The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 16 - The Bonds Of Love - Continued

Taylor crossed his arms over his chest and paced the outside room remembering this is where the Faction imprisoned him. Zac sat down on a chair with Haelz seating herself next to him and gently stroked his hair sensing his anticipation. Ike sat on a cushion with his father as they both watched Taylor walking back and forth.
"Tay? It's going to be alright now." Walker crooned wanting to relieve his fears.
"I know Dad. I just don't like this room that we are waiting in. It just reminds me of the time...." Taylor began bowing his head.
"Want to go outside?" Walker asked as Taylor nodded watching his father stand up and head for the door. Taylor followed him and felt the soft night breeze hit his face. He drew in a breath and smiled up at his father who put his arm around his shoulders and hugged him close to him.
"Do you feel better now?" Walker asked watching Taylor nod looking down at his feet. A sound then caught his attention. Walker heard it also as they both looked into the distance.
"That's Saber. He's humming." Taylor smiled and then saw a shadow come out of the darkness walking slowly up to them.
Saber was delighted to see Taylor again as he rubbed his huge head against Taylor's face pushing him and his father a little off balance. Taylor chuckled and reached up petting him on his nose between his eyes. Saber blinked his eyes slowly feeling content.
"How ya doing Saber?" Taylor smiled grabbing his tuffs on the sides of his head and pulled gently. Saber pushed his face toward him again and licked Taylor on the cheek.
"Glad to see me... huh?" Taylor crooned when suddenly Zac appeared at the doorway looking excited.
"Dad? Tay? Rotcod wants you to come in now." Zac smiled from ear to ear.
"Nodrow? He's alright?" Walker asked as they both stepped into the building as Saber laid down near the doorway.
"Zac? Answer me. Is he alright?" Taylor demanded when suddenly he walked into the area and saw Nadroj standing next to Don smiling and glowing in swirling rainbow colors. Taylor was stunned and ran to him as Nadroj opened his arms swooping Taylor off his feet hugging him tightly.
"Oh God... oh God thank you!" Taylor rasped hugging Nadroj around his neck.
"I am still a little weak but I will be fine now because of you. You saved me and never let go of that hope." Nadroj expressed with love and gently placed Taylor down onto the floor.
"He needs to rest now. The procedure went perfectly." Rotcod announced looking up at Nadroj who amazed him.
"But if the powers that Nodrow has caused the other gland to deteriorate who says it won't happen again." Walker questioned with concern looking up at Nadroj.
"I thought of that possibility also my Walker. But somehow the new levels of power are protecting the needed gland now. There is nothing to worry about." Rotcod explained as Walker nodded his head listening to him.
"That's great!" Walker bellowed smiling and feeling relieved.
"Our powers rose to a new level also." Zac said smiling and then noticed that Nadroj turned into a light blue shade.
"What's wrong Nodrow?" Taylor asked knowing he felt concerned about something.
"I don't understand why this would happen to you three. It shouldn't have happened to you." Nadroj stated as everyone looked at him with questioning eyes.
"But it did. We're fine Nodrow." Taylor assured him casting his eyes up and down watching his friend still looking sad and confused.
"No. It's not right. Tell me exactly how this took place." Nadroj asked looking at Ike, Taylor and Zac with deep concern.
"Well we were trying to sleep and then..." Zac began.
"We couldn't drop into a rem state. Somehow we linked together and at first we thought we were dreaming, but we weren't. It seemed like we were in some level that was pushing us all together." Ike explained.
"We formed together as one and could see and feel everything about each other. Our powers came together and then it was like we exploded." Taylor finished gestering his hands outward.
"They are fine my Nadroj. They just now are closer then ever. Why are you so concerned my young one?" Neque asked cocking her head to the right wanting his explanation.
"If their bodies are going to rise to more powerful levels I don't know if they will survive the next surge. Their human forms are not made like ours or mine my wiseone." Nadroj said fearfully as Taylor swallowed hard darting his eyes back and forth.
"Why not?" Ike asked sounding a little fearful himself.
"You are mostly human my young ones. You have some of my DNA in you because of Taylor, but I didn't think it would cause a influx in your powers." Nadroj explained as he reached out and gently ran his finger down Taylor's right cheek noticing that Taylor looked very scared.
"But how do we stop it?" Taylor asked in a shaking voice.
Walker didn't like what he was hearing and nervously ran his hand through his hair.
"But when will the next rise happen to my sons?" Walker asked with fear in his voice.
"My powers are still growing and if that is true... then it is also happening to them." Nadroj said sadly as Taylor took a step backward at the news.
"But we feel fine. Maybe you are just worrying to much Nodrow." Taylor exclaimed hoping he was right. He saw Nadroj sadly shake his head.
"I don't like this." Zac moaned feeling his heart start to race with fear.
"I have to find your source of power in you my Taylor. Then I can solve the problem and stop the growth inside your body." Nadroj stated hating that he was causing them fear.
"In me? Why me? Ike and Zac have the same powers as I do now." Taylor asked with tears filling his eyes.
"Because we are like one my Taylor and then through you I will stop it in all of you." Nadroj exclaimed reaching out to Taylor who started to shake with fear.
"When will you do this?" Ike asked in a rasping voice and swallowed hard.
"I can't until my powers level out my Ike. It will take several days." Nadroj explained when Zac cleared his throat wanting attention. Nadroj turned and looked deeply into his eyes.
"What about that black hole in the rips? Don't we have to do something about that thing?" Zac asked wanting desperately to change the subject.
"I will have to absorb it back into my body. I created it and it is looking for me." Nadroj said watching Zac nod his head slowly.
"You must rest now Nadroj." Rotcod interupted touching his arm.
"But if it is going to take several days for you... will we be alright till then?" Taylor asked wanting to know.
"I hope so my Taylor. I hope so." Nadroj said following Rotcod back into the lab so he could rest.

