The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 20 - This Is War! - Continued

Nadroj looked down at his Taylor with dread in his heart hoping that he was okay. He looked over at Demi seeing him looking just as concerned over Zac as they all quickly left the balance of the tides, coming out about a few miles away from the complex. Nadroj and Demi carefully laid Taylor and Zac unto the ground with Ike kneeling down next to them with tears filling his eyes.
"Are they alright? Are THEY?" Ike shouted with agony in his voice.
"Ike? I...I'm fine." Taylor rasped feeling that his back was still in burning pain. He turned seeing Zac puffing air with his face twisted in extreme pain trying not to let it get the best of him.
"Zac?" Taylor asked as he started to shake feeling faint.
"Tay..Taylor." Zac stammered looking up into Ike's concerned eyes.
"I'll heal you. Just relax." Ike crooned and then noticed that Nadroj was kneeling down next to Taylor. Demi came around next to Ike.
"Together." Nadroj rasped as Ike and Demi followed when they all cast out their healing lights and entered Taylor and Zac's bodies. Taylor licked his lips closing his eyes feeling the soft gentle warmth cover his body. Zac moaned with relief feeling the heat of the healing powers sweep through him.
"It is done." Demi stated seeing that Taylor and Zac looked exhausted and tired.
"Where are we?" Ike asked looking at the barren landscape around them.
"We are in the desert my Ike several miles from the complex." Demi answered watching Taylor and Zac slowly sit up.
"I never want to feel that again." Zac mumbled bowing his head.
"How are we going to destroy that thing?" Taylor asked looking up at Demi sadly.
"Neque is worried. She said that we don't know what we are facing out there. That creature is more then what we thought." Demi explained as Nadroj shook his head.
"It is growing in strength as we speak." Nadroj said wishing he could go back in to defeat it. He knew it would destroy the balance of time if they couldn't get rid of it soon. He sadly looked up at the sky seeing the sickly green mist floating across the sky.
"That thing can change." Taylor announced as they all looked at him wondering what he was talking about.
"Huh? Change? What do you mean?" Ike asked searching Taylor's eyes.
"This might sound weird but I saw that creature form into a shape like me, but the only difference is that it was all red. It was me! I don't know how to explain it." Taylor answered running his hand nervously through his hair.
"It shifted form?" Nadroj asked turning into a light shade of green as he squatted down next to him.
Taylor nodded his head darting his eyes fearfully remembering the image.
"Yes. It formed into me before my eyes. Why? Why would it do that?" Taylor asked as Nadroj helped him to stand up.
"I don't know my Taylor. But I know this isn't good. It is growing more powerful as the hours go by." Nadroj angrily said looking up at Demi who rubbed his hand across his forehead.
"Well let's get back to the others. They must be worried about us." Demi stated as they all agreed wanting to head back as soon as possible. Nadroj lifted Taylor and Zac into his arms with Demi lifting Ike and then went at blinding speed across the desert floor sending dust flying behind them.

