The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 1 - The Power

Nadroj was taking a walk in the land where he last saw his Taylor. He thought about him constantly for the last few days. His world was lonely without him. He frowned when he felt his body jerk with a jolt of energy. Lately he was noticing that his powers that he held within him were coming out of him without his knowledge or control. Suddenly he began swirling with the rainbow colors. He tearfully looked down at his hands with fear bolting through him. Tears filled his eyes. This never happened to him before. He closed his eyes concentrating on shutting down this power.
"Why is this happening to me?" He mumbled with fear raging through him. Finally the colors stopped as he bowed his head and sat down heavily on the ground starting to cry. He couldn't understand why he seemed to be losing control. A strong wind whipped across his face as he sensed someone was coming. He looked up seeing a cloud of dust heading in his direction. He knew it was his maternal mate, Mayte. She stopped about ten feet in front of him glowing in a shade of light blue. He just sadly looked up at her.
"My Nadroj what is wrong? I could feel you were in some kind of mental anguish my love." Mayte cooed softly walking up to him and squatted down in front of him.
"Mayte... I..I am afraid." Nadroj rasped as tears dripped down his cheeks as she reached out and gently caressed his face on the right side.
"Why?" Mayte asked searching his eyes as she feared for him sensing something was very wrong.
"How do I explain this? My powers are working against me. I tried to keep it a secret but lately it is getting worse. I can't control the powers that I have inside me. It is like...like they are suddenly growing way to fast and my body can't seem to catch up. I don't understand this! Why is this happening?" Nadroj moaned cocking his head to the side wishing somehow his mother could tell him how to slove his dilemma that he was going through for the last few months when this started up.
"I don't know my Nadroj. Maybe Neque would know the answer." Mayte said feeling fearful as she turned into a light green shade. She touched his face and then jumped as she felt a bolt of energy pass through her body painfully throwing her back.
"My Mayte!? Oh no!" Nadroj screamed bolting up as he began to jerk in spasms with the rainbow colors shooting out across the land. Rocks exploded as the energy hit against them. Nadroj shook trying to regain control. Tears poured down his face when he took control of his powers once again. He collasped with his legs giving out from under him.
Mayte sat up fearfully watching the scene that took place. She carefully stood up and backed away from her son. She knew she had to get help quickly.
"Mayte? Please help me!" Nadroj pleaded reaching out his arms toward her.
"I can't touch you my love. I have to go get the wiseone. You stay right here. Do you understand?" Mayte explained as she took off still shaking off the painful feeling from the bolt of energy that came from her son that passed through her body. Dread and horror engulfed her being.
Nadroj bowed his head as he started to sob and reached out across the distance to the one who he adored. He needed his Taylor.
"As one!" He moaned as his mind traveled over the tides of time. He concentrated putting all his energy into reaching him.

Taylor jumped as he stopped singing with his brothers who looked at him wondering why their brother looked like he was in some kind of trance. Ike put down his guitar noticing Zac stepped around his drum set as they both walked up next to him.
"Tay?" Ike asked with Taylor still staring off into space with a dazed expression covering his face.
"What's wrong?" Zac asked swallowing hard as he watched his brother sit very rigid with his hands still laying across the keys of his piano.
"As One." Taylor moaned softly under his breath.
Ike sat down next to him on the bench and grabbed Taylor's shoulders turning him to face him. Taylor's head dropped backwards limply.
"Ike? Look at his eyes. They are swirling!" Zac pointed out with Ike releasing his shoulders and grabbed his head pulling it up and saw what Zac was talking about. He crinkled his eyebrows together.
"It must be Nodrow. Somehow he is contacting him." Ike said gluping hard.
"But this is weird Ike. This never happened before when one of our friends contacted us. Why doesn't he respond? Taylor? Can you hear us?" Zac shouted noticing Taylor still didn't react. Ike got worried and shook him a little.
"Taylor? Say something! Who is connecting with you?" Ike asked desperately as his heart started to race.
"I'm getting Dad." Zac stated as Ike nodded watching him run up the stairs.
"Come on Tay! Nodrow? Why are you doing this to him?" Ike angrily questioned watching Taylor's eyes that were still swirling in shades of blue. Ike licked his lips as his eyes darted back and forth. He turned hearing footsteps coming down the stairs. He saw Zac with his father and mother following behind him. Walker ran up to his sons by the piano.
"What is happening Ike? Zac said that Taylor is in some kind of... oh my God!" Walker sucked in a breath seeing Taylor's eyes spinning in shades of blue.
"He won't say anything! I don't understand what is going on here. We were practicing and then suddenly Taylor just stopped dead. He's caught in trance or something." Ike groaned looking up at his Dad fearfully.
Walker gently grabbed Taylor's head turning it toward him.
"TAY! Snap out of it! NOW! Do you hear ME?!" Walker shouted forcefully, but still he didn't respond.
"Let's go in in his mind. Maybe then we will know what or who is doing this to him." Walker suggested as Zac came up behind Taylor with Diana fearfully watching them not knowing what to say feeling totally helpless.
"As One." Taylor whispered again.
Zac formed the link between them as they slowly went into Taylor's mind. They all jumped snapping back out as Diana let out a gasp noticing they all jerked with painful expressions covering their faces.
"What is that?" Ike groaned with tears welling in his eyes rubbing his forehead feeling a slight headache from the surge of power that rocked against all of them when they tried to enter Taylor's mind.
"Oh man! Is it hurting him? He doesn't seem to be in pain. Taylor? Come on son! Snap out of it!" Walker begged with his heart falling into his stomach.
"He keeps saying 'As One'. It has to be Nodrow." Zac said wondering why their friend was doing this to his brother.
"Tay?" Ike asked when he noticed that Taylor was suddenly moaning and then his head dropped down.
"No." Taylor murmured and then looked up weakly with tears filling his eyes.
They all breathed a sigh of relief as his eyes looked normal again. Walker grabbed his face tenderly in his hands as Taylor licked his lips looking up at him.
"Are you alright Tay?" Walker asked with his eyes darting from side to side. Diana moved around behind Walker.
"Dad? He..he is... he needs our help." Taylor rasped weakly as they all formed questioning looks on their faces.
"What are you talking about? Who? Nodrow?" Ike asked swallowing hard.
"He is sick. Very sick. He reached out to me. I saw him. He can't...can't control them anymore." Taylor gluped hard putting his hands on top of his father's who still cradled his face gently.
"What can't he control Tay?" Zac asked fearfully looking into his brother's face for a answer.
"His powers. He can't control them. He is so afraid. Dad? We have to somehow get in contact with the others. We have to go there." Taylor implored as Diana started shaking her head no.
"No. Not again." Diana exclaimed with dread filling her heart.
"But Mom he needs us. He... they have helped us so many times. Now it is our turn to help. He is apart of me. I feel him. I am ...am him!" Taylor pleaded with tears in his eyes.
"That is true. I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry Taylor. I just hate to see..." Diana began.
"It's alright honey. I know what you mean." Walker said taking his hands away from Taylor's face and turned around grabbing her into his arms and hugged her gently.

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