The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 24 - My Energy My Life - Continued

"You are my life young one and now it is time." The being smiled as Taylor fearfully tried to move backwards when the creature opened a gap in the cocoon and reached in to grab him out.
"NO! Stay away from me!" Taylor cried out in terror as he roughly grabbed onto his arm pulling him out into the cold blackness of the hole. Isaac threw his head back closing his eyes tightly as his heart started to race in fear for his brother.
"Don't try to fight me young one. You are going to become apart of me and you will be the essence of the greatest being that ever existed!" The creature bellowed in glee seeing the young man's eyes grow wide with fear while he pulled him in front of him by the shoulders.
"I won't let you! Nadrow is the…."
"He will be apart of me also once I absorb your energy and life blood into me. He won't be able to stop me. I am the power and light!" The creature shouted when he quickly grabbed onto Taylor's head. Taylor desperately grabbed at his hands trying to pull away.
"IKE!? NO! NO!" Taylor screamed as he suddenly broke away from him and bolted backwards hitting the cocoon that Isaac was trapped in. The creature angrily growled loosing sight of him as his eyes searched the area for the young one. Taylor took in a rasping breath as he felt Isaac try to touch him through the skin of the cocoon.
"Tay? Try to rip this thing open! Hurry!" Isaac shouted as Taylor turned grabbing onto the skin and tried to create a hole but somehow the cocoon seemed to have a life of its own. The more he ripped at it the more skin formed around his fingers.
"Tay! Watch OUT!" Isaac screamed seeing the creature coming up behind his brother. Taylor spun around and bolted to the side wishing he knew which way to go to escape the darkness.
"Oh please Nodrow. Find me! Please find me!" Taylor thought with horror when he felt a hand grab onto to him.
"Don't try to escape my Taylor. You are my food. I need you!" The creature crooned dragging Taylor back to the center again. Taylor lashed out desperately trying to free himself when he felt a shot of pain enter his mind. He threw his head back feeling dizzy and noticed he couldn't move his body.
"Please don't do this to me. I want to live. Please?" Taylor begged with tears forming in his eyes as he hung limply in front of the creature who glowed intensely in a shade of bright red.
"You will live in me. I love you my Taylor. You are my reason for living!" The creature crooned as he suddenly formed into a ball of light preparing himself for the transfer of power from the young one to enter into him.
Taylor rasped for breath hating that he couldn't move as he fearfully watched the ball start to spin creating light beams that were whipping around it. The beams of light were getting closer to closer to him as Taylor started to tremble with gut retching fear filling his soul.
Isaac helplessly watched as he started to cry balling his hands into fists. He hated to hear the sound of terror in his brother's voice.
"NOOOOO! TAYLOR!" Isaac screamed in agony when he saw a beam hit his brother's body that jerked upwards.
"Ahhhhhhh… NODROW!" Taylor screamed in anguish feeling a pulling sensation around his body. Fear overwhelmed him when he saw his energy of rainbow colors form around him that he couldn't seem to control. He couldn't stop the pull that connected with him from the creature. He could feel the draining sensation envelop him as he writhed in misery and anguish. He shivered seeing his energy being sucked into the ball of light of the creature. He felt weak and cold as the creature was slowly draining him of his life force.
Isaac blinked watching in panic as his brother was grower weaker. He bit his lip with tears running down his cheeks.
"Oh Zac! Where are you?" Isaac moaned from the depths of his soul helplessly watching his brother die before him.

Zac jumped feeling a sense overcome him. Fear struck his heart as he suddenly realized he could feel Isaac reaching out to him. He turned still seeing that Nadroj was trying to reach out his mind to the creature.
"Nodrow? I have to go in there." Zac mumbled under his breath with his body trembling all over.
"He won't connect. I feel my Taylor. He is taking his energy." Nadroj moaned.
"Oh man! It… it is killing my brother Nodrow!" Zac cried feeling his brother's pain and suffering. He shivered as Nadroj ran his arms around him pulling him tightly into his arms.
"I am helpless here. I can't save him with him in there." Nadroj said with tears brimming in his eyes. He felt Zac pull back away from him.
"I won't let it happen Nodrow! I can't stand here doing nothing! I'm going in there and saving my brothers NOW! Don't try to stop me. We are THREE MINDS AS ONE!" Zac bellowed and bolted out of the block into the rips before Nadroj could stop him.
"NO! You can't do this ZAC! It could kill you!" Nadroj shouted as he reached out his mind grabbing onto Zac and saw him jerk just in front of the opening.
"Nodrow?! Let go! This is the way! Please release me! Just be ready when I get them out!" Zac pleaded still feeling the pull of Nadroj's power around him. He angrily pushed forward trying to free himself.
"Okay my Zac. Maybe you are right. I will be with you." Nadroj exclaimed taking his power away and saw Zac jump inside the darkness of the black hole hoping he did the right thing.

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