The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 23 - Love Is A Mystery

Nadroj looked deeply into Lyshel and Nueral's violet beautiful eyes as they all stood silently in another lab that was behind the main lab behind them. A feeling of total peace filled his soul like nothing he ever felt before. He slowly raised his arms with his palms of his hands facing out toward them. They responded doing the same as they formed a circle lightly touching hands and feeling a sensation of energy spread over them when suddenly their skin glowed in a intense shade of light purple.
"I need and want you." Nadroj rasped in ecstasy feeling a overwhelming love for them.
"I need and want you too my Nadroj." Lyshel murmured softly feeling a warmth of peace cover her soul.
"I too feel the need and want." Nueral crooned in a soothing tone of voice filled with a happiness that she never felt before.
"As one. We are as one and I want you forever with me." Nadroj cooed when their hands lit up with a shade of intense gold.
"As one..." They all said in perfect unison forming the bond of love between them. Suddenly the light of gold burst forth enveloping them as they rocked their heads back. Their bodies mixed into one being forever establishing the bond between them. Nadroj felt extreme joy knowing that they both withstood his extreme powers unlike his kind.
Slowly the light faded as they came back into their own separate bodies feeling exhausted but filled with joy. Nadroj reached out as they both ran into his waiting arms. Tears flooded his eyes as they stood locked together in a embrace. He felt more like apart of his people knowing now that he had the mates that he always dreamed of. He thought of his Taylor and smiled knowing his love for him was different but still just as intense.
"I think we should tell the others that we are as one." Nadroj cooed softly as Lyshel looked up into his eyes.
"Yes we should tell them the joyous news." Lyshel said looking at Nueral lovingly.
"I hope my paternal mate approves of our bond." Nueral stated with a little fear in her voice as Nadroj looked down at her with understanding.
"Rotcod will accept it. He knows the laws my Nueral." Nadroj assured her and then they all headed for the door as it slid open and they saw Don and Rotcod looking over at a monitor intently. Rotcod heard them and turned seeing that their skin was glowing still in a very pale shade of violet.
"It is... as one?" Rotcod asked looking at Nueral who nodded and then looked down at the floor. Don turned around wondering what Rotcod was talking about.
"We are my Rotcod. I have found the bond of love. I hope you can accept..." Nadroj softly began when Rotcod lifted up his hand stopping him.
"I do accept my Nadroj. I just hope you always take good care of my Nueral. That is all that I ask from you." Rotcod explained feeling overwhelmed with emotion.
"I will promise you that my Rotcod. I love them with all of my heart and soul." Nadroj smiled when he noticed that Don looked confused.
"Um.. something wrong here?" Don asked looking from Rotcod to Nadroj curiously.
"Nothing is the matter my Don. They have found each other as mates. They will bond together under the great one soon." Rotcod explained when he found it amusing when he saw that Don finally realized what was going on.
"Oh... They will marry each other." Don chuckled and smiled seeing the two females cock their heads to the left.
"What is marry?" Lyshel asked looking at him wanting to understand.
"It is the same thing as our bonding my Lyshel." Nadroj informed her as she nodded now understanding.
"Well let us go into the other room and tell the others the good news." Rotcod said cheerfully as Nadroj felt content knowing that Rotcod accepted him into his family of mates.

Zac felt a little angry that Taylor and Isaac were not back yet. He wondered what was taking them so long out there. He got up and started for the door to go outside when suddenly everyone turned seeing the door to the lab slide open and saw Rotcod and Don come out first followed by Nadroj, Lyshel and Nueral. Neque stood up glowing in a shade of intense gold as did Demi, Mayte and Haelz.
"It has happened! They are as one!" Mayte shouted with joy filling her heart.
"What?" Zac asked walking toward them wanting to know just what they were all so thrilled about.
"My Zac? I have found my mates. We will be in a bonding ceremony soon. Where is my Taylor and Ike?" Nadroj asked looking around the room for them anxiously wanting to share his news with them also.
"Um... well.. they took a ride on Saber and they aren't back yet. I wish they would get here soon. I hate to spoil the fun but...." Zac began when Nadroj stiffened looking nervous.
"Taylor?" Nadroj rasped sensing a overwhelming danger run through him.
"Nodrow? What's wrong?" Walker asked swallowing hard and then looked at Zac who was staring up at Nadroj looking scared.
"Something is not right. Not right..." Nadroj rasped with his voice trailing off into silence as he reached out trying to locate his Taylor and wondered what was blocking the connection.
"I... I can't seem to connect with Ike and Tay. I can always connect with them. I..I..." Zac groaned as Walker put his arm around him knowing he trying to reach out to his brothers with his mind.
"Keep trying Zac." Walker said and saw that Nadroj was doing the same. He looked at everyone who was standing silent waiting nervously also.
"There is something odd. I can't place it." Zac mumbled with fear racing through him.

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