"Where are they? What is taking so long?" Walker growled pacing the floor of the main room in the complex feeling a overwhelming fear come over him. Neque sadly bowed her head wishing also that they would soon return. She noticed that Lyshel was now awake and sitting next to Nueral on a cushion looking just as sad as everyone in the room. They all jumped when suddenly Nadroj and Demi came bursting into the room carrying Ike, Taylor and Zac.
"Tay! Guys! Oh thank God you are safe. I..I was very worried." Walker exclaimed running over to his sons and grabbed Zac hugging him to his chest.
"We're fine Dad." Zac smiled leaning back and looking up at him noticing that his face was filled with concern.
"What happened out there?" Walker asked looking at Taylor who had a worried look covering his face. Taylor cast his eyes downward and then up again trying to think of how to begin.
"That thing or what ever you call it, is to powerful for us. It almost drew me into the black hole. It's sending off energy and ripping the tides to shreds out there. I don't know what to do." Taylor explained rubbing his hands together and walked over to a cushion wanting to sit down.
"It's still out there Dad and we had to get out because..." Ike began looking at Nadroj.
"It is, I'm afraid, becoming a separate life force. It is shifting into forms." Nadroj explained as Walker lifted his eyebrows a bit not understanding what he meant.
"Shifting?" Walker murmured sensing that Nadroj was growing fearful.
"It is trying to become its own life force." Neque rasped with dread filling her heart. She hoped that they would stop the creature before it would reach this stage in its existence.
"And?" Ike asked wanting more of an explanation about their situation.
"My friends? When Taylor told me that it changed to look like him I knew then we are now in deep trouble. It wanted to find a form to change into and that is why my Taylor saw that. He searched his DNA and if that thing can do that.....well then he could change into anyone and we wouldn't know it." Nadroj explained noticing that Walker and his sons immediately had a sick look cross their faces.
"Nodrow? If... if it does reach that point... can we destroy it?" Taylor asked gulping hard seeing Zac nod wanting to know the answer too. Ike sat down heavily next to Taylor feeling sick to his stomach.
"I don't want to lie to you my Taylor, but if the creature does attain this level in his existence I don't know if I can then absorb it back into my body. It is so powerful now and look what it did already." Nadroj answered watching Taylor frown crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Then we have to figure a way to destroy it now! We shouldn't just sit around here letting it grow more powerful." Taylor professed flinging out his right hand for emphasis. Walker grew more worried as he listened to the conversation and walked up near his sons.
"Tell me Que... is the situation so bad that if we do not kill that thing...." Walker began when Neque stood up turning into a light green shade.
"If we do not my Walker all time and space will be destroyed and you will be stuck here for the rest of your lives." Neque boldly told him seeing Walker's face grow white.
"Then let's do something NOW!" Taylor again repeated with determination in his voice with his brothers looking at him and agreed nodding their heads.
"Take it slow my young one. There is time and we must go in understanding what this creature is made of. We have to know what we are dealing with and then we will have the knowledge of what to do." Neque warned them even though she admired their courage. She saw Taylor nod knowing she was right.
"Yeah. I just..." Taylor began when Nadroj placed his hand lovingly on his shoulder.
"We know my Taylor. It's okay." Nadroj consoled as Taylor turned and looked up at him swallowing hard.
"The only way to figure out his makeup is if we have a piece of him." Rotcod broke in with everyone turning to look at him.
"And how do you plan to do that?" Zac asked wanting to know as he rubbed his hands across his thighs nervously.
"I'm sorry but it is the only way." Rotcod stated looking toward Demi.
"Taylor and Zac have the answer in them." Demi announced as they all looked at him with confused expressions.
"What? We are the..." Zac asked not understanding what Demi was getting at.
"When the creature attacked you with his force and after we healed you...well some of the matter remained in your bodies." Demi explained seeing them both look surprised and realized that they didn't know.
"What do you mean it attacked them?" Walker asked sounding angry at the news and by the fact no one mentioned it.
"Umm... it was attacking all of us and Tay and I were trying to dodge the energy bolts that the thing was shooting at us." Zac gulped hard seeing that his father had a stern look on his face.
"Dad? We are fine. We both got hit but they healed us. Maybe in a way it was lucky that we did get hit by those bolts of energy. Now we have what Rotcod needs in our bodies to solve this being's DNA makeup. Right?" Taylor said and looked toward Rotcod who glowed in a light shade of gold knowing the young one wanted him to back him up.
"Yes my Taylor. That is true. I am going to get a instrument to draw some blood from the both of you." Rotcod stated walking toward the lab and passed through the sliding door.
"Draw blood?" Zac asked in a sick sounding voice as Taylor and Ike chuckled knowing how much Zac hated anything having to do with needles.
"It isn't that bad Zac. You know how much I hate needles too, but they have tools that don't hurt so much, like on our world. I mean... I should know. I have had them do enough stuff to me." Taylor smiled trying to reasure his brother who still looked at him with unsure eyes.
"I still don't feel good about it." Zac mumbled when Rotcod came back into the room and approached them. He knelt down next to them lifting up a long looking instrument with a sharp looking edge. Zac backed away, sliding across the cushion, shaking his head from side to side.
"You're not stinking that thing in me... dude!" Zac bellowed seeing Rotcod cock his head to the side not understanding his fear. Taylor stretched out his arm and pulled up his sleeve as Rotcod grabbed onto his arm.
"Do it on me first. Zac trust me it doesn't hurt at... OOWWW!" Taylor shouted as Ike started to laugh at Taylor's reaction.
"Yeah right!" Zac laughed seeing Taylor pull back his arm giving Rotcod a dirty wide eyed look of shock.
"I still need yours too, my young one." Rotcod declared watching Zac dart his eyes back and forth. He watched him slide forward flinging his legs over the edge of the cushion in front of him.
"Okay... I'll do this, but please be gentle." Zac smiled as Rotcod placed the tool against his forearm and then squeezed his eyes shut waiting for the pain to come. He felt a tiny sting and then slowly opened his eyes seeing the tube like thing fill up with his blood.
"That didn't hurt so bad." Zac smiled turning to look at Taylor who frowned.
"Well he made it hurt on me!" Taylor bellowed as Rotcod turned into a yellow shade.
"I am sorry my Taylor. After I drew blood from you just now, then I knew with Zac how not to make it hurt so bad on you humans." Rotcod explained feeling amused that this small procedure could make them so afraid, but yet they were willing to go out into the rips and face extreme danger. These humans were still very fascinating to him.
"Thanks a lot! Why am I always the one everyone learns from and I always get the worst of things?" Taylor rasped then smiled as Rotcod stood up and looked at the tubes with their blood samples.
"How long will it take to analyze the DNA?" Mayte asked glowing in a light shade of gold feeling curious.
"It shouldn't take very long." Rotcod murmured going into the lab with the door shutting behind him.
"When he figures this out then what is our next plan of action?" Ike asked looking up at Nadroj catching him staring at the two female aliens who were intently staring right back at him. Ike grinned knowing that he didn't hear a word he said. Ike looked at Taylor and Zac who noticed the same thing and found it amusing knowing that Nadroj was feeling very intranced by the females.

