The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 3 - The Reasons Why

Demi looked down at the three sleeping young ones with love filling his heart. He thought back to the time they first met. He remembered how scared they all were at first, and then how they became great friends. He noticed that Taylor was waking up and squatted down near him.

"My Taylor?" Demi whispered as Taylor yawned and smiled up at him.
"Hi Demi." Taylor murmured quietly and stretched his body as he sat up slowly.
"I want you to come with me." Demi pleaded in a shade of light blue seeing him standing up and looked around the room.
"Where Demi?" Taylor asked looking down at his brothers thinking he should wake them up.
"No. Just you my Taylor. I want to discuss something with you." Demi said watching the young one's face grow into a look of concern.
"Uhhh... okay." Taylor answered taking Demi's hand that he offered him to take hold of. He led Taylor quietly out of the room into the hallway.
"I want to take you to the place where we last said our goodbyes." Demi declared opening a rip with Taylor following sensing he wanted to be alone and that it had something to do with Nadroj. They both passed through into the tides of time as Taylor held onto his hand tightly. After a few minutes they came out by the complex in the lost land. Taylor was stunned at the beauty that surrounded them. All life grew back since the last time.
"It's beautiful. Everything is so rich in color and..." Taylor began.
"Yes it is my Taylor. I wanted to talk to you alone my young one." Demi expressed looking down at him with love.
"Is it about Nodrow?" Taylor gluped blinking slowly with a questioning face. He noticed that he could still feel that Nadroj was with him. He could see that he was resting but the energy was still out of control.
"Yes my Taylor. I fear for him." Demi sadly bowed his head with his body in a shade of blue.
"I do too. I wish I could see him. I feel him so much." Taylor added feeling the yearning deep within him.
"His powers are still growing and he can't control it. If it continues the balance of time and space will start to disrupt again. And then we have no idea where he should go to keep safe until we can find a answer to the problem." Demi explained as Taylor cast his eyes down nodding his head indicating that he understood.
"I just don't know how to help him and neither do my brothers. I feel so helpless. I don't understand the reason why this is happening to him." Taylor said swallowing hard as he sat down on a large rock and ran his hand nervously through his hair. Demi squatted down taking Taylor's hands into his.
"It will be you and your brothers that will solve this mystery my Taylor. Maybe right now you don't know but the book has foretold it." Demi said as Taylor licked his lips darting his eyes from side to side.
"If I could only see him." Taylor mumbled under his breath when he suddenly jumped feeling Nadroj's fear again.
"He is awake?" Demi asked sensing that he knew.
"Yes. He..he is afraid. I wish..." Taylor sighed with saddness filling him when they both heard a odd hissing sound to the right of them. They both stood up fearfully seeing a rip forming in the area.
"It must be Nadroj. There is no one coming through." Demi stated sadly as the rip into time still remained open near them.
"You mean he is near?" Taylor asked looking at the rip sadly.
"Yes this is where he entered when he had to leave this world so he wouldn't destroy or hurt us." Demi expressed sadly watching Taylor who was still staring at the rip. Taylor slowly started to walk toward it.
"Nodrow? Please don't be afraid. We will slove what is going on with you." Taylor exclaimed when he suddenly had the urge to go into the rip.
"Taylor? No! Stay away..." Demi yelled with fear raging through his heart.
"But I just want to see him!" Taylor moaned with tears welling in his eyes as Demi took a step forward but was to afraid to go any closer.
"Please my young one I beg of you not to go. It is too dangerous..." Demi pleaded growing into a shade of green. Taylor turned to look at Demi and then back at the rip. He moved closer and could feel a sucking sensation on his body. Taylor then tried to move back but couldn't.
"I..I can't move. I have to go in." Taylor exclaimed fearfully as he was being drawn forward against his will. He swallowed hard with Demi starting to rock his body watching helplessly.
"No my Taylor! I have to get help. I shouldn't have brought you here! Taylor?" Demi shouted watching the young one who was now right next to the rip.
"I..I..." Taylor groaned when his body was suddenly sucked in.
"TAYLOR!?" Demi screamed out in fear watching the rip close completely. He bolted forward and helplessly stared into the distance. He knew he had to get help as he turned and opened a rip into the balance to go back to the others.

Taylor spun in a circle feeling a great power tingling against his skin.
"Have to..." Taylor sucked in a deep breath trying desperately to take control and reached into himself bringing out his powers like Nadroj taught him from the last time. He felt the spinning sensation stop noticing rainbow like colors swirled around his body.
"I did it!" Taylor exclaimed as he swallowed hard when he could see a form of light some distance away. He knew it had to be Nadroj.
"No my Taylor! Please stay away from me! Don't come any closer." Nadroj warned in a fearful sounding voice.
"But I am okay Nodrow. Where are you? I need to see you!" Taylor pleaded looking around him not knowing where to go or how to escape this area of time.
"You don't understand the power that is forming within me. I can't control it Taylor! You must leave." Nadroj bellowed with tears sounding in his voice.
"How do I get out? I don't see where to leave." Taylor answered when a pulling sensation took hold of him drawing him toward the distant light.
"I don't want to cause you harm my Taylor. Oh no!" Nadroj moaned in agony as he saw Taylor moving toward him. He closed his eyes concentrating to stop the power that was pulling the young one close to him.
Taylor tried to pull back but the force was to strong. He started to shake with fear overwhelming him. He knew now this was a mistake when a energy force slammed into him painfully on his left side.
"Ahhhhh... don't! NO!" Taylor screamed flinging his arms out in front of him. His body stopped when he saw Nadroj only a few feet away from him. He sucked in a breath seeing the rainbow lights spinning around his friend in all directions. He was awed and scared at the same time. He reached out his arm as tears sprang to his eyes seeing that Nadroj was in extreme agony. Nadroj looked into his eyes that were dripping with tears.
"Oh my Taylor." Nadroj groaned feeling like he wanted to reach out and grab him.
"Nodrow? I'm sorry. How do I help you?" Taylor asked when another bolt of energy hit him on his lower back making him writhe in pain. He drew in a deep breath and then noticed a strange red light just behind Nadroj's head.
"I have to somehow get you out of here my Taylor." Nadroj exclaimed not wanting to see the young one get hurt due to him. He closed his eyes and with all the strength he had within him he cast a energy toward Taylor and pushed him back from him.
Taylor jumped feeling the power moving him away. The bolts of energy screamed around him as if they were protesting this power that was pushing him backwards.
"Wait Nodrow! Please... I saw something that is..." Taylor screamed as the bolts around him kept striking against his body causing him intense pain. He started to grow tired and just let the force carry him knowing that Nadroj was only protecting him. Taylor turned and saw a opening forming and reached out desperately toward it knowing it was his escape. He dropped onto the ground heavily sucking in deep breaths of air. He couldn't move feeling totally exhusted. It felt as though he was beaten from head to toe. He looked up with tears in his eyes and then laid his head back down on the ground closing his eyes trying to overcome the weakness that he felt raging through him. He jumped when he felt something gently licking his face and heard a grunting sound. He rolled slowly over onto his back and looked up into the sweet face of Saber.
"Saber?" Taylor mumbled weakly and raised his right arm feeling it ache as he touched Saber's nose. He looked around him and saw that Demi was not in the area.

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