The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 23 - Love Is A Mystery - Continued

Saber finally stopped by the waterfall as Taylor turned his head trying to see Ike behind him who still held him tightly around the waist.
"Um.. Ike? You can let go now." Taylor smiled and then sighed feeling Isaac release him.
"Where are we?" Ike asked looking around the area wanting to look like he was interested even though all that really concerned him was this Taylor one sitting in front of him.
"This is the waterfall that I came upon when I was running away from the Faction. Isn't it awesome?" Taylor asked and then flipped his leg over Saber's head and slid down off him landing onto the sand below him. Ike followed and did the same.
"That is the place where you hid behind the waterfall." The creature pointed seeing it in the Ike one's memories.
"Yeah up there. I just wanted to see it again. I guess we should let Saber rest for awhile and then we should head back. I bet they are wondering where we are." Taylor exclaimed walking up near the water's edge and looked down and then smiled.
"What is it Tay?" Ike asked coming up next to him as a shiver passed through him by being near him again. He looked down into the water where Taylor was pointing at.
"It's still down there. The blanket with the food and water bottles that I carried." Taylor explained and then backed up sitting down on the sand bringing his knees up near his chest. He looked up and saw that Saber was laying a few feet away panting and looking content as he blinked looking at him. Taylor smiled and then felt Ike sit down beside him. He noticed that Ike leaned up against him.
"What is with you Ike?" Taylor grumbled and then slid a little to the side not liking his brother up against him like that.
"I just need to know that you are close to me Tay. I'm sorry. I just don't want to be alone anymore." The creature moaned putting on a forlorn look on his face.
"Oh. I just thought you were getting kind of... sorry... never mind." Taylor stammered feeling off guard by what Ike just said.
"I just need to.. to..." Ike began and picked at his fingernail as he looked down at his feet.
"Talk about it? I'm here if you need me." Taylor consoled with concern, cracking a sympathetic smile and looked into Ike's eyes searching them deeply when suddenly he blinked and realized that he couldn't read his brother's mind. He licked his lips with fear bolting through him. He heard Saber grunt and turned knowing that the Noil sensed his feelings also.
"Anything wrong Tay?" Ike asked darting his eyes noticing that the Taylor one looked suddenly very uncomfortable.
"No. It's nothing." Taylor rasped swallowing hard when they both jumped hearing the sound of hooting behind them. Taylor bolted up to a standing position feeling like he wanted to leave and go back to the others.
"What's that?" Ike asked seeing a tiny creature run toward him as if the thing was thrilled to see him. Taylor turned and then backed away looking desperately afraid.
"It's Lucky, Ike. Your... your nettik?" Taylor asked gulping hard when Lucky suddenly stopped and hissed throwing back his ears showing his teeth. Taylor knew how much the nettik loved his brother. He knew then something was terribly wrong.
"A what?" The creature asked with a look of confusion and then fearfully stepped back when the little creature hissed at him angrily. He swallowed and then realized that he should have known the little creature and now he gave away his identity to the Taylor one.
"Who? Who are you? You're not... not my brother!" Taylor shouted backing away quickly when realization struck of who this Ike was.
"Tay? What?" The creature asked and then knew that Taylor sensed who he was. He smiled and then cast a bolt of energy at the pesty little creature who squealed when it was thrown into the air. Taylor's eyes grew wide with horror when he saw Ike transform into a red glowing form of his older brother.
"Oh God! NO! What did you do with IKE!? Stay... stay away from me!" Taylor screamed as he bolted toward Saber who flew up off the ground with rage, wanting to protect his Taylor, when Saber suddenly flew backwards when a bolt of energy hit him, knocking him to the ground. Taylor breathed in rasping moans seeing that Saber and Lucky were both laying silent on the ground.
"Just do as I say and your brother won't be hurt young one." The creature declared seeing the young one standing frozen with fear a few feet away from him. He lunged forward when Taylor turned and ran trying to get away.
"ZAC!? NODROW!?" Taylor screamed in agony when he felt himself being pushed forward very roughly, which made him hit the ground hard, knocking the wind out of him. He looked up in shock and then felt a pulling sensation at his feet, that was pulling him backwards against his will. He looked back seeing the red Ike smiling at him as he turned away looking out into the distance as he burst into tears and desperately clawed at the earth trying to resist the pull. Slowly he was getting closer and closer to him.

Ike woke up when a sense of fear overwhelmed him. Tears and anger filled him when he fearfully watched through the creature's eyes and saw Taylor running from him.
"Oh GOD! NO! Stay away from him! You can't do this!" Ike screamed and swung out his arms slapping them against the cocoon that was his prison.
"No. Tay? Run! Don't let him capture you! Oh God please!?" Ike prayed when he saw that Taylor fell onto his stomach and then he was being dragged across the ground toward the creature. He could see his brother clawing desperately at the earth as he burst into tears and screamed out for Zac and Nadroj. He saw the creature reach out and then grabbed his brother's right foot as Taylor kicked flipping over onto his back.

"No. Stay away! Don't touch me! I'm not going with you!" Taylor shouted in anger when his left foot caught the red Ike in the stomach making him cringe. The creature could feel that his energy level was growing weaker and he had to hurry before his strength would die out from being in this positive field.
"I need you my Taylor. You are my food. Only with you will I defeat the Nadroj one." The creature rasped in anger as he jerked him roughly hearing him gasp when he finally got a hold of his shoulders.

Taylor looked up fearfully into the creatures eyes feeling like this thing was going to snap his bones in his upper arms because he gripped onto them so tightly. He groaned trying to twist away when suddenly he saw the eyes light up and then sucked in a sharp breath knowing what was coming next. He closed his eyes tightly and felt a deep stabbing pain enter his mind as he screamed in searing pain.

The creature saw the eyes roll back and felt his body grow limp in his arms and then flipped him up into his arms feeling joy. He looked up and then opened a rip bolting inside.

Ike balled his hands into fists as he hit the sides of the cocoon.
"I'll kill YOU! I'll..." Isaac yelled in rage, seeing the creature bolt through the tides at a rapid speed carrying his helpless brother in his arms. He could see that he was heading toward the black hole and sensed that the creature was growing weaker by the moment.
"You think you can make it?" Ike shouted and then reached deep within himself remembering how Neque taught him that he could transform into anything with his mind and soul. He suddenly popped out of his body and felt utter joy rage through him and then sped forward determined to stop this thing from getting back inside the black hole. He found the entrance and waited for his moment of truth.

"TAAAYLOR!" Zac and Nadroj screamed together in unison as everyone in the room jumped from the sudden outburst with fear striking their hearts. Before Walker had a chance to react Nadroj lifted Zac off his feet and at lightning speed ran outside racing across the barren land knowing that they had to save Taylor before it was to late.

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