The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 2 - Trip Into Time

Taylor slept fitfully having bad dreams about Nadroj. He jerked awake when he felt a presence looking down at him and sucked in a sharp breath looking into gentle violet eyes.
"Demi?" Taylor whispered as he felt a hand gently caress his forehead.
"Yes my Taylor. We need you and your brothers help. We have come for you." Demi crooned softly lifting Taylor up into his arms with his covers still on top of him. Taylor nodded and put his arms around Demi's neck still feeling groggy from sleeping.

Neque petted Ike's head softly watching his eyes flutter open as he jumped looking up at her. She lifted him off the bed wrapping the blankets around him and turned walking up next to Demi who held Taylor in his arms.
"Que? What are you..." Ike asked stopping as he watched Mayte grabbing a bunch of their clothes and stuffing them into a nap sack.

Haelz lifted Zac with his covers around him, who was still sleeping, into her arms when he jerked awake taking in a sharp breath.
"Hazel? You scared me." Zac moaned rubbing his eyes trying to wake up wondering what was going on. She carried him over to her friends who had the other two young ones.

"It's Nodrow isn't it? He contacted me." Taylor whispered as Demi nodded his head looking sad.
"We are sorry for disturbing you at this time but you must come with us. He needs you." Neque explained as Ike reached his arm around her neck.
"We understand... but aren't you going to tell our parents?" Ike asked looking into her deep violet eyes.
"He hears us and is coming to your room right now." Neque chuckled glowing in a light shade of gold. They all turned still holding onto the young ones when their door slowly opened as Walker stepped inside.
"What the?" Walker exclaimed looking at his sons and their alien friends. He saw a rip in the center of the room that was open.
"Dad? We have to go with them. It's for Nodrow's sake. Please don't get mad." Taylor said as Walker smiled weakly looking at Neque.
"I understand. Weren't you going to tell me that you were taking my sons?" Walker asked curiously.
"I knew you would come. I woke you and made you come here." Neque explained feeling amused at the look on Walker's face.
"Oh... well... do you want me to go too?" Walker asked with concern, looking at Neque then at Demi.
"Not this time my Walker. They will be fine. They won't be in any danger. They hold the answer to Nadroj's sickness. It is his human side that is causing him to lose control of his powers. You see...."
"Que? We know. Nodrow reached out to me earlier today. I know he can't take control of his powers. I knew you would come for us sooner or later. We all did." Taylor said cutting her off. She glowed golden looking into his blue eyes as he cast them up and down smiling.
"Thank you for wanting to help us." Mayte moaned still feeling the saddness for her precious son.
"Well you have done so much for us. It is only right that we should help you in your time of need. We love you guys so much. All you have to do is ask. We will always be there for you!" Zac exclaimed as his brothers nodded in agreement.
"How long will you need my sons? Remember if you need me in any way just ask." Walker said smiling at them as they walked toward the rip.
"We don't know how long this will take, but we will be in contact with you to let you know what is going on." Demi answered as Walker nodded and watched them as they went into the rips taking his boys with them. He watched as the rip closed and then said a prayer that Nadroj would be okay. He cared about them very much for all they did for his sons when they needed them the most. In his heart he felt like Nadroj was like another son to him knowing how close he was to Taylor.

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