The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 24 - My Energy My Life

Ike stood his ground watching his image coming toward the entrance to the black hole. He noticed that his brother was still out cold in his arms. He knew he had to stop this being from reentering the black hole at all costs. He could tell the being was getting weaker seeing the red light was fading to a sickly shade of pink.
"I won't let you in." Ike thought hoping he had the strength to stop him.

The being looked up and sensed the presence of Isaac near the entrance. Angrily he stopped just in front of Ike's image as he tightly gripped onto Taylor in his arms, knowing soon that he was going to have what he wanted from him.
"You're not getting past me. You leave my brother go, NOW!" Ike bellowed watching the energy crinkle his eyebrows together.
"This form that you took will not stop me. Now get out of my way." The creature demanded moving forward as he shot a blast of energy into Ike's mind. He was amused seeing the image cringe and start to fade, sensing he was losing control of his power.
Ike gulped hard and winced feeling the pain throb in his head. Dizziness overtook him as he tried not to lose consciousness and sadly saw the being pass right through him into the black hole.
"I'm sorry Tay." Ike moaned as he slipped back into his body with his eyes filling with tears when he saw the being approach near him with his brother in his arms. He watched as he placed Taylor in a cocoon like he was in. The being smiled at him as his heart dropped into his stomach.
"You're mine now and I will take from you what is mine." He rasped looking back at Taylor who hung limply in the cocoon.
"Please… you won't get away with this." Isaac expressed as he grabbed at the sticky surface of the cocoon that entrapped him.
"He is my life and my energy." The being said still feeling somewhat weak from being outside of the black hole that gave him life. The creature wanted to regain his power and energy as Ike watched him suddenly leave the area as he transformed into a image of Taylor.
"Tay? Can you hear me?" Isaac called out but could see that his brother was still knocked out. Ike bowed his head hoping that somehow Zac and Nadroj would save both them. He feared for his brother wondering how this being was going to draw Taylor's energy from him.

Nadroj finally reached the area of the waterfall and gently put Zac down on the ground near the water. He saw the Nettik and the Noil laying on the ground as Zac ran up to Saber.
"They are not here Nodrow! Oh God! Where did he take him?" Zac cried out in agony as he squatted down next to Saber and gently petted his head hoping that the Noil would be alright.
"He took him into the tides my Zac. We have to get in there and save him." Nadroj desperately rasped as he reached out his mind into the rips and could see that he was already in the black hole. He tearfully looked at Lucky who was starting to move his front legs slowly. Nadroj bent down and grabbed him into his arms hoping the tiny creature was alright.
"Why didn't I know it wasn't Ike?" Zac sadly mumbled under his breath noticing that Saber was waking up.
"None of us knew my Zac. This energy fooled us all. He took the form of Isaac and that scares me that he is already at this level of his existence. It wants Taylor's energy to fully transform." Nadroj explained as Zac stood up and looked deeply into his eyes.
"Then we have to stop him!" Zac bellowed balling his hands tightly into fists seeing Saber weakly lift his head. He suddenly turned hearing a hissing sound and could see dust flying knowing it was the others coming.
"We will Zac. I promise you that, that thing won't win." Nadroj vowed as he saw Neque, Mayte, and Haelz stop near the waterfall. Haelz ran up to him as she pulled Lucky into her arms hearing him make weak hooting sounds.
"It is as I feared. The creature was in the form of Isaac. He took our Taylor." Neque angrily stated seeing Zac looking into the distance.
"Where's Dad?" Zac asked feeling lost and alone without his brothers.
"He wanted to come but I insisted he stay back. You must go into the dimensional tides and stop this energy before it reaches full maturity. And you and Zac must do this alone." Neque announced looking into Nadroj's eyes deeply.
"Yes my wise one… we will." Nadroj crooned looking determined as he walked over to Zac standing next to him.
"What about Saber and Lucky?" Zac asked feeling concerned when Haelz glowed in a shade of light green as she gently petted Lucky's head.
"We will take care of them my Zac. You go now and save your brothers. They need you my young one." Haelz assured him seeing him nod when Nadroj gently took his hand into his.
"Are you ready my Zac? Stay close to me and don't lose me out there." Nadroj instructed as he opened a rip into the tides, cringing as he saw the sickly colors of the rips before him.
"Let's go! We are wasting time here." Zac rasped wanting to desperately reach his brothers and save them. He hated the thought of them trapped and helpless with that creature. He licked his lips and sucked in a deep breath of air as Nadroj entered the tides wrapping his arms around him protectively.
"I can see the hole. It is only a short distance away." Nadroj informed Zac sensing his need for his brothers.
"How are we going to save them? And why do I have this overwhelming feeling that Que sent us in knowing something that she didn't tell us?" Zac asked hating the looks of the rips as the once beautiful rainbow colors were now gone leaving everything in a sickly looking hue of greens and grays that surrounded them.
"Somehow we have to draw out that creature into the tides. Only there can I absorb him back into my body my Zac."
"But how are we going to save Ike and Tay? We can't just leave them in there." Zac exclaimed as they passed through the last rip and he could see the black hole that was about fifty feet away. Nadroj stopped letting Zac slowly float near him as he hatefully looked at that hole knowing that both Ike and Taylor were trapped within. He brought up a block around him and Zac noticing that he was looking anxious.
"I want to go in there Nodrow. I have to go in." Zac moaned running his hand through the front of his hair.
"You can't. It would be too dangerous."
"Then how are we going to draw that thing out here? I mean it has what it wanted… my brother!" Zac fumed looking toward the hole seeing that it now wasn't as big anymore.
"I must try to communicate with it somehow." Nadroj said noticing that Zac's eyes grew wide at the statement.
"What? How? Will it really listen to you?" Zac asked darting his eyes from side to side as he looked up at Nadroj searching his face.
"It knows your language because of Isaac. Talking to it will delay his intentions with Taylor." Nadroj answered looking down at Zac who crinkled up his eyes not liking his answer.
"I hope you know what you are doing. I think I should go in there. Maybe if I did Ike, Tay and I could form our minds into one. Then…." Zac began.
"NO! I told you it would be to dangerous for you. I will not allow you." Nadroj bellowed turning into a light shade of blue.
"But while you talk with this thing you could keep him occupied and then I could slip in and maybe get them out." Zac tried to explain seeing Nadroj shake his head.
"It would sense you my Zac. I know you want to save them but there has to be another way." Nadroj explained sadly as he started to pace formulating his next move. Zac watched him hating that they were just standing here wasting time. He looked toward the hole wondering what his brothers were doing. He dreaded the thought of them in there feeling helpless and scared.

