The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 27 - The Bonding Of Love

Nueral felt nervous as she watched Lyshel turning into different shades of the rainbow. She felt comfortable sitting in the small room at Neque's home feeling anticipation fill her with thoughts of the bonding ceremony that was to happen in a few hours.
"Lyshel? What are you doing?" Nueral asked feeling amused as she cocked her head glowing in a shade of yellow.
"I want to see how many colors I can form into. I wish I could be just like Nadroj." Lyshel shyly said as she glowed in a white shade of cream.
"We are not as gifted my Lyshel. Is he with the Taylor one again?" She asked gazing out the window liking the fact that it was a beautiful day for he ceremony.
"I know he wanted to be with him for awhile before the bonding. What do you think of these human beings Nueral? I find them to be such fascinating creatures." Lyshel asked seeing her future mate cock her head to the left glowing in a shade of light gold.
"I think they are beautiful. It is still wondrous that if it weren't for our Taylor he wouldn't be who he is. I love him for giving us Nadroj. He will always have a special place in my heart." Nueral answered noticing that Lyshel was nodding her head.
"Yes I feel the same way inside. He will always be apart of him as he will be apart of us." Lyshel added turning into a deep shade of violet.
"Let us prepare for the bonding now. I know that Mayte and Haelz are waiting for us at the bonding circle." Nueral exclaimed as she took her future mate's hand and they both left the room to meet them.


"Nodrow? Wait! I can't go that fast!" Taylor shouted seeing Nadroj slip through another rip just in front of him. He smiled and then raced forward following him. He looked around and didn't see him once he passed through. He spun in a circle trying to locate him and felt confused.
"Nodrow? Where….?" Taylor asked and then jumped when he felt Nadroj's arms wrap around his waist from behind and then lifted him up.
"You are slow my Taylor." Nadroj laughed feeling amused that he shocked him and then saw Taylor smile as he let him go seeing him turn around.
"Don't you think we should be getting back? I mean your bonding with Ner..all and Lieshell is just in a few hours." Taylor asked feeling still in awe seeing the rainbow colors radiate off his friend.
"I just wanted to be with you for a few hours before the bond. I want you to stand in the circle with your brothers and father."
"What is the circle? We don't really understand how you bond." Taylor questioned looking up into his eyes curiously as Nadroj smiled petting his head.
"It is quite beautiful my Taylor. All the people of our world will be there circling around us. All the energy will form into one as my mates and I form into one to be forever united in our love." Nadroj explained blinking his large eyes slowly feeling content.
"Then what happens?" Taylor asked licking his lips wanting to know more.
"It is hard to explain my young one. You will see when the time comes." Nadroj smiled and gently took Taylor's hand pulling him into his arms.
"What are you doing?"
"Just hold on. This is going to be fun." Nadroj smiled and then took off at lightening speed hearing Taylor suck in a sharp breath of air as they zipped in and out of rips.
Taylor loved the sensation as they rode the tides through the balance of time. He felt as though he was flying and closed his eyes taking in the feeling.
"This is AWESOME! I am flying! I feel as though I am flying!" Taylor shouted hearing Nadroj laugh going even faster as he flew into another rip in time.

