The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 26 - He Is The Light Of My Soul

"We can't stay here Tay. We have to leave." Isaac murmured feeling like his heart was going to break in two as he fearfully looked around him noticing that the tides were swirling with sickly colors. He turned looking at both his brothers who were staring sadly out into the rips.
"We have to find him." Taylor moaned blinking back his tears.
"He's gone Tay." Zac mumbled licking his lips and sucking in a deep breath still not wanting to believe that their friend was gone.
"How are we going to tell them? I… I can't…" Taylor began when fear struck his heart seeing small black holes starting to form within the tides.
"Let's GO!" Isaac bellowed fearfully knowing that the balances of the tides were extremely off all around them.
"Which way? How do we get back?" Taylor questioned as he turned in a circle looking desperately around him.
"I think I know the way." Zac said trying to remember how Nadroj and him came into the tides to save his brothers. Zac moved forward as his brothers followed him making sure that they stayed together, not wanting to lose one another.
"Why is it so calm in here? The rips don't seem to be moving or shifting now." Taylor asked swallowing hard when he noticed that Zac stopped.
"I don't know Tay. I think this is the spot where we came into the rips." Zac stated pointing ahead of him. Isaac opened a rip seeing the valley floor by the complex before him. He saw Zac go through the hole and was going to go through when he noticed that Taylor was hesitating with tears welling in his eyes.
"Tay? Come on." Isaac crooned reaching out and touching his brother's arm lightly sensing his deep lost.
"I don't want to go back without him. Oh God! Nodrow you can't end like this!" Taylor cried out as he looked back into the tides wishing somehow he would see him.
"Tay… if anything he saved us. He gave up his life for his people." Isaac said trying to console his brother who looked up at him with a painful lost look deep within his eyes.
"I… I need him." Taylor whispered and took his brother's hand as they both went through the rip and gently stepped onto the red earth while Zac stood waiting for them. They fearfully looked up at the sky noticing that it was a deep shade of green.
"Oh man! This doesn't look good." Zac moaned licking his dry lips as a shiver went up his back.
"How will we fix this?" Taylor gulped hard as they all walked slowly toward the entrance of the complex.
"We have to tell Que. Maybe she will know what to do." Isaac said in a low voice as his heart started to race hating to tell her what happened in the rips. He sucked in a sharp breath when Taylor suddenly collapsed to the ground on his knees.
"Tay!?" Zac shouted with dread in his heart noticing that his brother looked very pale and worn out.
"I don't feel very good." Taylor groaned trying to stand up as his brothers grabbed his arms helping to lift him back up.
"Just take it easy Tay." Isaac consoled knowing that his brother was deeply depressed over Nadroj.
They all took it slow and reached the entrance to the building when Demi appeared at the doorway in a shade of blue and bolted toward them. He saw the pain and sorrow in the young ones eyes as he approached them.
"Demi! Nod…Nodrow is… is…." Taylor cried out when Demi lifted him in his arms seeing Taylor pass out as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Isaac's eyes filled with tears as he gently petted the top of Taylor's head. Demi looked at Zac sadly.
"Where is my Nadroj?" Demi asked seeing Isaac and Zac bow their heads and then sensing that something was terribly wrong as he ran with Taylor into the building with his brothers running after him.

