The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 27 - The Bonding Of Love - Continued

Taylor sat on a hill that was on the out skirts of the city as the sounds of the celebration filled the air behind him. He looked out into the distance taking into memory the events that took place in the last few days. He smiled thinking it was kind of Neque to make sure that food was there for his family and Don at the bonding celebration. He loved the party with the how the aliens gathered together giving gifts of friendship and good wishes to the bonded three who accepted them with humility as the people then mingled among the crowd throwing flowers and having conversation with their neighbors and friends. It was interesting he thought as he remembered chatting with some other people of their kind finding out more how they lived. Suddenly he thought he heard a familiar humming sound that broke his train of thought knowing it was coming up in front of him in the darkness. He sat up straight and then saw the large creature lumbering toward him.
"Saber!" Taylor shouted and then ran toward the Noil as he hummed even louder when Taylor rushed up in front of him and hugged his head petting him in between his eyes.
"Where have you been? I was so worried about you." Taylor smiled looking up into Saber's large green eyes, which blinked at him contently as he pushed his head into Taylor's chest feeling content that he found him again.
"Well you're looking good. I will be going home soon again, but don't worry I will see you again Saber." Taylor cooed and then turned seeing Zac and Ike coming up behind him.
"Hey Saber! How ya doing big fellow?" Zac shouted as Saber hummed and then rubbed up against Zac pushing him backwards as Zac fell to the ground on his butt when the Noil leaned over him.
"Hey not so hard there, huh?" Zac laughed looking up into his eyes.
"Guess he is just glad to see you also." Taylor chuckled smiling at him and then reached out his hand helping his brother up off the ground. Saber sniffed the air and then cautiously approached Isaac wondering if it was really him and not the creature again that hurt his Taylor.
"It's me Saber. Really it is! I am not that red fake like before." Isaac smiled sensing why Saber was suspicious of him. He then noticed that he started to hum and then cocked his head as Ike reached out and rubbed his hand across his nose.
"He sure is huge now. I think he grew some more since the last time we saw him." Zac attested grinning up at Saber.
"Yeah and he is a beauty too!" Taylor laughed when Walker stepped up and looked at his sons.
"I was wondering where you guys took off too." Walker said and then looked up at the night sky loving the view of the stars and the two moons. He could see it was a clear night as far as the eye could see.
"Sorry Dad. I was just thinking about things and then Saber found me." Taylor stated scratching Saber on the side of head lovingly noticing that he seemed to like it as he pushed gently into his hand wanting more.
"Well Que said in about a few minutes Nodrow is going to bring us back home. I do miss your mother. I feel like we have been away for a year after all this trouble." Walker sighed and turned around knowing in a way he would miss this world that became apart of his life now.
"Yeah we feel like that too. I can't wait to get back home and get back into our music again." Isaac said walking up next to his father.
"Oh Taylor? Nodrow wants to see you." Walker told him as Taylor rose up his eyebrows in question.
"Where is he?"
"He is by the hill over there." Walker said pointing in the direction where he knew Nadroj was waiting. He watched as Taylor ran toward the hill.
"What does he want to see Tay for?" Zac asked.
"I think he wants to just be alone with him for a few minutes." Walker said stuffing his hands into his pockets and looked down at the ground.
"Where's Don? I bet he is still with Rotcod talking about medical procedures again." Ike chuckled when he father nodded smiling.
"Yep. The man is obsessed with their technology." Walker laughed shaking his head.

