The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 20 - This Is War!

Neque bolted up with everyone looking at her while her body grew into a shade of deep blue. Walker swallowed hard sensing that she was angry and scared at the same time.
"They have to get OUT of there NOW!" Neque screamed in raging fear with Walker and the others wondering why she suddenly shouted.
"What? What's wrong?" Walker asked with his stomach turning into knots.
"It is to powerful. I didn't realize that it..." Neque stated when she turned and faced Demi.
"You mean the energy?" Walker asked licking his lips watching her approach Demi.
"My Emitforecnalab you have to go in and get them out now!" Neque ordered as Demi nodded opening a rip into the tides.
"Wait! Tell me why you are afraid Que." Walker demanded seeing Demi slip into the tides quickly.
Neque walked over to Walker knowing how concerned he was and knew he deserved an explanation.
"My Walker? I am sorry but I sent them in to soon. I didn't realize how powerful this being was. They don't know what they are facing out there." Neque explained seeing Walker's face grow into a pale shade of white.
"Oh God! Are they... will they be alright? My sons..." Walker moaned turning around as he ran his hand nervously through his hair. He couldn't understand why this was happening, wishing desperately that he and his sons could just go home.

Taylor fearfully stared at the hole as he slowly was being drawn toward it. With all his strength he tried to fight the pull that was bringing him closer.
"NO! I... can't..." Taylor groaned when suddenly he saw a strange red plusating light floating within the blackness. He swallowed hard sensing that this was the creature that was created by Nadroj's uncontrollable powers. He jumped when he saw it form into a image of himself.
"What the?" Taylor gulped seeing himself only this image of him was completely red. He blinked his eyes not wanting to believe what his eyes were telling him. He turned his head when he sensed something to the right side of him. He could see that it was his brother Zac who looked confused and lost.
"ZAC!" Taylor screamed trying to desperately get his attention. He saw Zac turn and with a shocked look on his face.
"Tay? Where are you?" Zac asked as he spun in a circle with the sickly colors swirling around him making his vision blurred and distorted. He knew he heard his brother's voice call out to him.
"I'm to the left! Can't you see me?" Taylor asked swallowing hard.
"Oh MAN! Yeah... I see you now! These rips are so weird in here. Where's Ike?" Zac asked licking his lips when he sensed something right next to him making him jump.
"My Zac! Where are the others?" Demi asked grabbing Zac's arm feeling scared.
"HELP ME ZAC!" Taylor screamed feeling his body growing weaker and he could still see the red energy that was shaped into a image of him. "The hole is drawing me in! Please Zac, get me out!"
"The hole? I can't see it Tay! Demi's here with us." Zac answered feeling very scared.
"Pull him out my Zac. You must do it now." Demi instructed as Zac looked up at him with tearing eyes.
"But I... can't see..." Zac groaned as he concentrated reaching out trying to locate Taylor in the blinding swirling tides. He sucked in a deep breath wanting to calm himself and then felt his brother sensing a strong force around Taylor's body. He crinkled his eyebrows together and then threw his energy around Taylor's body and began to pull fighting with all his strength.
"Hurry Zac! Oh MAN! Please?!" Taylor rasped knowing his brother was trying to draw him away from the black hole feeling his energy against his body.
"It's so strong. I... I..." Zac moaned with beads of sweat dripping down his face wishing that Nadroj was here to help him.

