The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 25 - The Power Of Three Minds

Taylor weakly sucked in a breath air as he started to cry. He could feel every ounce of energy being drained from his body into the creature's light. He could see that the being was slowly transforming into a exact likeness of Nadroj.
"Please I don't want to die." Taylor begged licking his lips slowly as he weakly turned his head seeing Isaac watching with a painful look on his face. He hated that his brother was watching him die slowly before his eyes.

The creature could feel the power surge through his body making him finally feel alive. Step by step he was becoming whole. Joy filled him as he reached into the young one for more. He knew soon that he would totally absorb this creature's body into his. He thought of the ultimate goal of taking the life of the one who he was apart of. Nodroj was the last he would absorb into him and then he would be truly alive.

"Tay? Fight it. Please fight it!" Isaac pleaded as he shook in sadness praying that somehow Zac or Nadroj would save him.
"I can't Ike. Please? It hurts so bad. I can't." Taylor rasped tearfully when he looked down at himself and started to moan noticing that he seemed to be fading before his eyes.
"Oh please help him! I can't watch this! Let him go!" Isaac angrily screamed when he suddenly felt something hit him from behind. He jumped when he saw Zac's face staring at him fearfully through the cocoon.
"Zac? What the?" Isaac stammered wondering where he came from.
"Shhh… don't say anything. Oh God… Tay?" Zac whispered seeing Taylor's form looking translucent a few feet away from him.
"Zac? You have to get out of here. You… " Ike thought as Zac looked up into his eyes with tears.
"I am going to get us out of here. Nodrow is with me in his mind. He will lead us." Zac assured him. He raised his hand and brought forth his power ripping a seam like cut into the cocoon. Isaac helped as he grabbed at the opening pulling it to the side. Zac held his power seeing Isaac slip out of the thing taking a deep breath of air.

"No. Help me… " Taylor rasped feeling dizzy and disoriented when his body was abruptly pulled forward. He could see that the energy was now going to take him in. He closed his eyes waiting fearfully for the moment.

Zac took Isaac's hand into his and formed a link. He could see Taylor's form moving toward the creature that didn't seem to be aware of his presence.
"We won't let him take Taylor!" Zac bellowed with Isaac looking furious as they moved forward.
"I hope it isn't to late." Ike stated when they bolted toward Taylor noticing that their brother had a look of pure terror covering his face. Ike reached out grabbing Taylor's limp hand when he felt a bolt of energy pass through him. He could see that Zac felt the same thing.
"NO! He is MINE!" The creature bellowed as he snapped out of his trance of pulling the young one into himself. Anger filled him knowing they were going to try to stop him from taking what was his. All he could think about was the joy of feeling whole when suddenly he jerked noticing that the young one wasn't coming to him. He cast out more energy and with all his strength tried to draw Taylor still toward him.

"Tay? Become one. Do you hear me? You have to reach within yourself and connect with us. I know you can do it!" Zac demanded squeezing Taylor's hand hoping he heard him. He could see that Taylor was very weak and scared.
"I… I will try. He has my power." Taylor rasped softly not knowing if he had any strength left in him. He knew that his brothers were with him feeling their energy pass through into him.
"That's right Tay. Feel our energy and take what you need." Ike told him as Taylor turned and looked into his eyes sadly.
"He is having trouble drawing you in now. Just reach in and pull back what he has taken from you. We are three minds. Remember that Tay. You can do it." Zac assured him watching Taylor blink and then look toward the being who's forehead was beading with sweat.
"I WON'T LET YOU!" Taylor shouted as he suddenly reached out and threw out a bolt of energy hitting the creature who gasped for air.
"You are my life. You can't take this away from me. I am the POWER!" The creature fumed in anger as he reached within and desperately tried to draw him toward him.
"NO!" Taylor exploded with rage throwing himself back resisting the power that was latched onto him.
"I love you my Taylor. You are the light of my being. I need you!" The being groaned with fury in his heart not wanting to lose what he thought was his right to take.
"You don't know what LOVE is!" Taylor bellowed when the blue light formed around him and his brothers. Joy filled them knowing that they were now interlaced together as one.

The creature screamed in agony as he felt the energy abruptly escape him and saw the wisps of power being sucked back toward the young ones that stood before him. Fear swept through his soul as the power went back into the young one named Taylor at lightening speed. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac threw their heads back feeling the immense surge fill them and then throw them off balance as they flew backwards together still holding onto one another. Taylor smiled looking at his hands knowing he was whole once again. He turned to his brothers and hugged them both around the neck as they hugged back with joy.
"Tay? You did it!" Isaac shouted with joy when they all sucked in a fearful breath seeing the hole start to spin around them. They could see the red light moving around desperately trying to adjust himself.
"What's going on?" Taylor fearfully exclaimed looking around him, when everything seemed to go off balance.
"Let's get out of here… NOW!" Zac shouted still feeling the connection with Nadroj.
"HE IS MINE!" They all jumped hearing the voice of Nadroj fill the darkness. They quickly sped forward letting Zac lead them.
"There is the entrance! Let's GO!" Zac fearfully moaned sensing that the black hole was collapsing around them.
"Is the thing following us?" Isaac asked while he turned his head to look seeing the red energy just behind them.
They all came out into the tides seeing Nodroj floating a few feet away from them as he stood his ground waiting for the moment of truth.


Walker rubbed his forehead feeling frustrated hating that he had to stay here and wait for word about his sons. He knew that Neque had sent Nadroj and Zac into the rips to save his sons. He angrily looked over at Neque who was looking into the Book of Serpow.

"What does it say my wise one?" Lyshel asked sitting down next to her fearing for her Nadroj.
"I see that Zac will go into the black hole to save his brothers. There is a picture of the blue light they will form to defeat this energy that was drawing Taylor into his body." Neque whispered in awe and then saw Walker come toward her.
"And?" Walker questioned wanting to know more. Neque looked back down and ran her hand lightly over the page. She knew that Walker was angry with her for not letting him go with them into the tides earlier.
"They will save him my Walker. That is where it ends for now." Neque told him seeing him crinkle his eyebrows together.
"I want to go to them! You had no right to make me stay here!" Walker shouted and then swallow hard seeing Nureal and Lyshel turn into a shade of light blue.
"Only they will defeat this thing. It is written in the…" Neque began wishing she could somehow give him comfort.
"I KNOW! That stupid book said so! I'm sorry Que… but I feel so helpless. I have to know if they are okay out there." Walker groaned as he sat down heavily next to Demi on a cushion across from her.
"We have to wait here. It is the only way my Walker." Demi crooned softly running his arm around his shoulders wanting to console him. Walker nodded and bowed his head knowing that they were right. He then looked up and hoped that they would be back soon.

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