Lyshel sensed Nadroj's attraction and was enjoying the attention. Nueral was feeling the same as they all bonded in mind feeling a tingling sensation cover their bodies. Neque watched with Haelz at her side.
"My wiseone? I think our Nadroj has found his future mates." Haelz whispered feeling amused as Neque turned into a golden shade. She was thrilled to know that Nadroj with his extreme powers had finally found love. She always worried that maybe his presence couldn't bond with anyone of their kind because of the special being that he was.
"Yes, but first he has to defeat the energy that was created by him." Neque softly murmured with Haelz bowing her head knowing that Neque's statement was true.

Nadroj felt flustered and then broke the bond turning to look down at Ike, Taylor and Zac who he noticed were smiling at him.
"What my young ones?" Nadroj asked in a light shade of red when Taylor stood up.
"Nothing. It's nothing Nodrow. Ike asked you a question before but you didn't hear him." Taylor explained not wanting to embarrass him sensing his flustered state.
"Oh. I'm sorry my Ike. What did you ask me?" Nadroj asked trying to take control of his emotions, wondering why these two females could make him feel so confused and off center. He knew that somehow Lyshel and Nueral were very special to him. Also he thought they were quite beautiful and his fascination was growing with them.
"Um... I asked you when he, Rotcod, figures this DNA thing out then what will our plan of action be?" Ike asked again with Nadroj sitting down next to him running his arm around his shoulders.
"Well once the makeup of the creature is analyzed then we will know how to deal with it." Nadroj explained and then looked up shyly at Lyshel and Nueral smiling slightly.
"Are you okay Nodrow?" Taylor whispered as Nadroj looked up at him.
"I just never experienced love in this way before." Nadroj rasped with awe in his voice.
"You mean with them?" Taylor asked pointing in their direction as Nadroj quickly pulled his hand down.
"Please don't do that my Taylor." Nadroj murmured with Taylor smiling and nodded his head understanding his feelings.
"Sorry. I didn't mean..." Taylor began when everyone jumped when Rotcod came bounding into the room in a shade of deep blue. Taylor then felt his heart drop into his stomach.
"What is it?" Zac rasped with fear as everyone's eyes were glued to Rotcod who shook with anger.
"The creature is close to becoming a separate life form now. It is very powerful because of being created through the power of Nadroj's body. In any way you can find... you have to absorb it back into your body my Nadroj at all costs. I would say we only have at least two to three days left before it's unstable magnetic force solidifies into its own being, but there is something missing in his DNA and I can't figure out what that is right now. But...if this being finds what he needs and then becomes a whole being our world as we know it will no longer be. He is made of pure anti-matter. That is why he needs the protection of the black hole, but if he becomes whole he won't need the haven anymore. His presence will destroy the rips of time." Rotcod finished with his news seeing everyone feeling scared and nervous by his explanation of the situation they would have to correct.
"Why does it seek Nodrow? I mean isn't he positive to his negative?" Taylor asked swallowing hard when Rotcod looked deeply into his eyes.
"No my Taylor. It seeks you. I think something in you is what this creature is missing. You are the center to Nadroj's power like we told you before. It will think you are the reason for his and Nadroj's existence. His powers were born of you." Rotcod explained seeing Taylor's eyes fill with tears as he licked his lips nervously.
"But what do I do? I... I..."
"You still have to somehow draw him out." Nadroj explained seeing Ike, Taylor and Zac turn to look at him crinkling their eyebrows together.
"But that didn't work before. Look what that thing did out there." Ike stated not wanting to see his brother in any danger.
"I know now what I did wrong out there. I have to use the positive energy of the tides like he uses with the black hole. Only then I can...I mean we can fight that thing. I was to self assured thinking that only my powers within me could defeat it." Nadroj explained as Taylor stood up and faced him.
"I trust you totally Nodrow. I may be afraid but I will do what ever you ask of me. We want to go home again." Taylor exclaimed sucking in a deep breath of air. Nadroj glowed into a bright golden shade and gently ran his finger lovingly down the side of his face.
"As one my Taylor. Always as one." Nadroj crooned softly with Taylor smiling up at him.

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