The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 25 - The Power Of Three Minds - Continued

Taylor looked back seeing the red energy form into Nadroj's form as he fearfully looked toward Nadroj who smiled at the red light. Taylor moved forward when Ike grabbed his arm stopping him.
"Ike? Let go!" Taylor demanded trying to twist his arm away from Isaac's grip.
"No Tay. I think Nodrow has to finish this alone." Isaac stated swallowing hard seeing that the energy moved toward Nadroj looking angry.
"But I…" Taylor began and then saw what his brother was talking about. Zac blinked rapidly watching the two stand before each other about thirty feet away from him and brothers.

"I am the light!" The creature moaned feeling the stabbing pain of the positive energy seep into him. He looked back seeing that he couldn't escape into the black hole as it shut down before him.
"I will take you back into me where you belong." Nadroj said coming up near the creature who fearfully backed away from him.
"No! You can't do this. I want to live! Out of you I came into this… " The creature began and then felt a strong pull against him. He angrily tried to pull away. If anything he wasn't going to let Nadroj defeat him so easily.
"Don't fight this. You are not meant to be. You are only an extension of who I am." Nadroj informed the creature who grew angry at the statement.
"I am not you! And you won't have me!" The creature bellowed and then turned seeing that the young ones were watching from a distance. He saw the Taylor one and knew what he had to do. He bolted forward at blinding speed.

Taylor gasped seeing the red energy coming right for him. Zac and Ike grabbed onto their brother pulling him to the side.
"Oh no you don't!" Isaac shouted with anger when he saw Nadroj was coming at them just as fast behind the creature.
"Stay away from me!" Taylor angrily exclaimed when the creature took hold of his arm. Zac swung out hitting the energy but still the creature didn't let go. Taylor was roughly pulled up into his arms and then the creature spun around holding him out in front of him as the young one struggled trying to get away. He happily saw Nadroj stop in front of him and then frown turning into a deep blue shade of anger.
"You will let him go NOW!" Nadroj screamed feeling fed up with this creature when he reached out catching the thing off guard and quickly pulled Taylor out of his hands and threw him over the creature's head watching Taylor suck in a sharp breath air as his brothers caught him on the other side. Just as the creature was looking up he grabbed onto him pulling him next to him.
"NOOOOOO!" The creature screamed in agony as he felt a sensation of power pass into him. He twisted but couldn't escape the hold.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac pulled back seeing Nadroj and the creature start to glow brightly not understanding what was taking place.
"What is Nodrow doing?" Taylor asked feeling afraid as he started to tremble seeing the power of energy start to swirl around both of them.
"I think he is absorbing it back in Tay." Zac whispered with awe as he watched fearfully.
"It doesn't look right. Why is Nodrow glowing like that?" Taylor moaned feeling afraid for him seeing the rainbow colors spinning rapidly with the red energy spinning into it. He swallowed hard when the light grew brighter and was hard to look at.
"Go BACK my young ones! I don't want you to close." Nadroj shouted out to them as they did what he wanted. They moved about one hundred feet away and then watched hoping this would be over soon.
"This is amazing. I think he is doing it!" Zac bellowed with joy as he raised his left hand into a fist.
"I can't see them. Why do they look like they are melting into each other?" Isaac asked licking his lips feeling anticipation bolt through him. He noticed that Taylor was transfixed on the scene before them.
"Guys? It isn't right. Something is terribly wrong. I don't like this!" Taylor groaned running his hand through the front of his hair as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Fear passed through him as he watched the lights growing brighter and brighter.
"Maybe this is the way Nodrow has to absorb him back." Zac said trying to assure Taylor but he too was growing fearful as he watched intently.

The energy grew as Nadroj threw out all his power around into the tides. As he felt the energy surge he knew he was rising into the next stage of his existence. The pulsating power was throbbing through his body as he threw his head back. The energy was now apart of him again. He was whole but couldn't stop the force that took hold of him. He felt dizzy giving up to what was to be.

"It's going to… going to blow up!" Ike screamed in horror grabbing onto both of his brothers wanting to pull back away from the power before them.
"NO! NODROW! NO!" Taylor screeched with dread filling his heart. He couldn't see Nadroj anywhere in the blinding light.
"Tay! We have to get away from here!" Isaac warned knowing that Taylor didn't want to leave him.
"Oh NO! It's… it's going to blow!" Zac shouted as they all ducked seeing the force grow stronger.
They felt the rips move pulsating in and out as the dimensions rolled with sickly colors around them. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac remained frozen to the spot they were in as they watched with penetrating fear when Nadroj's force of blinding light suddenly exploded sending tiny particles of energy deep within the tides. Taylor threw his head back feeling an agonizing pain rip through his body and soul as he screamed out in fear. He reached out his arms as he burst into sobs of anguish not seeing Nadroj anywhere in the rips.
"Nodrow?" Taylor cried out weakly feeling his brothers wrap their arms around him lovingly with tears pouring down their cheeks sensing their greatest loss.
"He's gone. Oh God… he's gone!" Taylor moaned sobbing uncontrollably as he shivered in disbelief.

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