The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 15 - The Race Against Time - Continued

Taylor saw the rainbow lights surround him and his brothers as they slipped through the rips to the area where the black hole was growing larger as the hours passed.
"We are almost there. One more rip." Taylor said heading toward an opening quickly and passing through. They all stopped and sucked in a sharp breath as the black hole loomed before them.
"Oh MAN! That thing is huge!" Zac bellowed when he felt the block that Ike created surround them. They let go of their hands and swallowed hard.
"How in the world are we going to fix that?" Ike exclaimed feeling sick to his stomach watching the hole pulsate like a dark monster wanting to eat everything in its path. Taylor shook his head hating to think that the thing had Nadroj inside it.

Nadroj sensed that they were near him. He could feel their dread and fear. His head pounded in pain as he desperately held the link between them. He could feel the waves of the black hole absorbing his strength.
"My Taylor!? I can't hold on much longer! Please help me if you can!" Nadroj shouted in agony with tears of anguish dripping down his cheeks.

Taylor jumped hearing Nadroj call out to him.
"Hold on Nodrow! Don't let go! We are going to get you out!" Taylor cried back with Ike placing his hand on his brother's shoulder gently and squeezed it lovingly.
"Let's do it now. I'm ready." Zac announced with impatience filling him. Nothing was going to stop him from saving their friend. Taylor sniffed and rubbed his forehead regaining his emotions. He turned to Zac and nodded.
"Do it Zac! Find the link and then we will help." Ike declared watching Zac concentrate as he drifted his mind carefully into the black hole. He felt his brothers with him as he slowly went in deeper heading toward the bond that he felt through Taylor's mind. Ike watched as Zac's forehead started to bead with sweat and saw him close his eyes.
"Take it easy Zac. Just concentrate. You're doing great." Taylor crooned softly feeling Zac suddenly hesitate.
"I can't see the...the..." Zac moaned crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Yes you can. You're going in the right direction. Keep going." Ike assured him seeing Zac nod and take a deep breath. Taylor stared off into space sensing that Nadroj was growing very weak. He concentrated taking over the power of the bond.
"I see him! Now just too..." Zac began throwing his power around Nadroj's body. He hated the sickly green color emanating off of him.
"Now pull him out Zac." Taylor instructed under his breath.
Zac began to pull at Nadroj's body but felt the force of the magnetic waves fighting against him. Taylor jumped when the image of Nadroj faded from his mind.
"Oh GOD! He lost the bond. I can't see him anymore!" Taylor shouted with overwhelming fear filling him.
"I still have him in my power. Help me guys! I can't seem... to... pull him out!" Zac cried out with anger casting all the strength he had within him. Ike grabbed Zac's left hand and squeezed hard. Taylor grabbed his other hand and did the same.
"We only have Zac's link now. Don't lose it Zac." Taylor pleaded as they all fought against the pull when suddenly they felt the force within them moving Nadroj slowly toward them.
"I won't let him GO! He's coming. We did it! He's moving!" Zac bellowed feeling his power become greater with his brothers help.

Walker could see his sons concentrating as they pulled Nadroj through the black hole, through Taylor's mind. Their alien friends connected with Walker's mind watching intently as well. Don sat in a chair nervously waiting to hear any news.

"How deep is this thing?" Ike grumbled thinking it was taking forever to draw Nadroj out of the hole.
"Almost there Ike." Zac rasped with sweat pouring down his face never feeling so exhusted in his life.
"There! There he is!" Taylor exclaimed pointing at a small figure that popped out of the massive black hole. He saw Zac bow his head and suck in another deep breath of air as he tightly gripped onto their hands.
"Bring him close to us Zac. Can you do it?" Ike asked with concern knowing that his brother was very tired. Zac nodded and flung his head back with his hair flying back from his face. He licked his lips opening his eyes seeing Nadroj's limp body floating just outside the hole.
"I... we did it guys." Zac muttered blinking rapidly as he pulled with his powers watching him move toward them.
"Yeah Zac we did through you." Taylor smiled with tears filling his eyes. They all drew Nadroj forward together and then stopped letting down the block as he floated limply about ten feet away from them. Taylor sped forward approaching him and sadly saw that the red glow was still behind his head.
"Que? Do you hear me?" Ike asked sensing her through his father's mind.
"Yes my Ike." She answered sounding very sad and concerned.
"What do we do now? That black hole is..is following us... I think." Ike said when Taylor looked up and could see what Ike was talking about. The black hole was moving toward them slowly. Zac swallowed hard wiping the sweat off his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt.
"You have to move away from it as far as you can. Take Nadroj with you." Neque told him as Ike frowned watching Taylor gently caress Nadroj's forehead.
"He's very sick. I wish that pituitary gland was ready." Taylor groaned as Zac touched his arm.
"Tay? We better get moving here." Zac announced gulping hard hating that the thing was getting closer. Taylor looked up and darted his eyes back and forth as he looked at the black hole with anger.
"Ahhhh... yeah. Let's go." Taylor agreed as Zac went around to the other side of Nadroj and placed his arm under his back watching Taylor do the same on the other side while Ike grabbed onto Nadroj's legs.
"My young ones? Go through the rip that is on Zac's right side. It will take you many miles away." Demi instructed watching them all turn and look.
They all moved slowly carrying Nadroj with them as they did as Demi told them.
"Where are we Demi?" Taylor asked looking around him noticing this section wasn't too damaged by Nadroj's powers.
"You are near a ancient city on our world. It is on the other side of our planet." Demi explained watching them nod.
"What will happen if Nodrow wakes up?" Zac asked looking over at Taylor who cast his eyes up and down looking scared.
"He is too weak now to cause any damage to the tides anymore." Neque said with saddness in her heart.
"What... what does that mean?" Taylor rasped feeling his heart start to pound rapidly in his chest. He swallowed hard looking down at the peaceful face who he loved with all his heart.
"Tay? I think she means he is near death." Ike softly said sensing his brother's dread.
"No." Taylor moaned bringing his forehead so it touched Nadroj's. Zac bowed his head as they silently floated in the tides still holding onto Nadroj, not wanting to let go. He saw Taylor's shoulders start to shake as he cried softly. Ike released Nadroj's legs and came up next to Taylor and rubbed his back lovingly wanting to comfort his brother in his anguish.
"It's okay Tay. We'll save him." Ike cooed in soothing voice hearing his brother brake into sobs. He looked over at Zac who had tears in his eyes also looking very exhusted and pale.
"I..I won't let you go Nodrow. You hear me? You better hold on." Taylor declared gaining back his emotions. He raised his head back up and wiped his tears off his face angrily.
"My young ones I want you to stay with him no matter what happens. Rotcod says the pituitary gland is almost at full growth." Neque told them hoping it would somehow comfort them knowing that they were very scared for Nadroj's life.
"We will Que. Don't worry. We'll be just fine." Ike smiled raising a block around them so they could rest. He knew that Zac was totally exhusted. Taylor noticed that Zac looked very pale as they both released their hold on Nadroj letting him float gently inside the block.
"Zac? Are you okay?" Taylor asked with concern. Zac smiled and nodded sucking in a shaking breath of air.
"Yeah. Just tired. It just took a lot out of me that's all." Zac admitted looking into his brother's eyes and smiled again as he rested back wanting to relax his body. Ike and Taylor slid up next to him and wanted to stay near him until they would have to move again if the black hole would reach them in this area. Ike let Zac rest his head on his shoulder as he ran his arm over his shoulders. They all stared at Nadroj hoping that soon Rotcod would be able to place the pituitary gland into Nadroj's brain so he would be well again.

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