The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 26 - He Is The Light Of My Soul - Continued

The evening passed slowly as Neque contacted all her people explaining to stay in doors to be safe until they could fix the disruption that was threatening their existance and that there was still hope relieving the fears of her people for the time being. She knew in her heart that somehow the young humans would save them again. She couldn't understand why the Book of Serpow wouldn't foretell any more then the last time she looked at it. It brought fear into her soul thinking that maybe there was no more future. It never stopped writing this long ever in their history. She lovingly looked around her seeing everyone sleeping except for Taylor who was tossing and turning. She knew that even though everyone else felt great sorrow for the death of Nadroj that Taylor was feeling it the most. His bond with him was taking its toll. She worried about the young one but knew he would help in any way he could. Neque laid her head down feeling exhausted and just wanted to rest until she would have to face the morning.


Taylor couldn't sleep and sat up sucking in a deep breath of air. His insides were tied into knots. He could feel a sense of longing deep within his soul. Sadly he quietly got up not wanting to disturb anyone and walked to the door of the complex and fearfully looked up at the dark green sickly looking sky. He turned back looking at his family and friends and then opened the door walking outside noticing that it was unusually quiet as he smelled the scent of burning earth. He swallowed hard as he walked slowly toward a group of boulders that was a few feet away from the building. He just wanted to be alone in his thoughts and climbed on top sitting down drawing his legs up to his chest and circling his arms around his knees. He wished he would see Saber coming to him and wondered how he was out there. He hoped that his Noil was okay when the yellow balls rained down earlier and that he found a safe place to be riding out the storm. He remembered that Haelz told them earlier in the evening that he was fine and so was Ike's Nettik. They were knocked out and dazed but were not hurt by the negative energy when he kidnapped him. Taylor licked his lips when he felt a surge of energy pass through him. His heart felt like it was going to break in two as he then pictured Nadroj in his mind as he rested his head on his knees closing his eyes.
"Oh Nodrow… I love you! If you are out there please tell me. I can feel you. Why? You are the light of my soul." Taylor thought as tears filled his eyes as he blinked rapidly trying to control his emotions.

The tides spun in deep rainbow colors with tiny particles of energy sparking against the rips healing everything it touched. The essence of Nadroj whipped out further into the balance with each passing moment.
"Ta…Tay…Taylor?" A voice cried through the balance of tides. "Where am I?"

Taylor lifted his head up and looked up at the sky seeing that it was getting light now and curiously crinkled his eyebrows together wondering why the green mist seemed to be fading into lighter shades as the minutes went by.
"Nodrow?" Taylor whispered under his breath.

The tides moaned and turned into beautiful shades of the rainbow once again. A spinning formation was gathering in the center of time forming into a being that was Nadroj. He felt the growing sensation of energy as he looked down at his hands that were translucent and then rocked his head back as he welcomed the warm cascading energy force fill up his body. A soothing warm glow filled him as he looked out into the rips and tides that were once again completely healed.
"Great ONE!" Nadroj screamed lifting his arms over his head when suddenly a brightness overwhelmed him as his body shook as blinding light from the tides came in and struck his body turning into spinning rainbows that moved rapidly around his body.
"I am whole!" Nadroj exclaimed and felt wonder realizing that he could speak just like his Taylor and smiled with tears filling his eyes.

"Nodrow? YOU'RE ALIVE! I can feel you!" Taylor shouted with joy standing up and saw the blue sky break through the clouds above him.
"Tay?!" Zac shouted seeing his brother reaching out with his arms on top of the rock knowing and sensing what his brother felt. He jumped when Isaac bounded outside with a look of joy and shock covering his face.
"Taylor? Zac? Nodrow is…." Isaac began.
"He's OUT THERE! He is alive!" Taylor shouted with joy and jumped off the boulder and started to run across the red earth with his brothers following right behind him.

Walker ran to the entrance of the building feeling confused and disoriented after hearing his sons shouting about something. He gasped when he looked up at the sky noticing that everything looked normal again. He saw his sons running across the valley away from the complex.
"GUYS!? What's going on?" Walker shouted waking up everyone as they all bolted outside and felt awe as they noticed that the earth and sky was completely healed not understanding how it could happen.
"Why are they running?" Demi asked feeling excitement run through him.
Walker bolted chasing after his sons who were now way ahead of him. He wondered where they were going wanting to catch up to them. He noticed that their alien friends were astounded as they kept turning in circles looking up and around them. Suddenly they all bolted forward at blinding speed and Mayte lifted Walker off his feet moving in the direction of his sons. Rotcod grabbed Don and followed after them.