Nadroj angrily spun in a circle trying to get his bearings. He looked around the area knowing that he was far away from the hole and his friends. He bolted diving through a rip and then stopped seeing Isaac just to the right side of him looking confused.
"My Ike!" Nadroj called out seeing him turn and then come toward him looking relieved.
"Nodrow! Where am I? Where is Tay and Zac? What happened?" Ike asked breathlessly as Nadroj reached out and grabbed him around the waist and dived through another rip.
"That being cast us all into different directions. I sense that Zac and Taylor are still near it. We have to reach them." Nadroj explained with determination in his voice.
"That thing is..." Isaac began and then sucked in a breath as they came through a rip and he saw Taylor near the opening of the massive black hole. "Oh God! Tay!"
"It will not defeat me!" Nadroj bellowed with anger as he bolted with Ike in his arms coming up behind Demi and Zac. He gently released Ike and went forward placing his hands on Zac's shoulders with Demi looking up at him.
"I will help you my Zac." Nadroj said knowing that Zac was growing weak and exhausted.
"I can't pull him out! It's to strong Nodrow." Zac cried in fear and pain as he started to shake. Isaac reached out and grabbed his hand throwing his energy into his brother to help also. They all threw their power together as Demi stood back watching. He saw a golden light bolt out from their bodies and could see Taylor jerk when the energy latched onto his body.
Taylor gasped throwing his head back when suddenly he sprung backwards away from the hole. He watched the hole grow smaller when suddenly he felt several hands grabbing him. Zac grabbed Taylor and spun him around and then hugged him desperately against his body.
"Tay... oh God... I thought I was going to lose you." Zac cried in anguish feeling Taylor hug him back.
"Thank you!" Taylor croaked with his voice cracking with emotion.
Nadroj looked at them and smiled as they both released each other and then turned looking back at the hole.
"Now to defeat this..." Nadroj began when Demi placed his hand on his shoulder.
"No my Nadroj. Neque wants you to come back now." Demi stated with fear stopping him with Nadroj looking into eyes with confusion.
"But I have to absorb it back. I..."
"No my Nadroj. Not at this time." Demi ordered watching them all looked confused.
"But why Demi? We have to..." Taylor started when a bolt of energy suddenly passed over their heads making them all spin around seeing the hole pulsating.
"Oh no. It's... it's..." Ike swallowed hard as they all watched and saw the hole start to throw out streams of energy that were heading right toward them.
"RUN!" Nadroj bellowed as they all bolted into different directions escaping the bolts of power.
"It's going to throw some more!" Taylor screamed sensing that the creature was very angry. He flew to the right bumping into Zac who was trying to get out of the way of another bolt of energy. They both grunted hitting each other hard.
"You alright?" Zac asked looking up into Taylor's scared eyes when his brother grabbed him pulling him downward and saw a bolt pass over their heads just missing them.
"Tay!? Zac!? Get over here!" Isaac shouted seeing them both turn and bolt toward him. Ike saw the bolts were just missing his brothers while Nadroj and Demi stood beside him.
"Nodrow!" Taylor shouted as him and Zac desperately kept dodging the bolts of energy that were cast out at them. Zac moved and twisted as he could see that they were almost there.
"Hurry guys! We have to get out of here!" Isaac declared wanting to go out there by his brothers and help them. He closed his eyes sucking in a breath of air praying they would make it. Demi opened a rip next to them so when Taylor and Zac reached them they would quickly go through it to escape the creature's wrath.
"Zac! Watch out!" Taylor shouted seeing Zac duck when suddenly he felt a shot of pain hit his back sending him backwards away from his brother.
"Taylor! NO!" Zac screamed seeing his brother's face grow into a look of sheer pain. He bolted toward him when he too felt a pain shoot into his left side.
"Ahhhhhh..." Zac cried in anguish feeling his body burn with extreme pain.
"Ohhhh... I can't..." Taylor moaned when he felt someone grab onto him pulling him up and then realized it was Nadroj with a fearful look in his eyes.
"I got you my Taylor." Nadroj cooed softly and bolted back over to Ike who stood waiting with fear covering his face.
"Zac? You have too..." Taylor groaned feeling dizzy and disoriented.
"Demi has him. We have to leave this place and come to fight another day." Nadroj sadly said looking up and angrily looked back at the hole hating this creature who wanted him.
"Come on guys!" Ike called out and then sucked in a breath of relief but was worried about his brothers knowing that they were both hit with streams of energy from the creature. Demi and Nadroj came up next to him and then they all quickly went through the rip leaving the creature who grew enraged with anger sensing that they were now not in the rips, as it exploded with more energy lighting up the area around him.

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