"They are back!" Mayte shouted and then stepped back as Demi gently put Taylor down on one of the cushions. Walker ran up to him and knelt down beside him and then saw Isaac and Zac looking confused and very depressed.
"Ike! Oh God they saved you!" Walker shouted and then grabbed his oldest son hugging him tightly. Ike pulled back with tears starting to drift down his face.
"Dad… we… we… lost him! Nodrow is…" Isaac choked back a deep sob.
"Nodrow! NO!" Taylor bolted up feeling very off center as he fearfully looked up into Demi and Mayte's eyes.
"What happened my Taylor?" Mayte moaned as she glowed in a blue shade cocking her head fearfully.
"He… he just exploded out there. His energy absorbed the red energy and then he… he… oh God he is gone." Taylor cried as his body started to shake. With dread he turned and saw all their alien friends looking shocked as they glowed in deep shades of blue.
"Why didn't we sense it? You must be wrong!" Lyshel moaned in agony as Nueral put her arm around her shoulders wanting to comfort her future mate.
"Que? Tell us what to do. The balance is not healed." Isaac implored as she walked up to him and hugged him tightly to her chest. She couldn't believe they would lose Nadroj in this way.
"The book Que. Maybe the Book of Serpow will say something." Zac said with hope in his heart that it would tell them that Nadroj wasn't really gone. He noticed that Rotcod ran into the lab with the door shutting behind him and then a moment later he came back out holding the sacred book in his hands. He slowly walked over to Neque and with shaking hands held it out to her. She stepped back taking it from his hands and sat down beside Taylor who was looking at her with pain filled eyes.
"Please let it say that he is still alive." Taylor begged shutting his eyes tightly as she opened it and turned the pages getting to the final page. She gingerly rubbed her fingertips over the golden page.
"It shows the meeting of the red energy with him and that is all." She sadly said as she looked at the words hoping it would tell them what was to be.
"There has to be more!" Taylor shouted as he leaned in next to her and could see the picture of Nadroj and sucked in a shaking breath of air.
"It only states the moment of absorption between his positive energy and the negative. It says they will come together… and that is where it ends for now." Neque sadly said looking down into Taylor's sorrowful eyes as he blinked rapidly. He bowed his head and started to cry. He couldn't believe that his friend was gone.
"Why? How could this happen? I thought if he absorbed back that energy then everything would be balanced again." Zac exclaimed searching Neque's eyes for a answer.
"I don't know why my Zac. I wish I knew the answer." Neque answered sensing his grief and pain as he sat down across from her and ran his fingers through his long hair looking extremely frustrated.
"Umm… how are we going to fix the tides out there? You should have seen how it looked when we came back here. It is really bad!" Isaac fearfully swallowed remembering the sickly colors.
"Can we do it ourselves?" Taylor asked looking up as he sniffed back and flipped his legs over the cushion.
"My wiseone? Listen." Demi cut in as they all heard the sound of the wind against the building.
"What are we going to do to stop the disruption of the balance?" Haelz fearfully moaned as the wind screeched and whined making them all stand up looking lost and fearful.
"Can we go home?" Don asked standing next to Rotcod looking scared as he spun in a circle feeling trapped.
"The planet is dying. Without the tides being healed our world will end." Neque murmured fearfully feeling helpless as she watched everyone looking at her with dread in their hearts.
"Our Nadroj! Oh Great One why did you take him from us?!" Nueral yelled as her body glowed in a dark blue shade of sorrow. She couldn't believe that her love would not be bonded between them.
"How long will it take for this storm to pass?" Walker asked looking up at the ceiling when suddenly they heard banging sounds on the roof. They all bolted toward the entrance and could see large yellow balls hitting the earth outside sending up mounds of dirt into the air from the impact.
"What's going on?!" Zac shouted feeling afraid and felt Haelz gently put her hands on his shoulders trying to console him.
"This can't be happening! NODROW!" Taylor screamed in anger balling his hands into fists as he stood by the window.
"I never saw this before. It seems to be coming from the green mist." Demi stated pointing up at the sky. He fearfully looked down seeing Taylor staring out into the distance looking confused and lost. He could sense his inner frustration. He lovingly reached out but before he could touch him Taylor bolted out the door in his agony wanting desperately to go back into the tides to find him.
"TAY!" Walker screamed in terror seeing his son run outside and watched him trying to duck between the balls when they started striking against his body.
"NO! NODROW! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME! DON'T LEAVE ME! PLEEASE!" Taylor screamed looking up at the sky when he painfully dropped to his knees as the hot balls cut into his body as he shook in pain.

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