The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 26 - He Is The Light Of My Soul - Continued

"Help him! Oh GOD!" Walker shouted pushing Demi to the side wanting to save his son. He ran out also into the storm and saw that Taylor was writhing in pain. Tears flooded his eyes knowing that Taylor wasn't going to accept that Nadroj was gone from his life. He angrily looked up at the sky and then noticed that the yellow balls would explode before they would hit. He knew somehow through his fear he was again using his powers to stop them from striking him.
"DAD!" Isaac yelled with Neque holding him back as he tried to struggle wanting to help his father get Taylor back inside away from the yellow balls that was pounding against his brother's body.
"NO young one! Look! The balls are exploding not touching your father. He can go through the rain due to his powers. He will save him." Neque exclaimed seeing Haelz holding Zac back also.

"Taylor!" Walker shouted as he fearfully watched his son trying to block the balls from hitting him with his arms over his head curling into ball. He stumbled up next to him and scooped him up into his arms. He grunted lifting his son who was covered in bruises and cuts from the hot balls that cut into his flesh.
"Dad… I'm sorry. I…" Taylor cried weakly feeling burning pain where the balls struck him as he wrapped his arms around his father's neck.
"You'll be alright Tay. Just hang on." Walker consoled as he turned around and started to hurry back to the door seeing his other two sons being held back by their alien friends. He licked his lips looking up and fearfully could see that the green mist was turning darker.
"Please let it stop dear Lord." Walker prayed as he ran with yellow balls exploding all around him making him cringe at every step he took.
"Hurry Dad! Hurry!" Isaac shouted out licking his dry lips and could see that he only had about a few feet to go. Walker finally ran inside with everyone parting the way for him as he brought Taylor inside and then placed him down on a cushion gently. He could see that Taylor was shivering in agony.
"Nodrow… I want…." Taylor cried, while Walker petted his head lovingly, with Demi squatting down next to him.
"It will be alright Taylor. Just rest." Walker crooned softly with tears welling in his eyes. He could see the pain and deep sadness in his son's blue eyes.
"I will heal you my young one." Demi gently said placing his hands on Taylor's head and lit his healing light sending the soothing heat into his body. He saw Taylor close his eyes with tears flowing down the sides of his face.
"I'm sorry." Taylor whispered feeling drowsy. Demi put his hand over his lips and felt Taylor drink the water that he gave him.
"He will be okay now my Walker." Demi assured him as Walker nodded.
"Physically he is fine but I don't know about his mental state of mind. I mean Nodrow was so much apart of him. Will he be alright?" Walker sadly asked looking up and could see that Isaac and Zac were looking pale and drawn.
"We must figure a way to heal time. Our Nadroj would want us too. We must go on!" Demi expressed turning into a light shade of green. His loss was felt deeply inside of him but he knew they could not just let their kind die. Their world was in terrible danger as he looked up hoping that somehow they would figure a way to save the balance and their world.
"I can't believe he is gone." Zac swallowed hard bowing his head and saw that Taylor fell asleep with Demi petting his head gently. He felt worried about his brother knowing the attachment that he had with Nadroj. The room was silent as everyone pondered the death of the one who they held as the hope to their future. Zac wondered how they were going to get home. He knew they were trapped in time on this world. Isaac looked at him and nodded reading his feelings deep inside.
"Taylor must be strong. We have to help him. You are our only hope my young ones." Neque expressed seeing Ike and Zac look up at her looking confused.
"Hope? Us?" Isaac asked as he sat down feeling defeated and weak. She walked over to them and squatted down in front of Zac and Ike grabbing their hands.
"Remember that together you are as powerful as our Nadroj was. We will help you to understand what must be done." Neque crooned seeing them still looking afraid and unsure of what she was telling them.
"We don't know how and where do we begin?" Zac asked looking down at the floor.
"I hate the thought of going in there again." Ike commented looking deeply into her eyes.
"Do this for him. Make Nadroj proud." Neque exclaimed seeing Ike smile a little and nod. She turned when she heard Taylor moan behind her waking up again.
"He is out there." Taylor whispered under his breath as Walker crinkled up his eyebrows feeling scared thinking that his son was deeply troubled and didn't want to accept the death of Nadroj.
"No Tay… he is gone. You have to realize he won't be with you anymore." Walker crooned softly hoping he would somehow understand. Taylor slowly sat up as Walker sat down next to him. Taylor ran his hand through his bangs pulling them back away from his eyes.
"I… I can't let him go." Taylor said noticing that his father looked at him sternly.
"Tay? You have to help them heal the balance of time or we will not be able to go home. You have to somehow get over Nodrow's death." Walker tried to explain seeing the pain fill his son's eyes again.
"I'm okay but I won't let go! He will always be apart of me." Taylor said with his voice cracking with emotion.
"He is apart of us all Tay. We will never forget him." Zac expressed with his bottom lip trembling as Ike ran his arm over his shoulders and hugged his brother to him.
"I know Zac. But why do I feel him? I can feel him still." Taylor gasped placing his hand over his heart.
"It sounds like the storm is dying out, out there." Walker said looking up at the ceiling sadly and then bowed his head.
"It looks very bad outside my friends." Nueral stated sadly, walking toward them with Lyshel at her side.
"The sky is now almost black my wiseone." Lyshel moaned looking at Neque feeling afraid.
"How long do we have? I mean do we have to start healing the balances now?" Ike asked as he stood up licking his lips.
"We will begin tomorrow. We have at least that much time and I must explain what you must do first before you go into the rips my Ike." Neque answered loving his courage. He slowly sat back down next to Zac again and nodded his head.

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