The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 2 - Trip Into Time - Continued

They came through the dimensional balance into their world carrying the young ones who were shivering from the cold of the tides. Demi gently placed Taylor down onto a chair as Taylor grabbed his blanket and brought it up to his chin. He watched Neque and Haelz put his brothers down onto chairs also.
"Dang! I forgot how cold it is in there." Taylor exclaimed noticing his brothers felt the same way.
"You brought us clothes? Right?" Zac asked looking up at Haelz who grew into a yellow shade feeling amused.
"Of course my young one. Mayte grabbed some for you. We know how important it is that you need to cover up your delicate bodies." Haelz pointed as Mayte dropped the nap sack in front of him.
"I hope you grabbed the right stuff." Zac said as he shivered slightly and grabbed the sack zipping it open to look inside. He sighed seeing that she grabbed some jeans, shirts and socks.
"Did I do okay?" Mayte asked cocking her head as Zac smiled up at her.
"Actually yeah....but you forgot one thing. Our SHOES!" Zac announced as his brothers chuckled.
"Well we don't need them right away Zac. We can get them later." Taylor said when he noticed that Neque was standing near a stand on the other side of the room.
"Yeah I guess." Zac stated when he wondered what Taylor was looking at and turned around seeing Neque looking at a book. He recognized it remembering it was the book of Serpow.
"What does it say? What is it showing?" Ike asked curiously as everyone looked wanting to know also.
"Not much more then what I read earlier. But it shows a drawing of Taylor with Nadroj in the tides." Neque exclaimed walking up to Taylor and squatted down in front of him. Taylor swallowed hard blinking away some tears remembering Nadroj's pain.
"You are the answer my young one. I want to ask if you have any idea why this is happening to him my Taylor." Neque asked looking into his confused eyes.
"I really don't know. I don't see the reason." Taylor mumbled fearfully when suddenly he jerked feeling a energy stream rip through his head. He grabbed his forehead feeling pain.
"Tay?" Ike jumped up dropping his covers and ran over to him.
"I....I feel him. Pain....no. I can't." Taylor moaned with tears welling in his eyes.
"Are you alright?" Zac asked squatting down next to Neque.
"Yeah...he is releasing the hold. He doesn't want to...to hurt me." Taylor rasped with his voice cracking with anguish. He looked tearfully at Ike who frowned and rubbed his brother's leg trying to comfort him.
"Don't worry Tay. We will solve this. We won't leave here till we find out why Nodrow is sick." Ike boldly expressed when Neque ran her hand through his hair on the back of his head.
"There is so much goodness inside of you my Ike. That is why I love you so much." Neque cooed as Ike blushed slightly casting his eyes downward shyly.
Suddenly they all heard a hooting sound which made them jump. Ike stood up as his heart raced looking around remembering that sweet sound.
"Lucky?!" Ike shouted out searching for the Nettik. Lucky came bounding out from the hallway with Ike holding his arms out as the Nettik flew into his arms purring as Ike kissed him on the head.
"How are you little guy?" Ike asked smiling with joy not realizing how much he missed this little creature, after not seeing him for at least seven months in their time.
"He is doing fine. I take good care of him and Saber." Haelz exclaimed proudly noticing Taylor suddenly cracked a smile.
"Saber? Oh man I want to see him too!" Taylor exclaimed with Demi glowing golden liking to see him smile.
"You will my young one. Don't worry." Mayte crooned softly running her finger gently down his cheek as he looked up at her.

Nadroj floated limply in the tides watching his Taylor. He felt joy knowing he was close. He yearned to reach out again but knew he only brought on pain with the connection. He hated watching the bolts of energy that kept flying off his body. He knew that the powers were growing and he still couldn't seem to take control of them. He feared for his people. It was only a matter of time when this energy would start causing the rips to start to rock off balance. He only hoped they could find the reason before it was to late. He closed his eyes seeing his sweet Taylor in the wiseone's house.
"I love you my Taylor. You are my only hope." He screamed into the rips that was now his only safe haven.

Taylor sensed that Nadroj was with him. He got dressed and walked to the window looking out at the intense blue sky. His brothers were eating breakfast but he just wasn't hungry and needed to be alone for awhile. They understood including his alien friends. He sat down on a crystal chair that was next to the window and ran his hand through his hair thinking deeply about the situation. He wondered what it was in him that he seemed to pass on through the genes that could have caused this disruption in his friend.
"I'm here Nodrow. I won't leave until you are well again. If you can hear me... I love you!" Taylor thought looking out the window again as he took a deep breath.
"As ONE my Taylor!"
Taylor jumped and smiled feeling just a tinge of pain as Nadroj quickly shouted out to him in his mind letting him know that he heard him.
"Yes As ONE!" Taylor smiled with tears welling in his eyes as he watched some lavender colored clouds drift along the sky.

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