"Nodrow?" Taylor asked looking around wondering where he was when he stepped out in front of him.
"I want to be with you for a little longer my Taylor. I will miss you." Nadroj rasped as Taylor looked up at him searching his eyes.
"Just keep in touch with me. I will always be there for you." Taylor assured him casting his eyes up and down slowly.
"I will my Taylor. I have a new life now. Neque will pass her leadership onto me. I will guide our people from now on." Nadroj explained smiling as he gently ran his fingertip down Taylor's right cheek lovingly.
"But what will she do now?"
"She will always be there to help anyone who has problems and she is the keeper of the Book of Serpow. Her dreams are always of importance to our kind. She sees the future as well as the book." Nadroj explained blinking slowly.
"Hey tell that book to stop making trouble for us. Okay?" Taylor laughed as did Nadroj getting his drift.
"Yes I will tell that book to stop doing that. Just leave us alone for at least awhile." Nadroj chuckled with tears misting in his eyes thinking how much he loved his Taylor.
"When are you going to take us home? I hate to leave you because I always feel every…" Taylor began swallowing hard.
"Yes I know what you mean. I feel everything you feel. Our souls are as one and always will be that way. In a way I am glad. I will always sense when you need me." Nadroj rasped with emotion filling his voice. Taylor nodded agreeing with him.
"I hope you and your mates have lots of young ones." Taylor smiled as Nadroj lovingly nodded and then cocked his head.
"You will be apart of them too my Taylor. Every child will have your DNA within them." Nadroj said petting Taylor's hair back from his forehead seeing Taylor close his eyes from the touch of hand.
"That's true. It is like they will be my children too in a way." Taylor expressed in a soft voice opening his eyes and looking up at him.
"I love you Taylor. I can't even find the words to say how much I do." Nadroj rasped with tears filling his eyes. He saw that Taylor too had tears flood his eyes as he darted them back and forth licking his lips not knowing what to say.
"I… I feel the same way." Taylor smiled sniffing trying to hold back his emotions not wanting to cry.
"Well... I will now take all of you back home again. Your family must miss you very much." Nadroj mumbled and then saw Taylor's father and brothers walking up to them.
"He is going to take us back now. Did you say goodbye to the others?" Taylor asked seeing Isaac nod his head.
"Yeah we did. That is why Zac and I came looking for you. We are ready to go but where is that Don?" Isaac asked grinning at his brothers.
"I will tell Demi to bring him here." Nadroj stated and sent forth his message to his paternal mate through his mind.


"But how do you…?" Don began to ask when Rotcod handed him some papers.
"It is explained in here. Everything I taught you and more. Now please my friend no more questions." Rotcod demanded feeling a little exasperated by the human's constant curiousity. He saw Don smile and take the information.
"Thank you Rotcod. I'm sorry if I was being to pushy about things but I find your technology very interesting and it could help the people on my world." Don apologized as Rotcod glowed in a yellow shade feeling amused.
"It is alright my friend. I understand. If you ever have any questions just contact the young ones and then Nadroj will ask me what you are curious about. I am very glad that I have met you and you too have taught me a great deal about the human structure. It made me realize how foolish my thoughts were of Nadroj and I thank you for that." Rotcod expressed as Don took his hand and shook it noticing that he looked suddenly confused by the gesture.
"That is a hand shake and just wanting to thank you for understanding. Well I guess I should go find Walker and his sons because I think we are going home very soo…"
"My Don it is time to go. Nadroj just informed me that they are waiting for you." Demi cut in as Don nodded his head and stood up. He followed Demi and saw Walker standing next to his sons.
"Sorry for not coming sooner I was just…."
"We know. Talking with Rotcod!" Zac laughed as Don smiled at him pushing up his glasses.
"Yep and I got a lot of stuff from him too! This is great!" Don gushed with joy clutching onto the papers that were given to him.

"Well we better be going now." Taylor said smiling when he saw Neque, Mayte, Haelz, Nueral, and Lyshel walking up to them.
"We wanted to see you off my young ones." Neque expressed as she stepped up to Isaac running a finger gently into a curl by his forehead. "You take care my Ike."
"Don't worry I will and remember go with love." Isaac smiled as Neque glowed in a shade of yellow.
"Yes go with love." Neque repeated and then reached out hugging him to her as he hugged her back next to the others.
"We will miss you. Please come back soon to visit." Mayte said looking down at all of them glowing in a shade of gold. They all nodded and smiled.
"Oh we will. Don't worry." Zac exclaimed looking toward Haelz seeing her nod.

Nadroj gently took Taylor's hand in his and opened a rip into time and space. Taylor reached out grabbing Ike's hand with Zac grabbing Ike's. Walker took Nadroj's other hand in his and then took Don's hand. They all stepped into the rips as they moved forward through the balance of the tides looking forward to being home again.
"Oh I hate this! I hate this!" Don moaned closing his eyes tightly feeling dizzy again as he heard Walker and his sons start to laugh.
"Don't worry my Don… we are almost there." Nadroj expressed as Taylor looked at the beautiful tides swirling with rainbow colors knowing that everything was once again at peace as they headed toward home. Taylor turned and looked at Nadroj thinking this being who he loved dearly was the tie that bound them together always.

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