"Nodrow!" Taylor cried out when he saw a gap open up before him and then stopped as he took in deep breaths of air with tears running down his face. He blinked and then covered his eyes as a blinding light came out of the rip and moved toward him.
"Tay!" Zac shouted and caught up with Ike at his side. They stood and squinted seeing the light also moving toward Taylor who was only a few feet away from them.
Taylor swallowed hard and was stunned at the sight before him. There stood Nadroj swirling in rainbow colors that seemed translucent but somehow whole. He could see his face smiling at him with tears in his eyes. Taylor never saw anything so breath taking in his life like his friend that now stood in front him as he slowly cast his eyes upward hoping that he wasn't hallucinating.
"My Taylor!" Nadroj exclaimed with joy seeing Taylor jump when he heard his voice.
"Nodrow you're alive! I knew you didn't die." Taylor smiled with his lip trembling when Nadroj looked down at him and reached his arms around him lifting him into the air.
"I rose to a new level of my existence my Taylor. You are my light and hope." Nadroj crooned softly and smiled feeling Taylor hug him tightly around the neck.
"I know I couldn't go on without you." Taylor whispered as Nadroj gently put him down. Zac and Isaac approached blinking in awe at their friend.
"And I feel the same." Nadroj smiled seeing a cloud of dust coming toward them in the distance.
"You can talk like me now. How?" Taylor asked sniffing back his tears of joy.
"I grow more like you everyday my Taylor." Nadroj crooned running his fingertip down his left cheek lovingly.
"Nodrow you're… you're…" Zac began not knowing how to put into words how he felt as he stared up at him.
"He is beautiful!" Ike exclaimed and then heard a hissing sound behind them and saw his father and friends stop just a short distance away.
"Nadroj?" Nueral and Lyshel shouted with joy running over to him. They once again felt joy in their heart seeing the one that they loved was really standing there before them.
Nadroj smiled looking at his future mates and then looked toward Neque who walked up to him and gently took his right hand and placed her forehead upon it.
"No… my wiseone." Nadroj pleaded knowing she was honoring him, because of who he was.
"You are our hope my Nadroj. You will lead the people. It is your rightful place among us." Neque said with awe filling her, looking up into his crystal blue eyes. She looked at Taylor seeing that he was entranced by Nadroj and felt amazed never realizing how special this young one was to their world.
"You can speak like us now." Zac smiled as Nadroj smiled back.
"Taylor is me and I grew into the human side of who I am. Without my Taylor I wouldn't exist. He gave me life and for that I will be forever apart of him." Nadroj stated as he ran his hand lovingly through Taylor's hair.
"But you saved me too. At that time I was being healed you gave me…" Taylor began when Nadroj put his finger on his lips.
"Together we will be forever one my Taylor. My heart is half of yours." Nadroj affirmed when Neque then placed her hands on Taylor's shoulders.
"What are you doing?" Taylor asked when she pushed him close to Nadroj. She then did the same to Isaac and Zac. They looked up at Nadroj looking confused.
"Finish it my Nadroj." Neque crooned softly knowing that he had to hurry for the young ones sake and backed away quickly seeing an odd shade of blue light forming around Isaac, Taylor, and Zac knowing they were transforming to the next level of their powers also.
"Finish what?" Walker asked looking confused wondering what she meant when Mayte grabbed his arms.
"You must not interfere with what is about to happen." Mayte expressed as Walker gulped hard looking up at her and then turned his head forward as fear suddenly bolted through him looking over at his sons.

Taylor, Ike, and Zac gasped as Nadroj suddenly reached within him and cast out a bolt of energy striking them as they cried out being lifted into the air. The light of energy passed through their bodies as they shook in agony.
"NO! What are you doing to them!?" Walker screamed struggling and trying to get away from Mayte's tight grip on his arms.
"They will not be hurt my Walker." Mayte cooed knowing how much he wanted to run to them.
"Please?" Walker moaned when he blinked in disbelief seeing his sons looking transparent. He could see their faces looking scared and in pain.

"Nodrow?" Taylor groaned not understanding what he was doing to them. He shivered when he felt like he was be sucked in by the rainbow light that spun around their bodies.
"You will always be apart of me." Nadroj stated and then brought them into him. He jumped feeling their energy become as one with him.

Walker started to shake when he saw Isaac, Taylor, and Zac just disappear before his eyes. It looked like Nadroj just absorbed them into his self.
"You can't do this to them! NO!" Walker cried out in fear and saw that Don was blinking in wonder at what he was witnessing before his eyes.
"They are as one!" Demi exclaimed with joy knowing that Walker didn't understand what they were doing.
"Let them live! Please don't take them away from me!" Walker screamed in intense rage balling his hands into fists.
Suddenly Nadroj released the last part of the energy and formed into a rainbow globe of energy. They all watched as the ball rose up high into the air. Walker's legs collapsed under him thinking they were killing his sons.

