." Neque mumbled with concern thinking deeply.
"Where is Mayte and Haelz?" Demi asked suddenly wondering where his mates were.
"I told them early this morning to bring Rotcod here. I feel that he would help to solve what is wrong with our Nadroj." Neque answered noticing that Demi turned into a light blue shade.
"Who's he?" Taylor asked wondering whey Demi did not look to happy about it.
"He is what you would call a doctor on your world, my Taylor. Rotcod is the last being I want to get involved in this situation though. He never liked my sweet Nadroj." Demi explained bowing his head sadly.
"Why?" Ike asked looking at Demi curiously as he sat down near Taylor's feet on the bed.
"He always felt that he was like the Faction. That he was a malformed creature like them." Demi grumbled looking up toward Neque.
"But he is the only one right now who may have some answers my Emitforecnalab. I know how much you dislike him. I don't really appreciate him either. Nadroj is our future and hope for our world. He just can't see that." Neque added noticing the young ones were listening intently.
"I don't like this. Are you sure he can help?" Taylor asked gluping hard as he ran his hand through the front of his hair shakingly.
"You just go sleep now my young one. Your body needs complete rest for awhile." Neque said lovingly as she gently led his brothers and Demi out of the room. Taylor watched as he looked up at the crystal ceiling feeling scared. He slowly and fitfully fell asleep.

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