The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 18 - What Is This Power?

The creature needed its energy source as it flowed from one rip to another in his search for the one with the power. Somehow the being that created him wasn't out there. He wanted to gain the power that it desperately hungered for. He glowed in a intense shade of red as he pulsated inside the black hole that seemed to protect him from the outside positive energy that he knew only weakened him. He reached out again sensing the presence that he longed for. Somehow three other beings seemed to carry the food that he longed for also. It couldn't understand why he couldn't seem to get near them. It was as if they were in another time and space. He wanted to find the entrance and the only way was through his connection with these beings. It grew angry and hated them for not letting him attain the energy he so desperately needed.
The tides weakened and grew in sickly rainbow colors as the magnetic waves spread out farther into time and space as he traveled in his search for power.

Nadroj stood outside looking up at the sky that was growing in a sickly green mist. He could see that the mist was spreading out over their world as far as the eye could see. He jumped feeling someone was standing next to him and then noticed that Taylor was fearfully looking up at the sky also.
"It is growing Nodrow." Taylor mumbled under his breath as he watched the mist slowly cross the sky above him.
"Yes I know. The creature is searching for me." Nadroj said sadly when Taylor looked back at Nadroj swallowing hard.
"I can feel it too. What is this creature? I mean is it the black hole?" Taylor asked wanting to know when Nadroj grabbed his left hand leading him over near some large rocks and sat down. He looked up into Taylor's eyes as he stood in front of him waiting for Nadroj to answer his question.
"The creature or whatever it is is not the black hole my Taylor. Somehow he is living inside of it. I think the energy that he is made of is of a negative force of magnetic energy." Nadroj explained watching Taylor crinkle his eyebrows together and then sat down beside him. Taylor looked out into the distance sadly.
"I don't understand. Does it have a form? I mean does this being look like anything, because every time he seems to reach out all we see is blackness?" Taylor asked turning toward him and looked up into his eyes wanting to understand.
"I think he is some sort of magnetic energy that must have came out of me when I was out of control. I really can't remember when I did this though. I don't know how to destroy it or if I really can." Nadroj answered watching Taylor look down at the ground as he licked his lips.
"But we have to find a way to stop this thing." Taylor said feeling his stomach turn into knots. They both heard the door to the complex open seeing Ike and Zac come outside and then walk toward them.
"Que is looking for you two. She wants you to come back inside." Ike said as he looked up at the sky crinkling his eyebrows together hating the green mist that blocked out the beautiful blue sky of this world.
"What does she want?" Taylor asked as he stood up and brushed the back of his pants off.
"She is reading the Book of Serpow again and she wants all of us to hear what it says. I think we better hurry because Dad is pacing the room again and you know how much he hates that book." Zac stated smiling at the thought.
"Does it say something good?" Taylor asked as they all started to walk back to complex when suddenly they all stopped feeling the presence take hold again.
"It's trying to connect with us." Taylor whispered seeing only the blackness before him.
"It will not stop until it finds me." Nadroj groaned when he saw the creature release his hold once more. He saw that the young ones were rubbing at their eyes trying to clear their vision.
"If it is looking for you why does it connect with us also?" Ike asked curiously, when they stepped inside the complex walking back to the main room and saw Neque sitting on a cushion with the book in her lap.
"I think it knows that we all are of the same substance through Taylor my Ike." Nadroj explained as he sat down on a cushion next to Nueral who blinked up at him with her violet eyes. Somehow Nadroj felt a attraction to her. Taylor walked up near Neque with his brothers as they sat down on the floor in front of her. Walker was anxious wondering what Neque was going to say. Demi and Mayte sat on a cushion that was next to Neque while Haelz sat down next to Zac.
"Now what does that book say now Que?" Walker asked with dread in his voice as he stood next to Rotcod and Don near Nadroj.
"The book is showing the creature that is inside this black hole that Nadroj has created. It is searching for his maker. It is also foretelling that Taylor will somehow be out in the tides with the creature chasing him and....."
"What?! Why is Taylor out there?" Walker shouted with concern running his hand nervously through his hair.
"I..I'm... I'll be out there?" Taylor asked fearfully gulping hard.
"Let me finish this my friends. The book doesn't say or show that you are afraid my young one. You want to be there for some reason. It also shows Nadroj, my Ike, and Zac are out there too in the balance. You are the answer my young ones to defeating this thing. But it is only beginning to form another picture and it vaguely shows some kind of explosion of energy. That is all the book is foretelling now my friends." Neque finished running her hand along the smooth surface of the book in her lap.
"But why is it chasing me and not Nodrow?" Taylor asked wanting to desperately know as he stood up facing her.
"Because you are the essence of what Nadroj is made of my Taylor. You are the reason for his existence. Without you he would have never been born. The creature will sense that, knowing you are the center of why Nadroj exists." Neque explained seeing a shocked expression cross his face, watching his eyes grow wide with surprise.
"What I want to know is... will my son get hurt? I will not allow them to go out there without knowing how to destroy that thing?!" Walker declared boldly walking up next to Taylor.
"My Walker it will come to be. The book has..."
"Yeah I know... it is foretold!" Walker finished angrily rubbing his hands together nervously.
"If we are out there as it says in the book somehow we must have formed a plan." Isaac spoke up cutting in as everyone turned to look at him. Nadroj got up off the cushion glowing in a light shade of gold coming up behind Taylor and reached his arms around him hugging him to his body.
"I understand now what I must do. The creature is made from the negative and I am the positive. Somehow I must absorb it back into my body." Nadroj announced when Taylor pulled out of his arms spinning around and faced him.
"What? You have to do what?" Taylor asked fearfully not liking what Nadroj was saying.
"That is the only way to destroy it my Taylor. I have to take back what I created. If I don't do this time will be ....." Nadroj began to explain.
"But how can you do that with it in that black hole?" Taylor asked dreading the answer sensing somehow he was going to be involved.
"You will draw him out my Taylor. That is what the book was foretelling." Nadroj stated when Taylor and his brothers frowned at the answer.
"I..I... ohhhhh... no!" Taylor exclaimed backing up putting his hands up in the air wanting to block what Nadroj was telling him.
"I know you are afraid my Taylor but...
"Oh God please." Taylor rasped knowing what his friend was saying was true.
"But Tay will be okay? Right?" Zac asked wanting to be assured as he looked up at Nadroj seeing tears fill his eyes.
"I can't say for sure. We must heal the balance of time my young ones. My powers caused this and now I must make things right again. My Taylor? Will you help me?" Nadroj pleaded reaching out his hand to him seeing fear in Taylor's eyes. Taylor sucked in a deep breath knowing how much Nadroj needed him. He slowly reached out his hand and walked up and grabbed his hand as Nadroj pulled him in and hugged him gently against his chest.
"If it is the only way... I will follow what you want me to do." Taylor assured him still feeling scared. Zac and Isaac walked up to them as Nadroj reached out his arms hugging all three of them knowing once again they would form as one and together they would defeat this creature and heal the balance of time.

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