"Where? What?" Isaac's voice asked with confusion feeling everything around him. He felt scared that he couldn't feel his body anymore.
"You are as one with me my young ones. You are rising to a new level." Nadroj told them knowing they felt fear and uncertainty of what was taking place.
"I don't understand." Taylor expressed when he felt a odd sensation fill him. It was as though he was feeling Nadroj and his brothers souls.
"I must help you to rise to the next level of who you will be my young ones. Don't be afraid. You will become to be a new being like I am." Nadroj explained lovingly.
"Like what?" Zac asked sounding unsure of what was going to happen.
"You're powers will no more be separated any longer. You will all have the same powers as each other but you will be closer then ever as brothers." Nadroj smiled loving the feeling of togetherness that he felt with them.
"How long will this… this rising take?" Taylor asked wanting to know and hoping it would pass soon when suddenly the blue light exploded around them and he could see his brothers eyes.

"Tell me what is going on?" Walker begged as Neque knelt down in front of him feeling sorry for him.
"My Walker your sons need Nadroj at this moment. They are rising to the next level of their existence again. I knew what Nadroj meant when he said that 'together we will be forever one my Taylor' I don't know if you saw the blue light that was forming around your sons. We all felt what was about to happen. I am sorry if we scared you. It shouldn't be to much longer." Neque explained hoping he would understand. He slowly looked up into her eyes sadly calming down somewhat and then looked up at the energy where he knew his sons were.
"As long as they are okay. Please let go of my arms. I won't do anything. You should have explained to me what Nodrow was going to do." Walker sternly exclaimed feeling somewhat angry when Mayte slowly released his arms.
"It was happening to quickly to try to explain my Walker and we knew you would think that maybe Nadroj was hurting them. Your love for them is strong." Neque crooned in a light shade of gold.
"I hope they are alright." Walker mumbled watching the globe of light wishing he could be with them.

"I feel pain." Taylor cried softly feeling a little afraid.
"You are just feeling your brother's energy forming into you my Taylor. Just let it flow through you." Nadroj crooned knowing they were all feeling the same thing.
"But why does it hurt so much?" Zac asked when suddenly he looked down and could see his feet. He then could see his hands that he brought out in front of him.
"You are almost whole again. Just a little bit more." Nadroj smiled feeling his bond of love grow closer to all of them.
"Zac? Tay? I can see you… sort of." Isaac whispered blinking his eyes and then could feel that they were slowly being lowered back down to the ground.
"You are as one and hold the same powers between you." Nadroj explained as he gently brought forth a stream of energy releasing them from himself as they all touched the ground.

Walker watched as he saw them suddenly split apart before his eyes. He ran to them as his sons hugged him tightly.
"We're okay Dad! Wow! That was amazing!" Zac bellowed smiling up at Nadroj.
"You mean I have the same powers as them now?" Taylor asked seeing Nadroj nod.
"What are you talking about Tay?" Walker asked looking and searching their faces with a curious look covering his face.
"Umm… according to Nodrow we all have the same powers now." Ike explained as Walker raised his eyebrows a little not quite understanding.
"Let's test this." Taylor smiled and then looked over at a rock and lifted it with his mind. Zac smiled knowing his brother now had his power of telekinesis.
"Awesome!" Zac shouted and then went in Taylor's mind seeing his brother jump a little as Zac could now see images before him.
"But if we now have the same exact powers do we still work together… like as one?" Isaac asked curiously looking over to Neque who was in a shade of yellow feeling amused by the young ones who were discovering their powers all over again.
"Together my young ones you are as powerful as me once again!" Nadroj exclaimed looking lovingly down at Taylor who smiled up at him.
"Well what I want to know is… can we go home now?!" Don bellowed when Walker and his sons laughed as the tiny white lights danced around them.
"Oh no my Don. Don't you want to stay for the bonding?" Rotcod asked turning into a bright shade of gold.
"Umm… sure." Don stammered blushing in a bright shade of red.
"I will be as one, mated in love, with my Nueral and Lyshel." Nadroj crooned looking toward them as they came up to him and reached their arms around him. He sent forth a light and covered them with a rainbow light as they looked up at him, loving the soft gentle energy against their skin.

Taylor smiled with tears misting in his eyes happy that his friend would find love at last. He couldn't find the words to describe how much joy he felt that Nadroj was still with him. He could never imagine losing him. He noticed that Nadroj looked toward him and then stepped away from Nueral and Lyshel and approached him.
"We are one heart and soul my Taylor. Always remember that." Nadroj said liking the fact that he could speak now like his Taylor. It felt strange to move his lips forming the words of the human language.
"One heart always." Taylor rasped smiling, wiping away a tear that escaped his right eye.

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