The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 19 - Finding The Answer - Continued

"I..I did connect with the creature. I saw it in the black hole. It is growing more as the time passes." Nadroj exclaimed getting his thoughts back to the matter at hand.
"What does it look like?" Zac asked sitting next to Haelz as he looked up at Nadroj who walked up to Taylor and sat down next to him.
"It is a energy force that is in the color of red. It was formed at the time when Taylor became as one with me in the tides. When it came into existence it was sucked into the black hole that was near me at the time and seemed to become one with it. It is a haven to this creature. It is made of negative matter and to be in the rips would weaken its strength and power. It hungers for a energy that now it will never attain through me but somehow it still thinks so. Somehow we must draw it out into the tides. Only there we can defeat it and then I can absorb back into my body." Nadroj explained noticing that Taylor was looking up at him with great concern.
"Why do you have to absorb it? That part I don't understand." Taylor stated flinging out his hands.
"We can't let this creature remain in the balance of the tides. It's energy is antimatter and the only way to completely take it out of existence is by me taking it back into my body where it started from." Nadroj answered looking deeply into Taylor's eyes.
"And this won't hurt you?" Ike asked not wanting his friend in any danger.
"No my Ike. That thing is apart of me. It is hard to explain." Nadroj answered looking toward him watching Ike nod trying to understand.
"When do we go in?" Zac asked curiously wanting to get this over with as he shifted nervously next to Haelz.
"Very soon my young ones but first I must explain how we will do this." Nadroj smiled sensing their nervousness.
"I am glad that you said that Nodrow. I don't want them going in without some kind of plan." Walker added in sitting down next to Isaac and leaned forward placing his elbows on his knees.
"First I must go in and then you must follow. It will sense us immediately and travel the rips until it reaches us. We must lead it very deep into the tides so we must stay ahead of it for awhile." Nadroj began as Ike, Taylor, and Zac listened and nodded to what he told them.
"How fast is this thing now?" Zac asked swallowing hard.
"It travels quickly now so we must go very fast through the tides ourselves and we must stay together at all times. Once we reach the inner most part of the tides we will then have to draw the creature out. This is where Taylor will come in. He will sense that you are the center to my powers and will try to draw you into the black hole." Nadroj explained seeing Taylor cast his eyes up and down fearfully as he nodded his head.
"How powerful is it? I mean can I fight the pull when he... it starts to draw me inside?" Taylor asked darting his eyes from side to side.
"I will be with you at all times, so will your brothers. Just keep ahead of it and draw his attention towards you. Then Zac and I will cast out our strength and take a hold of the black hole not letting it travel toward you." Nadroj explained seeing Zac blink his eyes and then swallow hard.
"I can do that? I didn't..." Zac began.
"Yes. Together we will not let it move forward. This will make the creature very frustrated as his hunger will desperately want Taylor's energy." Nadroj smiled and then looked toward Ike who was listening intently.
"What will I do?" Ike asked knowing that he was next seeing Nadroj look toward him.
"While Zac and I are casting our energy toward the hole I want you to link with Taylor and send forth your power helping him to fight the pull that he will be feeling against his body. Taylor will need your extra strength to withstand the pull. Once the creature is drawn out into the tides I will then do what has to be done." Nadroj instructed as Ike nodded his head running his hand through his hair.
"Okay. When do we start?" Ike asked looking up at Neque who walked up next to him.
"The time is now my young ones. The rips are at a dangerous level and we must heal them as soon as possible. While you are out there I will gather our people together to wait until you tell us when we can come in and heal the balance of time." Neque announced as she reached her hand out and gently caressed the top of Isaac's head lovingly.
Walker frowned as he stood up seeing his sons and Nadroj stand up as well. He knew that what his sons were about to do was very dangerous and wished somehow they wouldn't have to. His heart raced with fear watching them all stand next to Nadroj looking somewhat fearful themselves.

Nadroj opened a rip in the center of the room seeing the sickly colors swirl around as Taylor, Ike, and Zac watched Nadroj enter the time balance ahead of them. Nadroj sensed that the creature knew where he was even though he was very far away. He looked back and saw the young ones come in behind him as they looked around them with a look of saddness in their eyes while they viewed the rips.
"It looks really bad." Ike rasped in a low voice hating the sick looking colors surround them.
"I feel it coming!" Taylor shouted when suddenly they all backed up seeing the large black hole pop out of a rip to the right side of them about one hundred feet away.
"OH GOD!" Zac screamed never seeing anything like it in his life.
"LET'S GO! KEEP TOGETHER!" Nadroj shouted when they all bolted forward as Nadroj cast a golden light around them as they slipped through another rip with the hole coming up behind them as the creature inside finally felt joy thristing for the energy that the beings emanated from their bodies.
Taylor looked back gulping hard noticing that the hole was only a few feet behind them. He felt a jerk against his body when Nadroj reached out grabbing his hand pulling him along beside him.
"It has ME!" Taylor screamed in agony feeling the pressure pull at his body painfully.
"Just hold on! We are almost there!" Nadroj bellowed with anger as they all slipped into another rip going deeply into the tides. Fear coursed through him not expecting the thing to take hold of his Taylor just yet. They passed through when the golden light dropped from around them. Suddenly a bolt of energy struck against them as they flew in different directions in the tides. Taylor spun in circle as he tried to regain his balance flinging out his arms. He stopped taking in a deep breath and fearfully looked around him wondering where his brothers and Nadroj were not seeing them anywhere near him. His eyes grew wide when the hole moved in toward him.
"NO!" Taylor screamed as he turned around and shifted forward but then felt the pull once again against his body. Angrily he looked back and knew the hole was trying to draw him in.
"Somebody help ME!" Taylor screamed hearing his voice echo through the tides.

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