Taylor groaned as he opened his eyes slowly feeling totally off center. He fearfully sucked in a breath not knowing where he was. All he could see was the pitch black darkness. He reached out feeling something around him as he rasped for a breath of air.
"Ike? Where… where… ?" Taylor began trying to locate his brother in this void that they were trapped in. He swallowed hard when he reached out his mind connecting with his brother's. Tears formed in his eyes sensing that Isaac was very weak from hunger and thirst.
"I'm sorry Tay. I could… couldn't stop him." Isaac groaned as his voice cracked with emotion. He fearfully squeezed his hand into the sticky substance of his cocoon.
"I'm scared Ike. What is it going to do to me? I know it wants my energy and I am afraid he will kill... kill me trying." Taylor fearfully moaned with dread filling his stomach that was turning into knots.
"I know Tay. I want to stop him but... but I can't. I hope Nodrow and Zac can help us to somehow get out of here. I'm so sorry Taylor. I tried to stop him, but I am just too weak." Ike rasped sadly, with his voice cracking with emotion.
"Don't say that you are sorry Ike. You tried and I love you for that. I have faith that Nodrow and Zac will come to help us. Just hold on." Taylor bravely said wishing he could hold onto his brother.
"I know he is regaining his strength back. I wish I could get out of this thing he trapped me in." Isaac groaned in frustration.
"What is this thing that I am in? It feels sticky and weird." Taylor questioned feeling afraid as he tried to move but noticed that the more he ran his fingers through the stickiness the worse the substance became.
"Don't try to fight it Tay. I tried and couldn't get out. It seems to create a thicker skin if you grab at it." Ike explained when suddenly he could see the red light of the creature in the darkness coming toward them. He could finally see Taylor in its glow. Taylor gulped hard when he saw Isaac looking scared and then sucked in a sharp breath of air seeing the creature coming at him in the form of Nadroj.
"Oh God… please help us." Taylor moaned when the being came up to the front of him looking content as he deeply looked into Taylor's eyes hungrily.

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