The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 1 - The Power - Continued

Mayte ran into the home of Neque wanting desperately to see her. She saw the wiseone coming down the stairs with Demi following behind her.
"My wiseone! My Nadroj is sick. He needs help!" Mayte shouted with terror filling her heart.
"We know my Mayte. It is foretold. We are going to him right now. He can't stay on this world much longer. He has to go into the balance of time. It is the only place for him to be safe for now until we slove what is happening to him." Neque crooned watching Mayte turn into a deep shade of blue.
"Ohhh... my young one! Why is this happening to him?" She cried as Demi took her into his arms trying to comfort her.
"Do you know where he is Mayte? We can't sense him. His powers won't let us connect right now." Neque asked walking out the door quickly with them following behind.
"Yes my wiseone. I know where he is. I left him in the land where the complex is located."
"Let's go my young ones. He needs us." Neque declared as they all took off at lightning speed letting Mayte lead them.

Haezl was petting the Nettik tenderly when she noticed some flashing of strange light in the distance about a mile away from her. Lucky hooted up at her with his backside quivering like he was afraid of something. She cocked her head wondering what it could be. She never saw anything like it before.
"What is it Lucky?" Haezl asked a little fearfully when she noticed that Saber started grunting nervously as he stopped chewing on some mold by a tree.
"I will go see what that is." She said as she took off and headed for the lights. She slowed down when she saw Nadroj sitting on the ground swirling the colors of the rainbow around him with Neque, Demi, and Mayte standing a distance away. She hurried to see what was going on with the young one. She sensed that something was dreadfully wrong.

"My young one you have to go into the tides right now or you could destroy the world around you, including your people." Neque was explaining to him as he shook in fear.
"NO! I am afraid! Emitforecnalab please hold me? Please?" Nadroj begged with tears flowing down his cheeks. Demi sadly bowed his head feeling like his heart was ripping apart.
"If I could my Nadroj I would. But you may hurt me. I do love you! I love you so much!" Demi crooned in a light shade of green hating that he couldn't reach out to him in his anguish. He turned when he saw Haelz come up next to him.
"What is wrong?" Haelz asked fearfully searching their faces for an answer.
"Nadroj's power is out of control. He can't take hold of his growing energy for some reason. We don't know why my Haelz." Demi explained as Haelz started to glow in a light shade of blue bowing her head sadly.
"Can you stand my love?" Neque cooed lovingly to him as he looked up into her eyes as another bolt of energy shot out from his body, with them ducking as it bolted over their heads hitting a huge rock behind them, cracking it in half.
"I think I can. I must leave before I hurt someone." Nadroj rasped regaining his emotions knowing that Neque was right. He hated to leave but he knew he had to. He slowly got up as the rainbow colors still swirled around his body. He angrily balled his hands into fists.
"I have opened a rip into the dimensional balance my young one." Neque pointed sadly.
"Will I disrupt the tides?" Nadroj asked walking carefully toward it trying to concentrate on not letting any bolts of energy release from around his body.
"No my young one. Your powers won't hurt anything in there." Neque answered with her body turning into a deeper shade of green feeling sorrow in her heart.
"My wiseone? I have contacted my Taylor. I need him. Somehow the humans hold the answer. I don't know why I know this, but something within me that is from the human side is doing this to me." Nadroj stated bowing his head as he leaped into the tides with Neque quickly closing the rip behind him.
"Ohhhh... my young one! My Nadroj!" Mayte lamented with fear in her heart.
"Mayte don't worry. Somehow we will solve the mystery. We can't lose him. He is our power and strength for our people. He is right that we must bring Taylor and his brothers here. It is foretold in the book of Serpow. Somehow Nadroj's human side is disrupting the other side of him. They hold the answer." Neque announced noticing that they looked somewhat relieved to hear this as their bodies glowed in lighter shades of blue.
"We will go to their world as soon as possible." Demi said feeling happy that they would once again see their human friends who he loved dearly and sad that it was under these circumstances. He looked out over the distance as a gentle breeze whipped across their bodies.

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