The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 17 - The Powers That Be - Continued

"Are they okay? Why are they shaking like that?" Walker asked pointing at his sons who he saw writhing in agony in Nadroj's arms.
"They are in pain but they will be fine my Walker. Nadroj is healing the organ that Taylor has that formed in his body during the time when we healed your son. It is apart of us that was left in him during that time." Neque explained trying to sooth Walker's fear. She could see that he still looked confused and worried.

Taylor groaned feeling a intense heat radiate in the back of his head. He felt like his head was going to explode.
"Nod..Nodrow where?" Taylor asked blinking back his tears trying to understand what Nadroj was doing.
"Shhhhh... I must concentrate. I am changing the gland that came from me, so when the next time your powers rise in your bodies they will withstand the surge of power." Nadroj explained as he brought forth more power. He could see the gland creating the needed part as it glowed red in Taylor's mind.
"Why? Why does it hurt so much?" Taylor asked biting his bottom lip.
"It's in us too?" Zac asked sucking in a shaking breath of air.
"Yes my Zac. When you all became as one you attained it through Taylor. Now be silent my young ones. It is almost done." Nadroj stated as he threw in the last surge of energy watching the gland transform perfectly.
"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Isaac, Taylor, and Zac screamed in unison feeling a intense pain pound at the back of their heads.
"You are healed and as one!" Nadroj shouted hating that he caused them so much pain. He knew that their human bodies were very sensative to pain unlike his. He finally felt them relax in his arms and watched them breathing in rasping breaths of air with sweat rolling down their faces.
"That was... was..." Isaac began swallowing hard not being able to finish as he still felt a warm heat in his mind.
"I will stay with you as your powers finish its next rise." Nadroj said watching Taylor raise his eyebrows looking deeply into his eyes.
"Our..our powers didn't... didn't..." Taylor asked as Nadroj gently placed them back down onto the cushions seeing them glow in a tranlucent shade of blue.
"No my Taylor. They are still rising but now you will be able to take the change. Just close your eyes my young ones and let it pass." Nadroj smiled looking lovingly down at them. Walker came up near to him and looked up at him with concern.
"Yes my Walker. They will be alright now." Nadroj stated knowing what Walker was going to ask.
"Then why are they glowing blue?" Walker asked with concern.
"Their powers are transforming again. They are almost finished." Nadroj explained while Walker nodded rubbing the side of his cheek as he turned and saw the blue light fading around them.
"I'm so tired." Taylor whispered blinking his eyes slowly as he slid his right arm across the cushion and grabbed Zac's hand squeezing it gently.
"Yeah... I am too." Zac agreed turning his head and looked at Taylor as he smiled.
"Now what kind of powers do we have?" Isaac smiled looking up at his father who looked concerned.
"Your powers have reached a new level again my young ones. You are all more powerful now." Nadroj said smiling at Isaac who nodded slightly and closed his eyes feeling totally exhusted.
Walker saw that they all fell asleep. A feeling of relief came over him as he sat down on a cushion near his sons.
"Thank you Nodrow for saving my sons." Walker exclaimed as Nadroj squatted down next to him.
"I had too. I love them so....." Nadroj began when suddenly his vision grew dark and he heard the thing call out to him again. Walker cast his eyes up and down wondering why Nadroj seemed to be in some kind of trance.
"Nodrow?" Walker asked when Neque grew concerned walking up next to him.
"What is wrong with Nadroj?" Demi asked wondering why his young one was in a shade of blue.
"This happened to him when we were in the lab eariler. He told me something was calling to him and he didn't know what it was." Rotcod broke in as everyone turned to look at him.
"But who? Why didn't we feel it?" Mayte asked knowing that Demi and her could always feel everything that happened to him.
"I think he is coming out of it." Walker said seeing Nadroj's eyes focus again.
"Are you alright my young one?" Neque asked placing her hand on his shoulder as he looked into her eyes fearfully.
"It's out there. I can't see what it is my wiseone. Something wants me but I can't understand it. I don't know what it is." Nadroj tried to explain as he ran his hand across his forehead.
"Nodrow? What's wrong? What was that thing?" Taylor broke in as everyone jumped seeing that Taylor was awake and looking scared.
"You saw it too my Taylor?" Nadroj asked blinking his blue eyes with awe.
"We all saw it. What does it want?" Taylor asked with concern, sitting up slowly when Ike and Zac woke up looking just as scared. Zac sat up and looked around him fearfully with Isaac doing the same thing.
"Why was there only darkness?" Zac asked darting his eyes back and forth and swallowed hard.
"What? What are you seeing?" Walker asked leaning toward him.

"My wiseone?! My wiseone!" A scream shouted as everyone jumped seeing a being enter the complex in a shade of intense green. Rotcod bolted up and ran to her catching her as she fell into his arms passing out from intense fear.
"Nueral?! My Nueral!" Rotcod shouted in agony lifting her into his arms and carried her quickly over to everyone placing her gently down on the floor in front of Neque.
"Who is...?" Taylor asked looking at Rotcod who was in a shade of blue.
"She is my young one." Rotcod stated when Nueral jerked looking up into the eyes of Neque. She sat up with her body shaking in fear. Neque reached out caressing her face lovingly.
"What is wrong my young one?" Neque asked with concern.
"It's sucking in everything! It is attacking everything in its path my wiseone!" Nueral rasped as Nadroj squatted down next to her looking into her fearful light violet eyes.
"What is my Nueral?" Nadroj asked as she grabbed his arm with fear racing in her heart as everyone listened intently around her.
"The hole. The black hole that was formed from you my Nadroj. It is as if it is a living thing." Nueral answered bowing her head sadly as a shiver ran up her spine.
"But a black hole is not a living thing." Nadroj declared casting his eyes up and down with fear racing through him.
"Nodrow? That's what we saw. It is the black hole that was reaching out to you....and us." Taylor exclaimed as he slid off the cushion and sat on the edge.
"The people were out there healing the damage when it came into our area. We saw it come toward us and when we tried to leave, it suddenly started to pull at our bodies. It....it took in some of our people! They were sucked in! Three others besides me escaped. We told everyone to get out of the tides." Nueral explained sadly as Nadroj grew into a shade of green.
"But why?" Mayte asked feeling very confused.
"But isn't a black hole only the remains of a collasped star? It can't be a living thing." Walker said sadly seeing his sons looking fearful and just as confused.
"You are right my Walker, but something about this hole is different." Neque affirmed as she looked at Nadroj knowing it was somehow connected with the young one.
"My powers must have created something when I was out of control but I don't know what I did." Nadroj mumbled looking down at his hands.
"We thought it was weird when we were out there and that thing kept following us." Isaac added in feeling concerned.
"We must keep everyone out of the tides until we can solve this." Demi announced looking over at Neque for approval and saw her nod her head in agreement.
"But won't the balance keep getting worse if it isn't healed?" Zac asked looking at Neque with a questioning look cross his face.
"I am afraid so my Zac, but we can't risk anyone out there in the tides." Neque answered sadly and wondered how they would confront this creature and destroy it.
"But isn't the tides our only way home?" Taylor asked flipping out his hand and looked toward Nadroj who bowed his head sadly.
"Yes my Taylor... it is." Nadroj murmured under his breath as he stood up and looked into the distance knowing it was him that had to fight this energy that loomed over the tides of the balance and their world.

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