The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 16 - The Bonds Of Love - Continued

Walker jumped hearing Taylor's voice. He looked at Neque who knew he was linked with his sons again, as they were all in the lab again knowing that the gland was just about ready.
"Show me where you are Tay." Walker said when he saw a image of where they were seeing them looking around with confused expressions on their faces.
"Tell them to slip through the rip that is colored blue. It is several feet in front of them. It will take them to the area of the old complex." Neque instructed nodding her head knowing the book was now coming into reality again.
"I heard what she said. We're going in now." Taylor said as they went into the rip. They came out recognizing the area. Zac looked back and was relieved to see that the hole wasn't near them anymore.
"Tay? Guys? The pituitary gland is almost ready. Rotcod will join you shortly." Walker said noticing that Nadroj was awake in their arms but looked very weak and his skin was a very dark green.
"Do you hear that Nodrow? You're going to be okay now." Taylor exclaimed with joy. Nadroj smiled through his pain and nodded a little.
"Yes my Taylor." Nadroj crooned softly closing his eyes and drew in a deep breath.

Rotcod knew the new pituitary gland was now ready. He carefully reached in and lifted the delicate gland into his hands while Don watched intently holding a container as Rotcod put it in gently and then closed the lid and pressed a switch on the side to keep the gland at the right temperature. Walker and the others watched from the other side of the room.
"I will go ahead and start the operation. Don? Make sure you have everything set on your side in the complex." Rotcod instructed as Don nodded his head smiling.
"We'll have everything set. Just go now and save Nodrow." Don said as Rotcod opened a rip and quickly passed through.
"Let's go and set up the room in the complex." Neque said as everyone grabbed the equipment that Rotcod wanted to be taken over to the complex.

Taylor, Ike and Zac saw Rotcod slip through a rip rapidly moving toward them.
"There he is!" Zac bellowed with excitement as Rotcod approached and quickly moved up to Nadroj as Taylor and Ike held onto to him.
"I will need you Taylor. So just stay next to me. Ike hold this." Rotcod said holding the container out to him as Ike took it from his hands and nodded licking at his lips.
"What's in it?" Ike asked looking at it curiously.
"It's the pituitary gland. Zac? Taylor? I want to roll him over. I will begin the procedure in the tides and then once I place the new pituitary gland into his brain we will finish the operation in the complex." Rotcod explained to them as they all listened intently.
Nadroj felt scared as they rolled him over so the back of his head was facing Rotcod. Taylor swallowed hard watching Rotcod prepare Nadroj for the operation.
"Taylor? Go into his mind and bond with him now." Rotcod declared as Taylor nodded and did as he told him without question. He felt the pain but went in deeply into his mind.
"I'm in. Now what?" Taylor asked feeling a little dizzy.
"Reach in till you see the old gland and stay there till I tell you to pull back." Rotcod said seeing Taylor nod. He reached over and grabbed a instrument that was connected onto the side of the container and then very carefully made a incision on the back of Nadroj's neck. Zac turned his head not wanting to look. Nadroj let out a soft groan.
"Aren't you going to put him out?" Isaac asked wondering why he didn't.
"He has to be awake during this procedure." Rotcod answered and then pressed a switch on the instrument as a long thin strand went deeply into his brain. He saw the instrument register that it found the old gland. Taylor winced feeling the strand touch the gland as the thing wrapped around it and quickly cut off the old one drawing it out.
"He's going to pass out!" Taylor moaned feeling very sick to his stomach.
"Keep him awake my Taylor! You have to keep him awake!" Rotcod demanded seeing beads of sweat roll down the boy's face.
"He's awake." Taylor rasped under his breath feeling Nadroj's instense pain. Rotcod then opened the container and reached in gently grabbing the new pituitary gland. He placed it on the end of the instrument as Ike watched with interest as Rotcod then ran the instrument into the brain.
Taylor was amazed watching and feeling everything as if the instrument had a mind of its own and knew exactly what to do. He saw several strands come out of the thing and place the pituitary gland perfectly in place at the stem of Nadroj's brain.
Nadroj jerked feeling a new energy rise in him.
"Pull out now Taylor. We must now get him into the complex so I can finish this operation." Rotcod instructed waiting for Taylor to tell him that he was out of Nadroj's mind.
"I'm out Rotcod. I felt Nadroj's power surge in him." Taylor stated with awe and then noticed also that Nadroj's body was now in a very light shade of green.
"Don't move my Nadroj. I know you feel better already but I am not finished yet. Just stay as still as possible." Rotcod declared taking out the strand carefully from the back of his head. He then placed his hand over the cut and half healed the wound so it wouldn't bleed. Taylor noticed that their blood was actually golden in color as Rotcod gently patted down the area with a cloth. They all very gently held onto him as they passed through a rip into the lab area of the complex and saw that Don, their father and their other alien friends were all waiting for them.
Don pointed over at a table as they carried him over and placed him down carefully onto his stomach. Taylor stepped back as did his brothers looking exhusted.
"Do you need us anymore?" Taylor asked looking at Don and then at Rotcod.
"No. We will finish this now. Please everyone wait outside." Rotcod pleaded as they all left the room leaving Don and Rotcod to finish the operation.

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