The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 27 - The Bonding Of Love - Continued

A violet soft light enveloped around them as Nadroj, Nueral, and Lyshel stood within the bonding circle alone. The area was full of flowers with every color of the rainbow throwing off the sweet scent that radiated in the air. A silence filled the air with only the soft breezes gently blowing against them as they stood on top of the ancient white marble circle stone where all others bonded together down through the centuries, clasping their hands as they bowed their heads waiting for the people to approve of their togetherness. Love abounded in their hearts as they waited patiently.

Taylor looked up seeing the small figures in the distance as he held hands with his brothers and father in the first circle of people as they walked slowly forward through the fresh green meadow. He could see Mayte and Haelz on the right side as he kept in step feeling a sense of peace within him. He licked his lips following what Demi told them to do. He was amazed knowing there was ten circles of the alien people as they all moved forward toward the large stone that shined brilliantly in the rays of the sun. He felt awe thinking that the stone was stunning with ten steps carved into the marble which led up to the top where Nodrow with his mates were waiting for them to approach. He looked to his left and saw Demi, Rotcod, and Don keeping in step knowing that they were only about a few hundred feet away from the first step of the bonding stone. He wondered where Neque was and then saw her as she went up the steps wearing a gold colored robe with a long trail of a feather that was the color of purple dragging off the back. The circle stopped as they came up to the first step. He could see the stone was huge as everyone bowed their heads listening and waiting. Taylor bowed his also and smiled slightly trying to follow what was taking place. He felt Zac squeeze his hand as he squeezed back.

Neque approached the ones who would be mated in the bond of love seeing their reverence as they still bowed their heads with their eyes closed. Neque turned around and faced her people holding out her arms.

"Show them that you approve of the bond." Neque cried out as her voice carried into the distance.

Taylor suddenly felt a sensation of energy pass through him, as did his brothers. He sent out his power of love into the circle as Demi told them how to do it. Taylor then looked up as everyone raised up their heads and he was awed as a million white lights were dancing in the air around him. He went up a step as did everyone in the circle and then stopped.

"Nadroj asks for your love."

More energy was cast out of people in approval and then they all took another step up and then stopped again as Taylor and his brothers looked up at Neque.

"Nueral asks for your love."

A humming sound and more energy was cast out of the people and they took another step up stopping again.

"Lyshel asks for your love."

The sound hummed even louder with the tiny white lights glowing even brighter as they filled the air floating upwards into the sky. Taylor, Zac, and Isaac smiled feeling proud to be apart of the ceremony as they all took another step up and then stopped.

"Help them to understand your love and approval for them!" Neque bellowed with joy filling her heart.

The people then took another step up as a golden light formed around the people indicating their approval and love for them. Taylor smiled waiting for the next step.

"Love abounds among us. We ask the Great One to be with us now!" Neque shouted out to the sky above.

The people then took two steps up casting out more energy as the white lights turned into tiny specks of bright gold. Zac swallowed hard looking up at Taylor feeling wonder and excitement race through him.

"Throw your force of love around the young ones to protect them always!" Neque exclaimed as she put out her arms to her sides as if she wanted to hug all the people.

The people cast out the force sending it upward around Nadroj, Nueral, and Lyshel as they threw back their heads feeling the energy of love pass through them holding each other's hands tightly not wanting to let go.
Everyone then went up the last three steps seeing the bonded ones in the center in a glowing shade of violet and gold. Taylor was astounded thinking he never saw anything so beautiful in his life. Memories flooded his mind as he remembered first looking down at the newborn infant that would be Nadroj. Tears filled his eyes as the memory of Nadroj's tiny fingers grabbed onto his finger that seemed so long ago now. He looked up and saw Neque come up to him reaching out her hand toward him with Mayte, Demi, and Rotcod and two other beings at her side who were the mates of Lyshel. Taylor crinkled his eyebrows together not understanding what she wanted from him. She leaned in and gently took his hand pulling him out of the circle.
"All the mates of the bonded ones must come forward my Taylor." She whispered knowing he didn't understand.
"Remember when Nadroj was a new little one when he was first born and sent out his light trying to find the ones who were apart of him and you were apart of that search my Taylor. You are as one with him my Taylor as we are." Demi explained seeing Taylor nod and swallow hard. He then was taken to stand in between Mayte and Demi at Neque's right side at the center near Nadroj, Nueral, and Lyshel. He felt nervous hoping he would do what was apart of the bonding ceremony. Demi gently put his hand on his shoulder wanting to tell him that everything was fine.

Isaac and Zac smiled knowing how nervous Taylor was. They felt proud that he was considered apart of them. Walker couldn't wait to see what was going to take place next as he licked his lips.

