The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 19 - Finding The Answer

Nadroj went outside again feeling frustration in his heart. He walked a distance from the complex needing to be alone as he thought about what had to be done. He knew they just couldn't go out there without understanding what this creature was made of. He wanted to seek an answer and to do this he had to be alone. He finally found a spot and sat down upon the ground making himself comfortable. Slowly he brought out his powers as his body swirled with rainbow colors.
"Come to me! Show yourself or are you afraid?" Nadroj demanded when he saw the blackness fill his eyes. He reached out with his mind and entered the ominous black hole seeking this creature who hungered for him. He jumped slightly when he could see a strange red energy pulsating in the overwhelming darkness. Nadroj smiled sensing the creature's nature. Carefully he approached with his mind energy and slowly went around the creature looking at the shape and form and then remembered the exact moment when this thing was created from his body. He knew it was when Taylor became as one with him. He saw the bolt of energy fly out of his body when Taylor passed out.
"So that is the time when you were born." Nadroj mumbled when he noticed that the creature started to pulsate sensing his presence. He could tell it was frustrated and angry not understanding why he couldn't reach out and touch him.
"Very soon we will face you. I won't let you destroy my world and everything that I hold dear." Nadroj vowed as he drew back away from the creature who he saw start to move toward him. Quickly he snapped back into his own body and sensed the anger of the creature for leaving him. Nadroj got up and started to walk back to the complex when he noticed another being was wandering to the right side of him some distance away looking lost and confused. He stopped as he saw the being collapse to the ground. Fear struck his heart sensing that the being was hurt. He broke into a run racing toward the being finally stopping noticing that the being was a female as she laid on the ground in a shade of dark green. He kneeled down next to her reaching his hand under her head lifting it up gently.
"Can you hear me?" Nadroj asked hoping she was alright and thinking how beautiful she was. He saw her eyes flutter open as she jumped and painfully looked into his eyes.
"It..it's out there!" She cried as Nadroj gently put her head back down and then caressed her cheek lovingly.
"You're going to be alright. You're safe now." Nadroj cooed softly as she blinked slowly looking up at him sadly.
"It sucked me in, but it then pushed me out. I was so cold." She moaned fearfully, as she shivered remembering. Nadroj carefully lifted her up into his arms wanting to get her safely to the complex.
"You'll be just fine now my... my... what is your name?" Nadroj asked as he walked as fast as he could toward the complex.
"I am Lyshel." She whispered weakly knowing this was Nadroj who was the most powerful of their kind and that is why he was speaking in the language of the human legends.
"We'll take care of you Lyshel. Don't worry." Nadroj smiled as he approached the door to the complex and saw it slide open. He walked in and carried her to a cushion as everyone stood up and wondered who she was as he gently put her down. Rotcod came up to them and bent down over her.
"Where did you find her?" Rotcod asked feeling concerned noticing that this being's body was very green.
"Her name is Lyshel. When I was outside I saw her wandering around out there and saw her collapse to the ground. She was in the black hole." Nadroj explained and saw Nueral come up next to her.
"She is my friend. She was sucked in when the hole came into our area that we were healing. I thought she was lost forever." Nueral stated squatting down next to her.
"Nueral... you are safe. Thank the great one." Lyshel rasped as Rotcod brought forth his healing light and cast it into her body trying to see where she was hurt. He saw that only her body was exhusted and healed her as she closed her eyes loving the soothing warmth.
"She'll be just fine. It is just that she is totally exhusted. She needs to rest now." Rotcod stated as Nueral stayed next to her wanting to be close in case she needed help.
"You think there are others maybe out there? I mean Nur..rall said that a few beings were sucked in by the hole." Taylor asked with concern as he saw Nadroj staring at the two females.
"The creature must have realized that they weren't me and then cast them out. I don't know where the others could be." Nadroj answered as he still watched the two females intently.
"Nodrow? Maybe you should look for them. Nodrow? Are you listening?" Taylor asked smiling a little sensing that his friend was very attracted to Nueral and Lyshel.
"Huh? Oh yes! You're right. I will tell Neque what has happened." Nadroj answered in a flustered tone. Neque grew into a light shade of yellow feeling amused.
"I am right here my Nadroj. I heard what was going on as we all did my young one." Neque answered seeing Nadroj grow into a light shade of red feeling embarrassed by not sensing the others around him. He saw Nueral blink at him contently making him feel totally confused.
"Ummm... Nodrow? What did you find out? About the creature I mean?" Taylor asked wanting to take the attention away from his friend sensing his embarrassment.

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