The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 16 - The Bonds Of Love

Walker paced the lab wishing that somehow they could speed up the growth of the pituitary gland. He hated the thought of his sons out there with the black hole following them like a creature hunting them down. Demi watched him sensing his fear and worry.
"Walker your sons will be just fine. The hole is still very far away from them." Demi expressed seeing Walker stop and look at him.
"I just can't stand the thought of them in danger. Why is this thing moving toward them?" Walker asked flinging out his hands to emphasize the stress that he was feeling inside.
"It is not following your sons my Walker. It wants my Nadroj. Somehow this black hole senses that it was created by him." Demi tried to explain seeing Walker's eyes grow wide with wonder.
"What? You act like that thing is a living creature." Walker said noticing that Rotcod turned to look at him while he was checking the machine that had the pituitary gland growing inside it.
"In a sense it is. For some reason because Nadroj caused the thing to come into existence it is trying to find the source of its power. It needs to absorb the energy that Nadroj's body is creating." Rotcod explained watching Walker's face turn into a expression of interest.
"I hope that... that gland will be ready soon. I can't stand the idea that..that black hole will hurt Nodrow." Walker exclaimed rubbing his hands together. He looked toward the door when he saw it slide open as Neque came in followed by Mayte and Haelz. She held the Book of Serpow in her hands as she walked over to the crystal couch in the room and sat down.
"Que? I don't want you telling me anything from that book. I..." Walker began seeing her glow into a shade of light yellow feeling amused.
"It doesn't indicate anything new. It only shows what has already happened my Walker." Neque stated remembering how much Walker hated knowing the future.
"Good." Walker mumbled and noticed she opened the book up on her lap as Mayte and Haelz sat down next to her and peered at the book with her.
"There is something new now." Neque began.
"No! I don't want to know!" Walker shouted causing all three of the female aliens to jump.
"But my Walker...
"Please Que... everytime that thing revealed something it always made me worry."
"It shows Rotcod in the tides with your sons. But it is not in the place where your sons are now. He is performing the operation." Neque blurted out before Walker could stop her.
"It..it does?" Don asked standing up and walked up next to where Walker was standing.
"Okay. That's it then. Right?" Walker asked raising his eyebrows slightly.
"For now my Walker. It comforts me to know that Nadroj will be alright." Mayte expressed cocking her head looking at Walker smile and bow his head.
"I'm sorry May. I just don't want to hear anything bad coming from that book." Walker said seeing her glow into a light gold shade.
"I feel the same." Mayte agreed when she noticed that Rotcod was looking into the machine intently.
"Que? What place are they in? You said they weren't in the same area where they are in now." Don asked looking intently into her eyes.
"It is near the old complex where the Faction took Taylor." Neque informed them as Walker nodded and wished they would stop talking about what the book was saying. He felt relieved when he saw Neque close the book and carefully put it down onto the floor in front of her.
"My friends? The gland is almost at its full growth. I think tomorrow it will be ready." Rotcod announced seeing Walker and Don both smile.


Taylor stayed awake as the day passed as both his brothers slept beside him. He sadly stared at Nadroj wishing somehow he would wake up. He slid up next to him and reached out softly caressing his forehead. He hated that his skin was in a deep shade of green. Taylor's eyes misted with tears.
"I love you Nodrow. You will be just fine." Taylor murmured still caressing his forehead when he felt a hand touch his shoulder. He turned seeing Zac smile slightly.
"You okay Tay?"
"Just worried. God Zac... I wish he would wake up. I can't stand seeing him like this." Taylor said swallowing the lump in his throat.
"I know. I feel the same way. I wish that Dad would contact us and tell us that the gland was ready." Zac stated casting his eyes up and down.
"Tay? Zac?!" They both jumped at the sound of Ike's scared sounding voice.
"What?" Taylor asked seeing Ike pointing at something in the distance. Taylor and Zac turned and saw it too.
"The black hole!" Taylor shouted bolting up.
"It is still far away from us. How did that thing know that we were here?" Zac asked gulping hard and then sighed deeply.
"It senses Nodrow. I wish I could destroy it!" Taylor angrily fumed watching it slowly move toward them.
"I think we better leave in at least another hour or so." Ike rasped looking down at Nadroj and jumped when he saw his hand move.
"Nodrow?! Can you hear me?" Taylor yelled seeing his hand move also and squatted down next to him.
Ike ran up to them and squatted down on the other side. Taylor grabbed Nadroj's hand and squeezed it gently and then felt him squeeze back.
"He..he squeezed my hand." Taylor said smiling and bent in close to him.
"Keep calling out to him Tay." Ike declared hoping he would see Nadroj's eyes open.
"Nodrow? Wake up. You're safe now. You're with us. We are going to protect you." Taylor crooned softly in a loving voice. Ike, Taylor and Zac all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw his eyes flutter open and looked up into Taylor's eyes with tears spilling down his face.
"My Taylor." Nadroj rasped weakly lifting his arm and reached for Taylor's face caressing his cheek with his hand as Taylor leaned into it. Taylor smiled with tears forming in his eyes.
"Yes. We are all here with you. You're going to be okay." Taylor said with his voice cracking with emotion.
"I love you my young ones." Nadroj expressed smiling a little and then turned his head looking into Isaac's concerned eyes.
"I am so weak. I can't move." Nadroj stated swallowing hard feeling his body that was racked with pain.
"Don't worry. We will carry you." Ike assured him smiling wishing he could somehow heal him with his powers.
"Ahhhh... guys? I think we better get going." Zac said pointing at the black hole which was getting closer.
"The hole is following us?" Nadroj asked with fear in his voice.
"We can out run that thing. Don't worry." Taylor assured him and saw Ike bring down the block as they all held onto him.
"There is something different about you my young ones." Nadroj exclaimed weakly looking into Taylor's eyes.
"Our powers grew to the next level also Nodrow. I can't explain now. We have to go!" Taylor told him as they all moved into a rip to flee the approaching hole. Taylor reached out with his mind finding his father.
"Dad? We are moving again. Where do we go from here?" Taylor asked sensing his father.

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