"We are here to witness the bonding of these young ones and to show and support them in their future together. Love will be seen and felt here today as the GREAT ONE will forever unite them as ONE!" Neque expressed as she stepped back away from the three in the center.

Demi indicated to Taylor to do the same as they stood back and saw the golden light start to swirl around Nadroj and his mates. Taylor blinked trying to withstand the bright light wanting to watch what was going to happen as he saw them form into one.

Nadroj knew it was now time as he sent out his light of golden energy and felt Nueral and Lyshel do the same. Their light force cast out from their bodies as they rose up into the air seeing the ball form in the center. He could feel the love surround him as he filled with joy.
"WE ARE AS ONE!" They all shouted in unison when suddenly a rush of energy exploded up into the sky with the people of their world feeling awed never seeing anything like this ever happen before. Rainbow colors with gold mixed in between cascaded out of Nadroj as he enveloped his mates to him. He knew that his energy was different when Nueral sent out her golden light as did Lyshel. They felt the heat of love and then were sucked in forming into one being as the particles of gold and rainbow colors filled up the sky as it rushed out into the heavens above pronouncing their bond of love was now established.

"What is happening?" Taylor whispered under his breath feeling awed at the sight before him.
"They are bonded my Taylor. Now watch as they come back upon the stone." Demi whispered back to him helping him to understand and felt amused seeing his Taylor look up with wide eyed innocence that covered his face as he nodded slowly never taking his eyes off the force in the center.

Suddenly with a deafening hiss the force of energy imploded back into the bodies of Nadroj, Nueral, and Lyshel rocking them backwards as the white lights of joy danced in the air from the people.

"They are bonded in LOVE! Welcome the mating of the three young ones my people!" Neque shouted as the crowd roared with approval.

"They... they are married now?" Taylor asked looking up at Demi for an answer.
"The word is bonded my Taylor and yes they are now mated together for always and nothing can take it away from them." Demi said with joy filling his heart as he watched his Nadroj smile as he lovingly looked at his mates who were now filled with love.
"Oh yeah… bonded I mean." Taylor corrected himself and saw the circles split up as the crowd moved in toward the three young ones in the center as they wanted to give them their congratulations. Taylor stood back as the people of their world moved forward around him. He couldn't see where anyone was as he searched the mass of bodies for his brothers and father.
"ZAC? IKE?" Taylor shouted when he felt a hand grab his pulling him forward realizing that it was his father and then felt relieved.
"I think they are in the center somewhere Tay. Let's get in there." Walker said as he dragged Taylor through the crowd pushing his way toward them.
"My Taylor!" Taylor looked up hearing Nadroj call out to him. He smiled when he finally got to the center and then saw his brothers standing next to them. He turned and looked up at Nadroj who was watching his every move.
"Umm… con… congratulations Nodrow." Taylor stammered as Nadroj then reached his arms around him and hugged Taylor tightly to him.
"I love you my Taylor. Thank you for being here and saving my life. You gave me a reason to live." Nadroj extolled with emotion filling his voice. Taylor gulped hard looking up into his eyes.
"But I… but I would do anything for you." Taylor answered noticing that the crowd stood back suddenly listening to them.
"This is the one who gave me his soul. He and his brothers saved us and now they saved us again with their courage and strength. If it weren't for these young ones our world would not be as it is now. They must always be forever in our hearts and minds." Nadroj expressed as his people bowed their heads. He reached out wanting Isaac and Zac to come to him also. They stepped forward feeling embarrassed, as did Taylor.
"But we only did what was right and…" Taylor began trying to explain when Nadroj stopped him by lifting him up under his arms raising him high into the air.
"No Taylor! We are as ONE!" Nadroj bellowed as the people cheered sending off a bright golden light stating they understood and were grateful to the humans who saved them from disaster once again. They would be forever written into their hearts and souls. Walker stood next to Neque with tears flooding his eyes feeling swollen with pride for his sons for all they did for this planet and its people. He knew his sons didn't really understand how important they were to this world. Gently he put Taylor down in front of him and softly caressed his face with love swelling inside of him. Lyshel and Nueral glowed in a bright shade of gold feeling content as they looked up at Nadroj as they felt their bond growing ever stronger.
"It will be time to take you home soon my young ones." Neque said lovingly looking at Isaac who was looking around him with awe.
"There is no celebration after a bonding?" Taylor questioned looking up into Nadroj's eyes seeing the joy that he felt fill him.
"Oh yes my Taylor we do have one and I want you and your father to be apart of it." Nadroj laughed looking at all of them as they smiled.
"Well let's PARTY!" Zac bellowed making everyone feeling amused with his brothers laughing at his enthusiasm for wanting the celebration to begin.

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