Taylor sat down heavily onto a cushion and rested his head into his hands feeling dizzy and sick to his stomach. Ike squatted down next to him touching his knee lightly.
"Please Ike... leave me alone. I need to be alone." Taylor mumbled under his breath feeling very depressed.
"No Tay. We... Zac and I are with you in this. What ever happens we all are going to go through it together." Ike firmly stated watching Taylor raise his head from his hands and look into his eyes fearfully.
"I'm scared Ike. I'm so scared." Taylor rasped with terror raging through him.
"Why? We are fine right now. You heard what Nodrow said. He is going to help us in this situation." Ike said crinkling his eyebrows together as Zac kneeled down next to Ike.
"No... I'm not Ike. I feel the powers inside me. They are changing again. I felt it in the tides, but I thought it was just my connection with Nodrow. I thought he was causing the feeling inside me." Taylor groaned as he bit his bottom lip and saw his father looking at him with fear in his eyes as he listened to what he said.
"How? What do you feel Tay?" Zac asked running some hair behind his left ear.
"It's like this energy pulsating inside my head. I can feel it right now in the back." Taylor explained reaching his arm behind him up over his head and showing them where he was feeling this energy in the back of his head.
"Does it hurt Tay?" Walker asked hating that now something else was going wrong.
"I have a slight headache. It doesn't hurt to bad." Taylor said seeing Demi and the others were in shades of light blue watching and listening to their conversation.
"Why didn't you tell Nodrow about this?" Zac asked watching his brother turn and look at him.
"I didn't want to worry him. I want him to heal. Maybe this energy won't do anything for awhile yet." Taylor answered licking his lips nervously.
"I suggest that you all rest now. We will confront this problem later." Neque crooned lovingly watching them nod but still looking very fearful. She watched as Walker pulled the cushions that were strewn around the room in a group next to Taylor. Sadly she saw them all lay down as she and everyone else rested also.

Walker woke up with a start feeling someone kick his leg. He rose up onto his elbow and saw Taylor rocking his head back and forth. Fearfully he sat up and noticed that his son was sweating and moaning in his sleep. He reached out and placed his hand on Taylor's forehead and gasped. Taylor felt very hot to the touch. He was burning up with fever.
"Tay!" Walker bellowed out waking Isaac and Zac who looked up at him confused.
"Dad? What is wrong?" Ike swallowed hard as he saw his father lift Taylor's upper body into his arms and start to rock back and forth with tears flowing down his face.
"NO! I won't let this happen! NO!" Walker screamed out in agony as Taylor hung limply against his chest. He looked up at the ceiling praying for his sons. He couldn't imagine losing them to this power that they held inside.

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