The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 17 - The Powers That Be

Nadroj bolted awake looking around the lab anixously with Rotcod staring at him curiously. A sense of dread filled every fiber of his being. The rainbow colors swirled around him as he looked beyond into a void of blackness. Something was calling out to him in his mind but he couldn't understand what it was as he blinked slowly with tears of fear forming in his eyes. The feeling suddenly left him leaving him feeling confused and scared. He turned looking into the concerned eyes of Rotcod who stood next to him in a shade of light blue.
"What is it young one?" Rotcod asked sensing the overwhelming fear that seemed to latch onto Nadroj just moments ago.
"I don't know. I felt something odd my Rotcod. I feel as if something wants me, but I sense this feeling of danger with whatever it is." Nadroj answered watching Rotcod cock his head to the right curiously.
"Maybe you are feeling the young Taylor." Rotcod concluded watching Nadroj stand up and backed up slowly as Nadroj shook his head sadly. He looked down into Rotcod's eyes knowing it was something different that was trying to reach out to him across the tides of the balance.
"No. This is not my Taylor that I felt. I don't what or who it is." Nadroj rasped when suddenly he snapped his head up turning into a dark shade of blue and looked toward the door.
"Nadroj? What is..." Rotcod asked not being able to finish as he watched Nadroj bolt to the door.
"My Taylor!" Nadroj screamed sensing that Taylor needed him. The door slid open and he saw Don and the others gathered around his Taylor while he laid on a cushion. He walked up behind Neque with Rotcod following also wondering what was wrong with the young one. Nadroj placed his hand gently on Neque's shoulder seeing her turn her head looking up at him fearfully.
"He is very sick my Nadroj. His powers are rising within him." Neque said sadly as he pushed his body in front of her and squatted down next to him watching Walker pet his forehead gently.
"Please Nadroj help him. He won't wake up and he has a fever." Walker pleaded with fear in his voice as he licked at his lips.
"When did this happen? When did Taylor's powers start to rise?" Nadroj asked noticing that Isaac and Zac looked very pale also.
"Tay said that he felt his powers growing when we were in the tides while we were helping you. He thought it was you causing the feeling." Zac explained as he bowed his head feeling a dizziness suddenly overcome him. Walker sucked in a sharp breath when Zac rocked backwards while Haelz caught him noticing that he passed out in her arms. Isaac fearfully blinked as he began to shake.
"Oh God! It's..it's happening to us now." Isaac rasped with fear while he ran his hand through his hair swallowing hard. He tried to fight the feeling but he noticed that everything was suddenly turning blue as a ringing sound filled his ears.
"NO! Ike?" Walker shouted seeing that his oldest son was going out also while Mayte grabbed him as he fell backwards into her arms.
Gently Haelz and Mayte placed them onto the cushions next to Taylor. Walker tearfully looked at his sons and then looked toward Nadroj who had tears dripping down his face.
"You have to save them! Please?" Walker begged as he kept on caressing Taylor's forehead wishing he could do something himself for his sons. The feeling of helplessness overcame him.
"But can he? I mean is Nodrow up to it?" Don asked with concern knowing that Rotcod said that he still was somewhat weak from the operation.
"I didn't know this was going to happen so quickly to them. Why didn't my Taylor tell me?" Nadroj said sadly as he reached out and gently touched Zac's forehead noticing that he felt extremely hot to the touch.
"He..he didn't want to worry you. I think he thought there was time." Walker professed darting his eyes back and forth fearfully.
"I don't think their bodies can take the influx this time." Neque announced with concern as she gazed down at Isaac in a shade of light green.
"I will heal them." Nadroj declared when Rotcod bent down next to him.
"You can't. You still need to heal my young one." Rotcod stated with concern and saw Walker's eyebrows crinkle with anger.
"But if we don't do something now... what will happen to them? I mean can we wait?" Walker asked gulping hard.
"I will go into their minds. We have to know how far this transition is right now." Nadroj explained as he stood up and squatted down next to Taylor. Walker slid back a little giving him room.
"Are you sure you are up to it my young one?" Rotcod asked with concern.
"Yes my Rotcod. I can do this." Nadroj answered placing his hands softly on Taylor's head. He brought forth his powers and slowly entered his mind. Taylor jerked his head in his hands while Nadroj went into the depths of his mind.
"My Taylor? I am with you. Lead me to where you are." Nadroj whispered seeing a tiny golden light float in front of him.
"Help me..." Taylor rasped softly with fear in his voice. Nadroj drew out his powers and connected with the light. Suddenly he felt the presense of Isaac and Zac also.
"I can't control it! I..I..." Taylor shouted in fear watching Nadroj's power approach.
"I see the rise." Nadroj stated and then knew what he had to do. He quickly pulled back leaving his mind.
"NODROW!" Taylor, Isaac, and Zac shouted with fear not understanding why he left them.

Walker watched as Nadroj stood up wondering why he was turning into swirling colors of the rainbow. Neque bolted forward knowing that the young one was getting ready to heal as fear surged within her. She was scared thinking he wasn't healed enough to do this yet.
"NO! NEQUE STAND BACK!" Nadroj shouted in command as she jumped pulling back.
"What? What is wrong?!" Walker asked fearfully licking his lips.
"My young one?! You must not do this now!" Neque begged seeing Nadroj's determined eyes turn toward her as they swirled in shades of blue.
"I am ready. My body is healed." Nadroj confirmed as Neque cocked her head suddenly realizing that he was. She was awed by the power of the young one before her.
"Yes! Yes you are. Do what you have to do my young one!" Neque shouted with joy growing into a intense golden shade as the others did the same. Walker looked confused as he looked from one to the other.
"He has healed himself. This is amazing." Rotcod rasped feeling astounded by Nadroj's powers.
"Then he can heal my sons? Please someone tell me!" Walker yelled as Demi put his arm lovingly around his shoulders.
"Yes my Walker. He will heal them. Watch and keep silent now." Demi exclaimed as Walker nodded his head with his heart racing while he backed up with Demi leading him. The room filled with the swirling colors of the rainbow emanating off Nadroj's body as they all stood in awe watching him.

Nadroj drew forth his powers feeling the surge of energy flow through him. He stepped up to Taylor grabbing him up into his arms. A bolt of intense white light enveloped their bodies when Isaac and Zac were lifted off their cushions and were also brought into the light. Nadroj drew his arms around them as he went deeply into Taylor's mind. Taylor jerked opening his eyes looking fearfully up into Nadroj's.
"We are as one. Don't be afraid my Taylor." Nadroj softly rasped with love.
"I feel pain." Taylor moaned feeling an energy pass through him.
"I know the area to heal this in your body my Taylor. No matter what happens stay with me. Do you understand?" Nadroj explained watching Taylor nod slightly.
"But I..I thought you had to..."
"I am healed my Taylor and now I will heal you." Nadroj assured him as he then found the gene that was of their kind in his body. He cast forth his healing light feeling Taylor pull back in his arms.
"NO! Hurt... it hurts!" Taylor screamed in agony throwing his head back with tears filling his eyes.
"Tay? I feel... feel pain." Zac suddenly broke in sounding fearful.
"Hold on my young ones. I am with you." Nadroj crooned softly knowing their bodies were feeling intense pain.
"I can't..can't stand it." Ike moaned as his body shook and dripped with sweat from the power that was trying to form between them.

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