The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 22 - Our Brother We Love - Continued

"Maybe we could both ride him." Taylor suggested seeing Ike nod enthusiastically. The creature wanted to desperately and knew he had to draw more power within him so this creature would not react in the same way as it did before. He noticed that the Zac one was looking at him curiously. He drew in a breath and pulled out the negative powers in his mind covering the energy that hurt him.
"Something wrong Zac?" Ike asked with concern playing up to this one and then noticed that he seemed to relax a little.
"Nothing. I'm just worried about you. You still seem a little out of it." Zac answered walking up next to him seeing tears brimming in Isaac's eyes.
"I'm sorry Zac. I didn't mean..." Ike began when Zac placed his hand on his shoulder gently sensing this Zac one was in some way trying to comfort him. He bowed his head playing along with the act and liking that he was falling for it. Excitement ran through him when Taylor came up on the other side next to him looking just as concerned.
"It's okay Ike. Maybe a nice ride on Saber will make you feel better." Taylor smiled touching his arm. A warm pleasure raced through him by the touch of his hand on his skin. He could feel his energy wishing he could take him now.
Taylor noticed that Isaac shivered a little as Zac squeezed his shoulder lovingly.
"I will be alright guys. Just being with you makes me feel better already." Isaac smiled looking deeply into Taylor's blue crystal caring eyes.
"Well I am going back in. I'll see you in awhile then." Zac announced feeling better now. He thought that maybe the reason why Ike was acting strange was from the experience of being in that black hole with that creature. He hoped later that somehow he could get his brother to talk about.
Taylor watched as Zac disappeared into the complex.
Saber sniffed and then felt comfortable with the Ike creature. He didn't seem to sense the feeling of danger from this one any more like he did before.
"Down Saber. I want to get on your back." Taylor declared as Saber laid his entire body down and felt Taylor climb up on him just behind his neck adjusting himself to make himself comfortable.
"Take my hand." Taylor smiled reaching out to his brother who looked up at him anxiously. Isaac grabbed it squeezing it tightly and then flipped his body up just behind him. He hungrily put his arms around Taylor, closing his eyes in ecstasy but knowing that if he made his move now this creature would probably cause a scene bringing out the others. He wanted to be as far away as possible before he made his move. He knew it was only a matter of time now. He was also glad that the younger one didn't want to go with them so he then had Taylor all to himself.
"Ike? You don't have to hold on so tight. Man... I can't breath." Taylor said teasingly when he felt Ike loosen his hold. He felt the great beast stand and felt amazed at the power of the muscles of this creature under him.
"Sorry about that Tay." Ike exclaimed feeling a little nervous riding on this huge creature.
"Ready Ike? I want to go fast... so hang on! GO SABER! GO!" Taylor shouted as Saber took off at top speed heading toward the mountains in the distance.

Zac sauntered into the main area pulling his hair back and wrapping a band around it to get it out of his face. He smiled seeing that his father was now awake and seemed to be discussing something with Neque and Demi. He curiously walked over to them as his father looked up at him and then smiled.
"Where are Ike and Tay?" Walker asked as Zac sat down next to him on the cushion.
"Oh... they went for a ride on Saber. I think Ike needs to take his mind off things and the ride would do him some good." Zac explained seeing his father give him a look of concern.
"I don't know. He still looked pretty weak when he went out there earlier. I hope he will be alright and Rotcod still wants to check him over to make sure he is okay." Walker stated noticing that Neque was glowing in a light shade of green.
"I agree with you Walker. I hope they come back soon. My Ike needs his rest." Neque said with concern in her voice.
"I'm sorry... we just thought that it would do him some good." Zac apologized looking down at the floor. He felt his father put his hand on his back.
"It's okay Zac. I'm sure he will be just fine." Walker consoled and smiled at Zac who then looked up and turned as if he was looking for someone.
"Where's Nodrow?" Zac asked curiously.
"He went to the back lab with the two females." Walker grinned seeing Zac lift his eyebrows and smiled back.
"Ohhhh... I see." Zac rasped in a light hearted tone.
"See what?" Walker asked and then noticed that Neque was glowing in a shade of yellow feeling amused.
"Nothing Dad. It's nothing." Zac laughed shifting back more onto the cushion wondering what he could have to eat for breakfast.
"Our Nadroj is in love. The connection is forming between them I think. I think Lyshel and Nueral will make perfect companions for him. They seem to hold the powers that will equal his strength when needed." Neque chuckled knowing that Zac knew what was going on between them.
"All I know is that Nodrow can't seem to take his mind off them. Is that how things work between you when you find your mates?" Zac asked wanting to know and saw that his father seemed to want to know just as much as he did.
"When we connect with our mates for the first time all our concentration goes off balance. It is a reaction in our bodies that is beyond our control. If our skin turns into a light violet shade on the first meeting it is the sign of your true life long bond between your mates. It is a very private thing. That is why they wanted to be alone right now my young one. I hope they find their inner love. I prayed that our Nadroj would find his love between two mates. I was worried that he never would due to his extreme powers. I know Rotcod isn't to pleased that his paternal young one is now one of them." Neque explained hoping she made them understand a little better about what was going on with Nadroj. She saw that they both nodded and then smiled.
"Do you... um... how can I put this? Marry each other?" Zac asked seeing Demi cock his head to the right side.
"I think the word is bonding my Zac. Yes we have a ceremony where the three are bonded as one under the great one. It will then be a life long love between them." Demi explained turning into a light shade of gold feeling content that his paternal mate was finally finding his mates as he lovingly looked toward Mayte and Haelz remembering when they were bonded together as one.
"Is there any food to eat? I'm starving." Zac asked as Walker nodded and pointed over at a table behind them.
"I have some snack cakes in a nap sack over there. Save some for Ike and Tay." Walker smiled seeing Zac get up and quickly walk over to the table.
"Sure. Thanks." Zac answered and grabbed a couple and sat down hoping his brothers would get back soon.

The creature loved the sensation of the young one's body. He could taste the energy that was in this creature that he craved with every fiber of his being. He smiled and drew his arms tighter around him.

Taylor crinkled his eyebrows as the wind whipped over his hair while Saber ran gracefully over the barren terrain. He shifted feeling uncomfortable that Isaac kept hugging him like he was never going to let go. For some reason he wanted to stop soon and get off to get away from Ike and didn't understand why. He could see a water fall in the distance and thought when they reached that area that is where they would rest for awhile. He wished Saber would hurry feeling Ike run his arms around him tighter again. He swallowed hard and then felt a little guilty for feeling this way toward his brother.
"Maybe he just needs the closeness right now after what happened to him."

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