"Where are they? Doesn't seem like Tay and Nodrow aren't going to be back in time." Ike said looking down at his watch and shaking his head. Suddenly he felt something scratching at his foot and heard a familiar hooting sound below him.
"Looks like your little friend is back." Zac smiled seeing the Nettik looking up at his brother with anticipation in his eyes.
"Hey Lucky! Where have you been?" Ike asked bending over and picked him up off the ground hearing him start to purr softly. Ike smiled rubbing his face on the top of Lucky's head lovingly.
"Where is Dad?" Zac asked looking toward the complex and then wished that Taylor and Nadroj would come back soon.
"He is with Rotcod and Don in the complex. I think they are talking about this bonding ceremony and getting things ready."
"Well I think Nodrow should be here! I mean man…. it is his wedding day!" Zac stated in frustration when he jumped back when a rip opened up next to him with Nadroj rushing through with Taylor in his arms.
"Well it is about time you guys got back!" Isaac scolded and then smiled seeing his brother looking excited and thrilled about something.
"That was incredible Nodrow! I have to do that again with you sometime." Taylor exclaimed with his cheeks flushed looking at his brothers who had a questioning look cover their faces.
"What was incredible?" Zac asked wanting to know as he looked deeply into Taylor's eyes.
"I was flying! Well not really... but it felt like it. Nodrow took me on a ride through the tides at top speed." Taylor laughed seeing Zac frown.
"No fair! I want to…." Zac began.
"I will take you someday my Zac. I promise." Nadroj assured him seeing Zac grin from ear to ear.
"You better. Looks like Tay had a great time!"
"It was awesome. I think we better get going." Taylor said walking up to Ike and petted Lucky's head between his ears hearing him hoot at him.
"Have you seen Saber? I haven't seen him around since that negative energy tricked me into believing that he was Isaac." Taylor asked looking out into the distance.
"No. Don't worry he will probably come if he senses you again." Ike replied and then saw their father come outside looking happy. He came up to Nadroj and smiled up at him.
"Things are almost ready Nodrow. You should go inside now. Demi wants to prepare you." Walker informed him as Nadroj nodded and then looking excited and nervous.
"Remember I want you in the circle my friends. Neque will show what to do." Nadroj said and then went toward the building leaving them as he went into the complex.
"It's weird. He sounds sort of like you Taylor when he speaks." Walker pointed out looking at Taylor who darted his eyes.
"I noticed that too. I guess because I am apart of him. He has my color eyes and I guess he has my voice also because of it." Taylor said feeling nervous about the bonding.
"Where is the ceremony going to be Dad?" Ike asked noticing that Lucky fell asleep in his arms.
"Umm… Demi is going to take us there when they are ready. So we just have to wait until he comes and gets us." Walker explained and leaned his back against a boulder and looked at his sons. Taylor came up to him and leaned next to him.
"I am glad that everything turned out alright. The balance is perfect out there. Nodrow told me that his energy fixed the tides and that is why his body split into tiny particles of energy. We thought he died but he was only rising to a new level. He said once he absorbed the negative side of him back in his body the energy had to even out the balance within himself." Taylor explained as his father and brothers listened intently.
"Oh I see… but to us it looked like he was exploding but…"
"Exactly Zac. He couldn't tell us because of what was happening to him. He needed to rise to the new level. He couldn't have survived at the level he was at, at the time. That is probably why when his powers were out of control his body couldn't take what was happening to him inside and the only way his body could still live, it had to release energy and that is why the negative energy came into existance." Taylor explained flipping out his hand.
"But once the pituitary gland was replaced then Nodrow had to take back what was cast out into the tides that disrupted everything out there including that negative energy which was forming into a life of its own." Isaac added nodding his head understanding now.
"Yep! You got it!" Taylor smiled looking at his father who shook his head feeling amazed by what Taylor just told him.
"What's wrong Dad?" Zac asked looking at this father who smiled at him as he stopped leaning against the rock.
"You guys amaze me. Well this whole world amazes me and the fact that we are apart of this." Walker chuckled throwing up his hands.
"Yeah if only our world could know about them. Without their kind the time balances would be thrown off and that is why they exist. They fix what is damaged and protect all of us in the universe. They are some amazing beings. I am glad to be apart of them through Taylor." Zac exclaimed as Walker looked into his son's eyes.
"But what really is miraculous to me is the fact that through my son there is one who now exists to even protect time more then ever before." Walker smiled grabbing Taylor around his neck with his arm shaking him as Taylor smiled looking down at the ground.
"Actually if it wasn't for Sam hurting me the way he did he wouldn't be here." Taylor admitted casting his eyes up and down remembering the Enosa that saved his life.
"All things that are meant to be happen Tay, even when things are caused through jealousy and hate. Sam just didn't really understand how special you guys really are and our friends. He only could see the hate he felt at the time. But… look how everything turned out in the end." Walker expressed seeing Taylor look down at his feet nodding his head.
"I wouldn't change anything even if I could. Nodrow is apart of my soul now. He is apart of all of us now." Taylor rasped feeling suddenly very emotional and then cleared his throat.
"Yeah I agree Tay. We may have gone through a lot but I wouldn't change a thing." Isaac added smiling. They all suddenly turned seeing Demi come out the complex walking toward them with Don following behind him.
"It is time now my friends. I will take you there." Demi exclaimed proudly reaching out his hand toward Taylor.
"Where is Nodrow?" Taylor asked with anticipation running through him as he grabbed Demi's hand.
"He has left now with the others. Come now and see how we are bonded for life in our love."

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