The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 21 - Always... Forever Together

Walker watched as his sons and Nadroj perpared to once again go into the rips and face the menace that held them captive to this world. He walked up slowly behind Isaac and gently put his hand on his shoulder.
"Are you almost ready guys?" Walker asked hating that his sons were going out there again to face this creature, but knew it was their only hope to make things right again.
"Yeah... we are." Ike mumbled under his breath watching Nadroj lovingly put his hand on top of Taylor's head.
"My Taylor you must use the energy here in your mind. It is the center to which he will try to attach himself. Be always aware of that feeling." Nadroj explained with Taylor nodding his head understanding.
"So... shall we get started?" Taylor asked still feeling a little fear watching Nadroj smile down at him.
"Remember stay together. Once we get there I will form a strong block that will be made from my powers as well the positive energy of the tides." Nadroj instructed watching them nod listening to his every word. He turned and then opened a rip and frowned seeing the once beautiful colors looking very dark and gray. He knew the rips were growing weaker by the moment. He reached out his hand taking Taylor's as each of them followed him in. Walker swallowed hard seeing the rip shut before him wishing that he could go in with them to help.

"It's right behind us Nodrow. I can sense it." Taylor rasped with both fear and anger when Nadroj stopped and then cast out his powers drawing the strength of the tides as he formed a block incasing them as the black hole stopped some hundred feet away with the creature waiting and watching with anticipation.
"The hole is smaller now. Why?" Zac asked looking out through the block wondering.
"It's absorbing the energy into himself." Nadroj answered watching it with hate filling his heart.
"You mean it's like food to him?" Taylor asked dreading when he would have to go out there as planned.
"Yes my Taylor exactly that." Nadroj affirmed nodding his head.
"Just look at that thing. I hope we do it right this time." Ike expressed sadly bowing his head.
"Guys? Look there! There's something glowing red." Zac pointed out as the hole was moving forward.
"Oh Man! Here it comes." Taylor groaned feeling his heart begin to race.
"Just stay calm my young ones. We will defeat it!" Nadroj exclaimed with confidence waiting for the exact moment to fulfill their plan.
"Just say when Nodrow." Taylor gulped hard with his heart pounding in fear. He licked his lips when Nadroj placed his hand on his back indicating it was time.
"Now my Taylor. Zac link with your brother and never let go. Ike?" Nadroj began with his instructions.
"I know what to do." Ike exclaimed watching Taylor close his eyes concentrating on what he had to do. Slowly he went forward through the block and felt Zac's presence holding onto him. They all jumped when a screeching sound filled the area around them. Taylor took in a sharp breath when suddenly he felt the pull at his body.
"Oh GOD!" Taylor shouted being sucked forward against his will as he flung his arms out to the sides. Zac brought forth his power and then pulled Taylor back toward him. Taylor jerked in mid air feeling like his body was going to be torn apart by the two forces. Zac and the being were locked in battle with Taylor in the middle. Ike then cast out his powers covering Taylor's body making sure that any damage to his brother was healed through him.

The being thristed for this creature before him. He yearned for the power that was within him. Anger filled him as he formed into the shape of the one who was the center of his power not liking the fact that the other force seemed just as strong.

Nadroj moved out into the tides sensing that now the young ones had the creature's full attention. He carefully moved through the rips wanting to come up to the energy as close as possible. He knew he had just seconds before his presence would be known.
"NODROW? Watch out! He knows that you are there!" Taylor shouted with agony seeing the head turn on the red image of him and blinked as it coldly sent a out a bolt of energy at Nadroj who ducked down just in the nick of time. Nadroj filled his body with the power of the rips and sent a bolt back striking the creature who let out a scream of agony.
Taylor suddenly flew backwards when the creature lost it's hold being stuck by Nadroj's power. Zac gasped seeing his brother come right at him and then slam into him sending them both flying backwards.
"Zac? You okay?" Taylor asked with concern when they finally stopped and spun around seeing Zac doubled over with a look of pain covering his face.
"Ah..yeah...just knoc..knocked the wind out of me." Zac rasped with Ike rubbing his back.
"I'm sorry I couldn't stop." Taylor apologized coming up next to him seeing Zac raise his hand slowly.
"I know Tay. I know." Zac groaned as he straightened up and then looked out into the distance seeing Nadroj and the creature in full battle.
"We have to help him. The thing didn't come out like we wanted it too." Taylor fearfully frowned as he bolted forward with Ike trying to grab him.
"No TAY! DON'T!" Isaac shouted with anger and then followed him into the rips as Zac recovered and shot forward after them.
Taylor slowed down as he cautiously made sure none of the bolts would strike against him. He could see Nadroj writhe in pain as the bolts of negative energy struck against his body that sent him flying to the right. Taylor balled his hands into fists when Isaac caught up to him and then Zac.
"We have to do something! He's hurting him!" Taylor growled with anger.
"Three minds as one!" Zac bellowed when both his brothers turned to him and smiled nodding in understanding. They linked together and quickly formed the bond becoming once again together as they then sent forth a powerful stream of energy striking the creature who bellowed with seething anger that someone else was trying to interfer.
"Stay back!" Nadroj called out with terror filling his heart, but knew it was to late when the creature turned still holding the image form of Taylor and threw a bolt at them when Nadroj jumped sending himself between the stream and his friends. The energy hit as he screamed in agony taking the full blow.
"Oh NO! Nodrow!" Taylor shouted and then together they sent another bolt of their power at the beast seeing it cringe from the hit.
"Taylor? It's coming out!" Zac yelled as they saw Nadroj turn his body slowly around and then spun the rainbow colors drawing in more energy knowing this is where he wanted the creature to be. He moved at lighting speed and threw his power but the creature sensed his move and quickly shot back into the black hole. Nadroj turned with rage flowing through him.
"You will not be the victor here!" Nadroj screeched with pure hate filling his mind.

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