The Ties That Bind Them


Taylor waved to the crowd of screaming fans as his brothers toured the world once again. He ran off the stage into the darkness breathing deeply as he was handed a towel and wiped off the sweat feeling happy. He saw his brothers smiling knowing that they had put on another great show. He was glad that they were going home to Tulsa to relax for awhile before they would hit the road again.

Lyshel sat up feeling Nadroj stir in his sleep again and noticed that Nueral was doing the same. They looked down at their mate hearing him calling out to Taylor in his dreams.
"He is calling for him again. Why is he calling out Taylor's name?" Lyshel asked feeling scared.
"I don't know why my Lyshel." Nueral answered sadly looking down at him as called out his name again.

He held Taylor's limp body in his arms as he rocked him back and forth feeling a overwhelming grief enter his heart and soul. He couldn't lose him. He knew he would only want to die if his Taylor left him.

Suddenly he bolted up as he woke up with tears flowing down his face and saw his mates looking up at him with fearful eyes.
"What is wrong my Nadroj?" Lyshel asked wanting to know what he was dreaming about.
"It is the future I am seeing. But it won't take place for awhile yet...." Nadroj told them bowing his head sadly. He knew that someday the dreaded nightmare would come to pass and he fearfully wondered if he could help his Taylor. Would he be there for him before it happened? Only time would tell.

The End

Go read the sequel called: ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Yep! Once again another sequel in the stories called: Three Minds As One, Color Of Blue, The Ties That Bind Them, and now Only Time Will Tell!

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