The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 21 - Always... Forever Together - Continued

"MOVE! Look out!" Taylor gasped as they all shot to the right barely escaping the bolt of energy. Ike sucked in a sharp breath when he felt something pull at his body. Taylor turned quickly losing Ike's handhold and saw the creature latch onto his brother as Taylor and Zac bounded forward seeing Ike reach out to them with wide fearful eyes.
"It has ME! Please help me!" Ike screamed when Taylor and Zac came up near him and grabbed his hands. Zac closed his eyes sending out his telekinetic powers and felt Taylor join him as they both pulled with all their strength.
"It won't let go! Oh MAN!" Ike shouted as he looked behind him seeing that they were only a few feet away. Nadroj bolted forward but was to late when suddenly he saw Ike lose his grip from his brothers and saw him get sucked into the hold screaming out in agony.
"IKKKKE!" Taylor and Zac shouted in unison seeing the creature wrap himself around their brother and draw him backwards into the darkness. Taylor started to go forward wanting to save him when Nadroj grabbed his right foot stopping him.
"No! Let me go! Ike?!" Taylor cried when the hole suddenly sped backwards and quickly went through a rip leaving Nadroj, Taylor and Zac floating in the rips spinning around trying to sense where the creature took Ike.
"Oh God! Ike? Oh IKE!" Zac moaned as he started to shake with Taylor shivering running his hands through his hair.
"Where? Where did it go? Nodrow? We have to save him!" Taylor bellowed spinning into circles wanting to desperately go after it. Nadroj reached out his mind across the tides and his heart ached when he couldn't locate where the creature went.
"I can't see it!" Nadroj groaned seeing Taylor and Zac looking lost and scared.

Ike felt dizzy and felt his body grow numb from the intense cold that surrounded him. He swallowed hard with tears of extreme fear filling his eyes. He couldn't see and then jumped when he saw the bright red energy that looked like his brother Taylor slowly approach him.
"Oh God. Please." Ike thought desperately as the creature reached out his hand and touched his right cheek.
"Stay away from me! Go away!" Ike cried out angrily, with his emotions filling him with panic as he cringed from the touch. The creature smiled with Taylor's smile with Ike feeling immediately sick to his stomach.
"Stop looking like him. You are not my brother you stupid..." Ike bellowed when a bolt of pain made him writhe in agony. He tried to twist away but felt the force enter his mind.
"Oh no. Oh no." Ike rasped in quivering breaths of fear. He blinked and sucked in a breath when he saw the energy was starting to shift into another form in front of him.
"Oh no. Oh no." The creature mocked him when Ike started to shiver seeing that he took on his form. He was perfect in every way but only that he was completely red.
"What are you planning?" Ike mumbled when he noticed that he suddenly was forming into a perfect likeness of him down to the last detail.
"I am Clark Isaac Hanson and I have all your memories. I am you. Taylor is mine and then I will have Nadroj's power to make me into who I am." The creature stated in Ike's voice.
"NO! YOU LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE!" Isaac screamed when he felt a bolt strike against him as his world grew dark. The creature smiled and created a cocoon around the human to protect his delicate body from the energy of the black hole thinking maybe he still might need him for future use. He smiled knowing with this form he could now go into the rips, but knowing that he could only hold the form for at least a couple of days. He felt confident that it was enough time that he needed for what he longed for so desperately. He drew out his arms and quickly went back to where he knew the others would be. He knew he had to plan the perfect time when he was to strike. Taylor was his reason for living and all he knew is that he had to absorb the young one into his self to defeat the positive energy that created him.

"Look! It's coming back!" Zac bellowed when they all saw Ike's body pop out of the hole violently and then hung limply in the tides.
"He's hurt. Ike?!" Taylor shouted when they all saw the hole quickly slip through a rip and disappear. Taylor and Zac bounded forward coming up next to their brother. Taylor gently turned him around and slowly rubbed his cheek which felt ice cold to the touch.
"Ike? Wake up. Please wake up." Zac moaned with Nadroj looking over his shoulder hoping that the young one was alright. They all took in a sigh of relief when they saw his eyes flutter open.
"Tay? I... I..." Ike rasped when Nadroj lifted him up into his arms.
"Shhhh... you will be alright." Nadroj crooned lovingly wanting to take him back to the complex fearing that maybe the creature hurt him very bad. Nadroj knew that they would have to come back again and try a different tactic to destroy this evil force that threatened his world as he knew it.
"It went into my mind. There was so much pain." Ike croaked weakly watching Taylor and Zac follow behind as he was carried through the tides. He scanned Taylor's body feeling thristy for the power that this creature held inside him. He felt like he wanted to jump forward and take him now, but knew he had to wait for the perfect moment when he would somehow get this one to be alone with him. Taylor smiled at him as he smiled back.

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